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Toning Exercises for Women

Updated on June 30, 2010
Toning Exercises for Women
Toning Exercises for Women

Introduction to Toning Exercises for Women

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to find the best toning exercises for women, whether you are trying to live just a little bit healthier, lose a little bit of weight, or just improve the overall look of your body.

Toning the muscles in your body might seem like an arduous task, but with some of these simple toning exercises for women you might soon find your weight dropping, and your muscle tone firming, whether you choose to do these exercises from home, or in a specialized class!

Toning exercises for women are not designed to 'bulk you up' so to speak, but rather to firm your muscles, giving you a healthy, strong, and beautiful look.  There are many varying types of toning exercises for women which I will cover in this guide, you can just use one of these, or maybe even a few, it is up to you!

A Quick Note!

Toning exercises for women can help improve your body image, and help you to lose weight. However, these exercises should be mixed with a healthy diet if you want to see some big improvements in your own body image.

Following some simple dietary practices you can help to achieve weight loss by exercise.  If you are having trouble following a healthy dietary routine, you may find that healthy diet programs such as Weight Watchers can help enormously!

Yoga provides some of the best toning exercises for women.
Yoga provides some of the best toning exercises for women.

How to Do the Yoga Sun Salutation

Yoga Toning Exercises for Women

Yoga is a gentle, but tiring work out which both stretches, exercises, tones and flexes your bodies muscles. Yoga originates from India, although it has since been adopted by western cultures as an ideal form of gentle toning exercises for women and men alike.

Yoga groups can be found in most towns, cities, and gyms. They will lead you through the basic steps of Yoga and usually some form of mediation, to truly help you relax as well as stretch and tone your muscles.

If you are looking for the best toning exercises for women then Yoga is definitely a great start, as it will help increase both your muscle tone and your bodies flexibility, with some fairly simple daily routines.

Yoga comes with many simple stretches and exercises which you can easily learn, such as the Sun Salutation (Which I have included a video guide to on your right).

Simple yoga toning exercises for women and men such as these will help increase muscle tone, without bulking you up too much. The Sun Salutation, and most Yoga exercises are also incredibly relaxing, and may help you reach a meditative state.

The best part is that yoga can easily be mixed with other toning exercises for women to give a balanced workout and increased muscle tone, as well as flexibility and peace of mind.

Pilates Toning Exercises for Women
Pilates Toning Exercises for Women

Simple Pilates Workout

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Pilates Toning Exercises for Women

Pilates is a relatively new form of exercise, which focuses on controlling your bodies muscles. For this reason it is now often recommended to pregnant women to help ease childbirth.

Pilates is one of the best toning exercises for women, as well as allowing someone to exert much more controlled co-ordination of their muscles. With pilates you are trained to conciously move your muscles, allowing you to exercise and tone them easily.

Pilates helps to do more than just control your muscles, it helps you to control and enhance your body in a whole variety of ways, most of which will also help tone your body.

Flexibility - The nature of Pilates means that these toning exercises for women will also help keep you flexible!

Flow of Movement - With pilates you will learn to flow from one position to another by controlling your muscles. This helps you move gracefully and with complete precision (So might help those who are a little bit clumsy as well!)

Concentration - Pilates has some rather complex exercises which will require you to concentrate on how you move your muscles. This also helps your overall concentration!

Alignment and Centering - Pilates helps you with both alignment and centering, which is useful in all toning exercises for women. ilates teaches you to centre your body to provide a powerful 'core' for your movements. To do this pilates teaches you to align your body correctly, and how to tense your muscles to bring your body in to line.

Breathing - Pilates is all about control, and that means controlling your breathing as well as your muscles. The exercises to do with breathing will also help you tone that stomach, a great benefit!

Aerobic Toning Exercises for Women
Aerobic Toning Exercises for Women

Simple Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Toning Exercises for Women

Aerobics is probably one of the best known woning exercises for women, and is also incredibly effective for exercise for weight loss as well as muscle tone. Aerobics usually involves fast paced work out routines, usually to some energetic music.

Aerobic workouts come in many forms, including latin dance workouts such as Zumba, Indian Dance workouts, and simple aerobic workout steps using western music.

Some people like to switch between varying styles of aerobic dance workouts,  since some dance routines offer slightly different toning exercises for women, which affect slightly different muscles.

Aerobic exercises are great toning exercises for women, but they also benefit your breathing and stamina, which basically means that a good regular aerobic workout will help you to perform other toning exercises for women with greater endurance.

Pole Dancing (Strip-ercising) Toning Exercises for Women

Pole Dancing exercises, otherwise known as Strip-ercising, are probably the most fun workouts a girl can have.  Led by an instructor, classes are lead through the ins and outs of successful poledancing. 

Despite the seedy background, this brilliant fun toning exercise for women is an incredibly good workout, and you will definitely feel the aches in your muscles the first time you try it out.  Pole dancing toning exercises for women are fun and effective, although be warned, there have been a few accidents when girls try to go one spin too far!

Pole dancing classes can now be found in many cities, however due to the special equipment provided, they are still quite rare.  Neverhtless, pole dancing provides a great set of toning exercises for women!

Pole Dancing Toning Exercises for Women
Pole Dancing Toning Exercises for Women

Dumbbell or Free Weight Toning Exercises for Women

Dumbbells and Free Weights are all too often associated with meat heads and muscle bound idiots. However Light Weight Dumbbells or free weights provide excellent toning exercises for women.

Using light free weights or light dumbbellls can help increase the effectiveness of most of the above workouts, as well as being used alone as a toning exercise for women. When used in other exercises such as aerobics or yoga, light weights will allow you to continue your normal exercises, but receive a little extra benefit.

When using light weights separately as toning exercises for women, the key is lots of repetitions with an easy to handle weight. There are plenty of different light weight exercises which you can choose from, helping you to tone your upper body in all the areas you want!

The only real problem with using this exercise technique is that many people find that it gets boring really quickly. To help keep things entertaining you can take free weight classes at a gym, or watch TV while you work out!

Light Weight Toning Exercises for Women
Light Weight Toning Exercises for Women

Simple Light Free Weight Toning Exercises for Women

Gym Equipment Toning Exercises for Women

When you go to the Gym there are a wide variety of exercise aids which you chan choose from. Plenty of this can be set to light weights to provide excellent toning exercises for women.

Choosing which pieces of gym equipment are best for you can sometimes be difficult, so let me give you a little run down.

Weight Machine Toning Exercises for Women

Most gyms come fully stocked with a wide variety of weight machines which you can use, if you can bear the obvious glances from the over muscled posers who congregate in that area. Choose light weights and go for High reps, unless you feel that you need to grow a little more muscles, as well as tone it.

Rowing Machine Toning Exercises for Women

The rowing machine is probably one of the best machines for an overall workout which you can find. A rowing machine will help tone your muscles, from your legs, to your stomach, and even your arms, as well as all kinds of muscles in-between. Rowing machine toning exercises for women are extremely effective!

Exercise Bike Toning Exercises for Women

Of course you could always get on a normal bike, but exercise bike toning exercises for women can always be set to challenge you, without overstretching you. With exercise bikes you can also usually join a spin class, which will help to keep you both motivated and focussed.

Steppers and Running Machine Exercises for Women

Both steppers and running machines can provide a fantastic aerobic workout. Using these machines for toning exercises for women can rapidly increase your bodies tone, and increase your overall health. Using a running machine is also better for your knees than running on concrete.

Remember, you don't have to choose between these at the gym, you can take each one in turn to exercise your bodies different muscle groups to give you some of the best toning exercises for women.

There will be plenty more gym equipment review up soon at this fantastic Article Directory!

Gym Equipment Toning Exercise for Women
Gym Equipment Toning Exercise for Women

What's your Favorite Toning Exercise for Women?

What's your Favorite Toning Exercise for Women?

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    • TotalHealth profile image

      TotalHealth 6 years ago from Hermosa Beach, CA

      Thanks for stressing the importance of a healthy diet for overall results. And I loved the section on "Pole Dancing" - I've done it and it's a great workout!

    • workoutdvdworld profile image

      workoutdvdworld 6 years ago from Perth

      Thanks for the comprehensive info about toning. Who would have thought there were so many different ways! No excuses really - anyone can find something that suits them. I love free weights the best. I recently started lifting quite heavy and I was interested to see that I didn't bulk up at all, just got more defined and denser muscle.

    • lex123 profile image

      lex123 7 years ago

      Yoga is my favorite, but not the scary position you have shown. I find suryanamaskara the best for me.

    • britneydavidson profile image

      britneydavidson 7 years ago from united kingdom


    • profile image

      concept 2 rower 7 years ago

      For me it has to be the rowing machine and free weights.

      I do train a lot though and for me I think that is the key, its how regually I work out as much as what it is I do.

    • betherann profile image

      Beth Morey 8 years ago from Montana

      Great hub and very well-written!

    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 8 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Hehe yeah I nearly went for a normal yoga pose, but that looked pretty cool!

      But there you go Ladies and Gentlemen, we have living proof that these exercises can make you look good! :D

    • myownworld profile image

      myownworld 8 years ago from uk

      Excellent hub...! Actually, I do a little of almost all of these: pilates, weights, cardio machines and aerobics (YET to try that scary yoga position you posted up there though!) and it's really all of them together that keep you in the best of shapes. Anyway, keep writing...:)