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To wait or weight: Losing the post baby weight

Updated on July 16, 2012
Veronica and Caitlyn
Veronica and Caitlyn

Wait on loss or Weight loss

This topic has been up for debate for as long as I can remember. How fast should you lose the weight? What methods are healthy and not? When should my body be back to normal? I remember my mom saying to me, "Brittany, it takes the body two years to recover after a woman has a baby." I thought that was interesting, because women have a baby one day and six weeks later they have flat stomachs, so I decided to do the research and see just what happens to a woman's body after she has a baby.

Here is what I found, that not much research and medical journals have been written to this very subject. There have been forums where physical therapists and other posters have come to a consensus that 2 years makes the most since for full recovery of the effects of pregnancy. Other women's health and medical sites have said that recovery depends on each individual woman and her set of circumstances, her support system, her age, her health, as well as other factors.

If you as a mother push your body to hard, your recovery time will only be longer. Any health kick you implement following your birth experience, you must give consideration to changes you experienced during and now after giving birth. I remember reading somewhere that childbirth is the closest thing to dying. That a woman must literally die in order for a baby to be born. Having experienced it twice, I would definitely say, it's the closest I have ever been to dying.

After my daughter was born in two years my body was back to normal and I never worked out, however, I am a vegetarian and I was fairly young. When I see articles such as Beyonce looking like she never gave birth to anything six weeks later, I shutter, because its not realistic and doesn't seem healthy or like a good move for any woman. If she was pregnant, then she didn't take the proper time to rest and possibly starved and pushed her body too hard physically.

If that is the case, then she will pay for it later. We are a society that has to have everything now. Some times we forget that some things take time for good reason. Losing baby weight should be treated with the same care and conscious concern that you had during your pregnancy. You should not try to starve your way back, you should listen to your body. Do what you can, don’t push yourself beyond your limit, trust me it will only set you back.

This is the time you have to bond with your baby and get adjusted to your newest family member. Don’t look back years from now and regret that you were too busy trying to get your body back to even have treasured and drank in the beauty of your new life, your little treasured sweetheart. Being healthy is a priority for you and your baby. Your body is fragile and on its way to making a full recovery work with it, not against it! Happy Trails!

Mommy & Babies

Andi, Jaedan, and Jordyn
Andi, Jaedan, and Jordyn

A little Help from Kanye!

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    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Thanks, those are my cousins and their kiddies part of 2008 and 2010 baby booms. Some times we get caught up in the hype its literally everywhere. Hollywood realizes criticizes and pressures them to be perfect in 6wks and they as actresses, models, and entertainers fold to the pressures. Forgetting the moments and milestones they may miss and the pressure they are adding to a body trying to heal from the trauma of childbirth.

    • bethperry profile image

      Beth Perry 5 years ago from Tennesee

      You're so right and great Hub. And I love the photos!