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Tone thighs without the bulk

Updated on August 31, 2013

It’s already hard to shed fat off your thighs; it can be just as hard to get them into shape without bulking them up. If you want nice appealing thighs without the bulk and veins then it’s going to take hard work and discipline. To do this you’ll need toning exercise and a proper diet if you want space between your thighs.


Toning is the reduction of body fat and weight; it involves regular exercises that targets specific muscles to become lean. There several exercises and activities that you can do to get toned thighs.

Pool side tip

Try to keep your feet planted on the bottom of the pool; some people tend to walk or run on their tipy toes without realizing it; this is not safe.

Water toning

A Water workout creates resistance, forcing you to engage more muscle fibers. Just swimming a few laps can give a good cardiovascular workout with even breaking a sweat (if anything you’re cooling off). You could run laps in the pool, which is just as effective as swimming. In short, water workout is very effective to tone your thighs as well as beating the heat.



Pilates is a safe low impact option to slim down and sculpt your thighs. This low impact form of exercise means that you are less likely to be injured. The moves are not difficult to learn, but it would be wise to join a Pilates class or grab a Pilates DVD if it’s your first time.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are inexpensive tool, but a great way to tone your body. These portable tools normally come with different colors, each on having a different level of resistance. Resistance bands help you target the small muscles that you couldn’t with free weights. Resistant bands also help you with your form (just in case you pick an overwhelming weight). Some people find alternating between the bands and free weights to be beneficial.


Running, walking, or jogging is not the only cardio active's out there for your thighs. Kickboxing is an exciting way to work your thighs; this high impact activity incorporates a variety of kicks (roundhouse kick, high kick, and low kick) that target the leg muscles (more importantly, your thighs). Horseback riding is another activity that tones the muscles in your thighs without adding bulk to them.

Calorie note

One pound of body fat is equivalent to about 3500 calories, which means in order to lose one pound in a week you must have a daily caloric deficit of at least 500 calories a day.


It’s going to take more than exercise to shape nice appealing thighs; for starters you should be on good diet plan. This means consuming lean meats, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods, salts, alcohol, fried foods. For better results cut down or even off (if you can) on the sugar.

Can I remove the bulk of my thigh

This can be a little tricky, because using the same methods to tone your thighs can result to more bulky thighs, but it can be done.


Be sure to stretch your legs out; yoga is a great way to stretch out your legs. It will improve flexibility, mobility and range of motion. In order to slim down your legs you need to lose weight, so power yoga can help get the job done.

Un-bulk diet

Your diet plays an important role in this process. Decrease your caloric intake (600 to 800 will do just fine); this will help you lose some weight. Eat less frequently (4 to 6 hours) to all cortisol to break down muscles.

Whether you want tone down your thighs or un-bulk your thighs it’s going to take discipline, but the end result will be worth it.


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