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Peace For You and Everyone around

Updated on June 9, 2016

As Always, I'm so Glad to be here, and again, I just felt the need to write.

A couple of minutes ago I just watched a video that someone posted on Facebook. I literally started crying and I felt the need to yell, to write. The first place where I drained my feelings was twitter, because You know, sometimes it works just as my personal journal.The thing is that I came here, cause here is where my heart, words, thoughts, are planned whenever I'm overwhelmed by my own self, or by everything around; when I logged in, My last post just appeared, and I felt the need to read it ("Surviving to negative vibes"), soon I found out why I love to get back here, and I felt some sort of Proud, cause I just feel like I wrote was my heart was in to.

The last month I've been struggling with My self, I remember having a talk with one of my friends, and I told him I wanted to be fare with My self. I wanted to do justice to my life. I wanted to be My self and express My self in the most genuine possible way. The next second I struggled, cause I felt that for so l've I tried to fight some battles that are not mine. Sometimes I still do that, and that bothers me. I don't want to fight, I don't want to struggle, I don't want to let toxic ideas, closed minds, invade mine. How can I do justice to my self when if I allow that?

I truly believe that Freedom and Respect are the answer. As long as We're not affected, why should be involved in everyone decisions?. And when I say affected, I really mean it, not just the impression of being affected by others, just because they do things on a different way.

Just as I tweeted, I'm also mad at My self cause I'm temperamental, I won't deny who I am. It makes me proud that I have a voice and that as much as I'm confused, I know exactly what's right and what's not. I'm proud about that, but I'm not proud about being temperamental, cause Im scared that just like in that video, I could lose my temper and become someone I' be ashamed of.

I want to be free, but respectful; faithful but trusworthy, authentic but kind; gentile but carefree. I want to be loads of things without being afraid of what everyone else is thinking. It seems like sometimes my head has so much information, so much thoughts, that could explode. I which i could explore every part of My self, and give everything good That there's inside.

I want to be My self, true me without regrets or concerns. Just being honest and good.


This might be a little confusing, and I tried to put my thoughts in words, really hard, but there are many and I don't even know if all that actually made sense. It's just what I felt.

Thank You for reading me, if anyones out there. Lastly a quote:

"If you can’t beat fear, just do it scared."

-MGH. x


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