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Toning Exercise Routine to Keep You in Shape

Updated on April 3, 2010

By now, everyone should be aware of the benefits of regular exercise.  Besides the health benefits, exercise helps keep weight down, reduces stress and helps you to look good too!  Exercising consists of many types such as aerobics that get the heart pumping, yoga which relaxes and aids with flexibility, weight lifting which helps build muscles and toning which helps to tone muscles.  In this article, I will talk about toning and how you can start your own toning exercise routine.

Toning is an important step in your daily exercise.  If you do not tone, muscles will begin to look flabby and unsightly and any cellulite you have on your body will be more noticeable.  Additionally, if you stop doing toning exercises for a long time, it may be harder to get your toned body back.  That is why it is important that you tone everyday.  Here are some ways you can incorporate toning into your routine:

1) Before any exercise, you should do some stretches to get out the kinks and prepare your muscles for a workout.

2) Walking is a great toning exercise.

3) Pilates are very popular and effective

4) Buy some books or videos and get ideas for different exercises that are suited to you.

5) Work most on areas that give you the most trouble but do not forget to also tone areas that may give you trouble in the future if you neglect them now!

6) Exercise with a friend to keep you motivated.

7) Join a gym.  This is especially helpful during the cold, winter months when you will not want to go for your daily walk or jog.

8) Get into a routine and try to exercise at the same time everyday.

9) Eat a healthy diet that incorporates foods from all food groups and drink lots of quality water.  A good diet will keep your energy levels up and water will keep you hydrated.

10) As an added aid to toning up, there are many toning lotions you can buy just about anywhere for a low price.  These lotions help the exterior layer of skin look firmer and more toned but it is not good to rely on these lotions to do all your toning! They are meant to be used in addition to your toning exercise routine. 

Once you get into your daily routine and start seeing the results, you will feel better and look better and this will encourage you to keep going with it!


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