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Get some useful Toilet training tips

Updated on July 17, 2010
Potty Training Tips
Potty Training Tips

Get Some Useful Toilet Training Tips

Knowing some toilet training tips will give you an edge in potty training as you will know beforehand how to avoid some pitfalls and also how to potty train in a short period of time. Let us then look at some of the tips.

First of all you need to know that your child is ready for the potty training process in terms of age a child can start potty training between the age of eighteen months and thirty six months, there are exceptions of course with some being ready earlier and even some later than the average. Then you should look at physical and emotional readiness for potty training. These signs include the child staying dry for some time, showing signs of discomfort when they soil the diapers and an ability to communicate that they want to go potty. You also need to be aware if there might other factors which may negate the potty training process which are usually stress conditions in the home, have you recently changed location? Has a child been recently born in the family?

When you have satisfied yourself of these requirements you can go ahead and start potty training your child. You have to go shopping for materials to assist you in potty training such as potty training chair and training pants. Get the child used to potty chair by having them seat on the chair, when they show signs of going potty take them to the bathroom to go. Be supportive as a parent and assure them even if they have an accident that next time will do.

When potty training, the principles generally applies to boys as well as girls with a few differences. Boys will naturally be messy because they will not have mastered their aim and are likely to splatter all over the place. There are some tips on how you can deal with this, when you are just starting out potty training have them pee while they are sitting on the potty and preferably use a potty a with a splash guard to minimize the splattering. If you opt for them to start by standing or later on they insisting on standing you can put toilet training targets in the toilet. For girls the main concern is hygiene so it is a good idea to have them start practicing good hygiene habits at an early age. When they have peed in the potty teach them to gently wipe themselves by softly going pat pat and that this should be done from front to back to avoid picking up infections.

There are some tools available which enhances the potty training experience. You can use a potty training watch which will remind your kid to go potty at certain intervals usually for no more than two hours, you can set this according to how long you have observed your child staying dry. A Potty training chart will help keep your kid motivated by looking forward to getting rewards when they complete the chart. 


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