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Tomatoes Nutrition

Updated on March 11, 2014

Tomato- A lovely addition in food and health

Tomato is a food that is hard to ignore. It is used in culinary recipes to such an extent that it is considered as a vegetable but scientifically it is a fruit. Eating raw as salads increases the taste of main course food. When added to food dishes during cooking it adds red color and tangy sweet flavor to the recipe. Or use tomato as a sauce with snacks it makes a mouthwatering combination. The usage in food is endless. I have seen that even the most boring recipe appears very tasty when tomatoes are added in it. Apart from being used in food recipes, tomato is now a darling for health lovers. The nutrition and great healthy benefits are a bonus that comes with this food. One feels energized when one sees tomatoes.There is immense variety available in the market- around 7500. Surprised! Red, green, yellow , orange- are the colors of tomatoes. The most commonly used is red tomatoes. Round shaped fruit is a juicy delight. It is a fantastic addition in food and health.

Health Benefits From Eating Tomatoes

1) Good for heart health- As eating tomatoes provide antioxidants to heart, lowers the risk of Lipid peroxidation, lowers LDL cholesterol levels

2) Improves bone health

3) Lowers in cancer risks- This is due to antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities of tomatoes.

4) Reduce Alzheimer's disease risks

5) Acts as a great skin care

For more Tomato health benefits

Tomatoes have a wonderful nutrition content

What makes this food standout from others is its wonderful nutrition content. Great source of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins etc

: Contains a good level of lycopene, an antioxidant. 2573 mcg per 100 grams. This lycopene is the carotene pigment in tomatoes which gives the red color. Other carotenoids per 100 grams are Alpha Carotene (101mcg), Beta Carotene (449mcg), Lutein & Zeaxanthin (123mcg). Our body converts these carotenoids into vitamin A - tomatoes provides 17% of total vitamin A required by our body daily.

: Vitamin C is another nutrient you derive in abundance. 12.7mg/100grams. This is 21% of daily body requirements. Well as all of you know vitamin C increases our body strengthens our body resistance against infections and diseases.

: It has zero fats and zero cholesterol. You don't have to worry that eating tomatoes will increase in weight.

: Low calorie food- 18 Kcal per 100 grams.

: Source of good amino acid supply to the body. Especially Glutamic acid(431mg) and Aspartic acid (135mg), both per 100grams. Tomatoes also provide body essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are not produced by our body , hence one has to eat foods.

: Provides Bcomplex vitamins and VItamin K. Supplies 10%(7.9mcg) of daily body requirement for vitamin K on consuming 100grams.

: On mineral front- Calcium 10.0 mg,Copper 0.1mg, Iron 0.3mg, Manganese 0.1 mg, Magnesium 11.0mg, Phosphorus 24.0mg, Sodium 5.0mg, Potassium 237mg, Zinc0.2mg etc per 100 grams serving size. That is a decent supply of minerals to the body.

: Omega 3 fatty acid (3mg/100grams) and Omega 6 fatty acids(80mg/100grams) are also obtained from eating this food. These polyunsaturated fatty acids ( PUFA) give many health benefits.

Interesting tomato recipes


This article is meant for information purpose only. The information provided here is not a substitute of professional medical advice. Please seek the advice of doctors or physician before using the information in this article for any health program.

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