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Tonsillectomy Experience and Tonsillectomy Recovery - Tonsil Removal

Updated on October 22, 2009


It’s been quite some time since I had my tonsils removed but I still remember it quite vividly and overall it went very smoothly as its become such a routine surgery and most people I know have had there tonsils removed.

The main reason tonsils get removed and why I had mine removed is that they were constantly become inflamed and swollen, gathering bad bacteria, giving me sore throats trouble breathing and just a nuisance in general.

Before Tonsillectomy Surgery

My surgeon was very comforting and assured me that it was a very simply procedure and shouldn’t take much time at all. He explained the following things before the surgery data.

- No Food after midnight the night before the procedure

- No Alcohol/Smoking or anything that will thin the blood (make you bleed more than normal)

- Will be under a general anesthetic for the entire duration of the tonsillectomy surgery

- Will be held overnight at the hospital for observation (check on bleeding, healing, blood pressure checks)

When I was getting ready to have the tonsillectomy surgery done I wasn’t at all worried about the pain as I knew I would be unconscious for the whole procedure and I was able to take regular pain medication to deal with the pain for recovery.

Here I am
Here I am

Tonsillectomy Surgery Day

Arrived at the surgery in the morning after a night of fasting after dressing up in my fancy hospital robe and shower cap slippers  ,the anesthetists came into the room to get me ready for the General Anesthetic I would receive later on. It was a pain free prick into the vein on my arm and a little cap and nozzle for the intravenous anesthetic.

I was put on the movable bed. I was then taken into the lift and down stairs to the operating room, for me the experience was even more interesting as a bunch of medical students were waiting for me all ready to take notes on there colorful notepads:P I felt a bit like E.T but everyone was very friendly so as a kid it seemed like a lot of fun.

They asked me to move myself from the movable bed to the operating table, and then when I was ready they administered the General Anesthetic. The General Anesthetic was amazing they said “Now slowly count to 10” I got to about 2 and at threeee I was unconscious.

Tonsillectomy Recovery

I woke up a couple hours later quite dazed and trying work out where I was , I looked around and could see plently of other tonsillectomy people around me all waking up. As you wake its important to

- Take your time in waking up , there is rush they will wait 45 minutes or so before moving you and you may even fall back to sleep.

- Move slowly , turn your head slowly to get your bearing back

- Some people may feel like vomiting so remember to relax and just let the anesthetic wear off. (I personally did not feel like vomiting even slightly.

It is very normal to have some blood on your face or hair and its nothing to worry about even if you do get a bit of a shock when you run your hands through your crusty hair. I was too dazed to know what it was at the time so it didn’t bother me at all.

Tonsillectomy Recovery – Observation Overnight

After you have fully woken up you will be moved into your room shared or private depending on your hospital or cover. Your parents can come in at this time and see how you are going but you will still feel very dazed and sleepy.

The nurses will come in routinely to

- Check your blood pressure (that band they tie around your arm and pump)

Check if your bleeding excessively (some bleeding is normal

Tasty Wobbly stuff
Tasty Wobbly stuff

Tonsillectomy Diet

At the hospital I expected ice cream and soups but was served very normal foods some pasta salad and a drink. Things to note at this time

- They will feed you normal foods to help remove any gunk that builds up (even toast)

- You probably wont feel hungry at all but you are encouraged to eat

- You may feel like vomiting when eating

Going Home and Recovery

When you are ready to go home make sure you slowly get out of bed as I made the mistake of jumping out of my bed and did end up vomiting this is normal and mostly blood and stomach fluids will come out , again this is very normal.

At home things to remember

- Recovery will take around 2 weeks

- You can eat normal foods but of course take it easy

- Drink plenty of fluids

- You may feel some scabs developing let them drop off naturally

- Take regular pain medication if needed

- Lots of Sympathy:)

and that's about it let me know if you have any questions, and for those worried about adults having tonsillectomy the guy next to me was around 27 and he was chewing up his toast like an animal 30 minutes after the surgery :P I used to wonder if he couldn't feel pain or something


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    • profile image

      Sue uk 

      23 months ago

      Hi, i am a 36 year old female and I had my surgery on 6th August. I am currently on day 8 post op. The first 5 days were manageable with the pain relief. I started eating normal foods from day two, it was difficult but I managed to east toast and beans, chicken, cheese sandwiches, bananas etc. Day 6-8 so far have been extremely painful I had to increase my pain relief and I’m avoiding solid food. I woke up on day 6 with excruciating pain in my left tonsil, my scab had fallen off prematurely leaving a raw open wound. Thankfully it wasn’t serious and there was only mild bleeding- ice water really helped.

      I’m so tired of the discomfort and just want it to be over with. I don’t think il be completely better till date 16, as the raw wound may need another week or so to heal. I just wanted to let you know that having a tonsillectomy is no minor surgery. It is very painful and it seems like the pains starts off bad gets better then gets worse before it finally heals.

      If you don’t tealky need a tonsillectomy then don’t bother the pain is not worth it!

      I’m hoping this cures my bad breath as I have been suffering from halitosis for many years. My tonsils had tonsil stones and were sometimes infected which made the problem far worse.

      Wish you all the best!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I just had mine out I'm on my third day and unlike any of you had mentioned my tongue hurt far more than my tonsils on the 1st and 2nd day and it is very hard to eat but far easier than glandular fever which I had only a few weeks before and yes everything hurts and heaps of saliva etc but hay you just had a part of your body taken put! Its expected

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am a 37 year old female, and had my tonsils and adenoids removed 3 weeks ago. I am feeling way better now!! My advice is that everything you read is mostly bad, and that is because the surgery hurts! But you will survive it! I ended up getting the influenza at day 8, which made things worse. Day 5-8 is the worst, but true to what the doctor says, it does get better after 14 days. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. I am excited by the prospect of not getting sick all of the time.

    • expectus profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Land Downunder

      Hey delucadixie , for me getting them out was a godsend I think my tonsils just acted like bacteria grabbers making me sick and giving me a sore throat. It is amazing how much better you feel when they are out and fully recovered , all the best :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Im 27 and im scared to do it, i have heard so many stories of bad stuff of doing it when ur older but ur all stories was good it just a scary thing to me. Mine are really big and they have white spots the doctor just keeps giving me meds. Does it stop after they are out do u get strep still.?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi there to all,

      I would like your advise in matter of tonsils. I have one enlarged tonsil on my right side only. I have no problem of pain or swallowing or stones but for 2 years i am suffering from imbalance, ringing ear and suffocation feel like anxiety but not anxiety. I did 2 mri of brain but nothing showed any thing wrong.

      Fellow i like your advice do you anyone of had similar problems like me and if yes do see any response and what was the reason you did removed your tonsils ?

      And pls let me knw did u have 2 enlarged or one ? did you ever feel choking or breathing problems ?

      My email :, or post ur comment in this, awaiting your replies, thank you

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I got a tonsillectomy on Monday April 23rd and so far day 1 was the best for me. I was talking as soon as I recovered from the anesthesia and I thought this was gonna be a easy. Unfortunately my uvula was major swollen so it kept feeling like I had to swallow it, which caused me to keep choking. (Not fun) Today is April 26th (Only my third day, great.) and I've read that the 4th and 5th day hurt the worse. Also, I have a really bad hoarse cough that causes me choke and great uncomfort.

      Currently my doctor is making me take Advil and Tylenol back and forth every 4 hours. If they don't help, he gave me morphine to use. One thing I read is that morphine makes you constipated. I haven't had a BM since saturday and am eating some-what normally. (Mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, soup, some mushed up chips.) I took a stool softener and am hopping that helps. I know someone who was in this predicament and had to go to the hospital and they had to give her an enema to fix the problem. (Not kewl)

      Anyways, that's about it for now... If anything else happens I'll let you guys know lol. BTW; for any future tonsillectomies, be sure to drink plenty of fluids/slushies/ice chips and take the required medication. It'll save you from hell. (I made the mistake of sleeping 12 hours without anythng..) I know it hurts, (Hell, I can't even swallow my own spit) but it'll help in the long run.

      (Btw, I'm 15.) :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Had to be re-cauterized 12 days after tonsilectomy. Does anyone know when I can smoke again? I know but when your a smoker and been through all of this for 3 weeks you kind of want to know.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi there, I had mine removed on the 16th feb (I did post a few comments) and I am allll good now :) However I don't know what to do with that humidifier that I bought and used for about 10 days, so I am ready to sell it to someone if it can help (it did help me A LOT). Let me know if interested, I live in South London.

      Good luck to all of you, not being sick any longer is the best feeling :)

    • profile image

      Peter B 

      8 years ago

      It's nice to read everyone's comments. I am having my tonsils out tomorrow morning, 3-28-12, and I am 41. I am also trying to figure out if I should have my kids have this done while they are still young.

      I'll post more in a week or so.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      is it more okay if you were under go in laser tonsillectomy than tonsillectomy only? they said its much better if laser tonsillectomy..coz there's no bleeding effect inside you mouth and its much safe,because its only takes 30mins than other tonsillectomy operation..

    • profile image

      Angelina Bella 

      8 years ago

      Today is day 3, and I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. I cannot talk, and it really hurts. I am 8 years old, and find it difficult to explain to my father what to write.

      I find myself spiting a lot, and crying...a lot. I have a long way to go, but I have great parents that love me.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Im 11 and my tonsils went out 1 week ago even now the pain is unbearable I can't eat normal food is this normal am I going to die I have lost 9k from this

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      I had my tonsils taken out a week ago today and if I honestly knew that I would go through this much trouble and pain I would have kept the damn things in my throat. The easiest day by far was day 1. I guess every Dr is different and prescribes different medication but out of the OR I was given fetynal through the IV twice bc the pain was fairly bad and following that a shot of morphine. I was in the OR at about 930 and headed home around 2pm in a daze. By day 3 I was vomiting (I hate vomiting as it is but getting sick with such a painful throat is absolutely awful as I'm sure anyone who has gone through this would agree). So from day 3 onward I have been simply taking regular Tylenol as I was told Advil is the worst choice as it thins the blood. The pain is awful but I have been able to get a lot of relief from ice cold water and drinks. Days 3-5 I was definitely getting hungry and craved food, was able to get down things like Luke warm soup , sorbet, mashed potatoes but with extreme discomfort. Day 6 I woke up with extreme nausea and began vomiting again, which resulted in bleeding. Luckily it subsided, however day 5 and 6 have been by far the most painful as everything is beginning to heal. I am hoping and praying for an uphill recovery from here as it has been the slowest week of my life. Oh, and by the way, expect to have bad sleeps. The most pain I experienced was in the night and waking up in the morning as your throat is so very dry and sore, it's awful.

      When all is said and done I'm sure I'll greatly appreciate this opportunity but in the meantime I want to kill whomever suggested I remove my tonsils.

      Good luck to all of you !

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      my tonsils are paining me too much pleas help me what to do

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I ha mine removed on the 9th of feb. its only been 5 days but so far I have only experienced pain when swallowing, but mostly first thing in the morning. I tend to wake up abt 4.00am in a bit if pain but i just take my fortes and im straight backk to sleep. I think it hasn't been so bad cos straight after surgery i was eating chunky foods. Chips/meat, i had a chicken roll the other day and it was awesome!! I live on ICE water and ICE tea tht i make myself and i force myself to eat as much chunky painful food as i can. The surgeon prescribed a mouth gargle which i take before eating. And i take a 10 day course f steroids tto helo the recovery. I think the biggest thing is to just make sure to take ur pain meds regularly because so far, aside from the early morning wake ups, this has been no worse than a bad case of tonsilitis. I know it gets worse but if u do everything right you'll be fine!! Don't freak out!! Haha. I went forum hunting for advice and have not followed anything!!

    • profile image

      Glenn uk 

      8 years ago

      I'm a 39yr old male from the uk and had my tonsils removed 4 days ago.

      The operation went as well as could be expected after comin round from the operaton the anistictic did knock me about,my emotions were all over the place feeling sick ,panicked and couldn't relax with it so the nurse gave me a solution in the back of the hand to calm me down which I was very gratefull for.

      On returning to the ward my wife was there which was the best thing I could have wished for as I knew I wasn't goin to be alone and the comfort of her being there for me was great as I was still a little bit wobbly from the anistectic.

      I relaxed and managed to sleep for a few hours and woke at 2.30am and from there till day break i was wide awake,by 7 am they were serving breakfast and i had to eat 2 slices of semi dry toast before they would consider me being discharged,I managed to eat them but it took a while and found it hard work and they discharged my a few hours later.

      The next couple of days have been ok the pain is bearable and I'm still eating toast and drinking lots of fluids but my sleep has took a kicking I'm waking every few hours with a rancid metallic taste in my mouth which is foul and unpleasant so going to the doctors today to see if I can get something to help me sleep,I've still got 2weeks of recovery to go and the pain has got worse but only slightly nothing that can't be handled but the lack of sleep is harsh.

    • profile image

      so scared 

      8 years ago

      Im having my tonsils out on the 28th of Feb..I have been dealing with sore throats for a year now, so I think its time...I am a mother of 5 school aged kids and very worried about how this will effect them, as I am very busy and really don't have time to rest....but as I raed what you all have wrote I guess that is what I will Wish me luck...

    • profile image

      Chris Curley 

      8 years ago

      Hi I'm Chris from London UK.

      It's day 6 for me!! OUCH!!!! It's 5:30am and I've been woken up by the pain. It's now that I am feeling the most pain. Last night, before bed, I took my medication and a short time after (due to no food and swallowing saliva) I was sick! All that came up was bile and saliva and now it caused bleeding. :-( I am soooooo tired of the pain which let me tell you gotten worse day by day. I've managed to eat little food like weetabix which was nice. Ice cream too. But tried toast yesterday.... not good!!!!! Im calling GP tomorrow to try & get more pain killers & antis PLEAE GOD I DON'T WANT AN INFECTION! I want this gone ASAP! Day 7 tomorrow! Wish me luck!!! ;)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm 15 and I am on day 4. I was smart enough not to look at the post-op issues until I had mine done. I had a tonsillectomy due to extremely large tonsils and a mild case of apnea. Now granted, everyone is gonna have a different outcome with pain. In my experience with surgeries dealing with ears and mouths, that being 7, I've grown used to the pain. The first day before surgery, a nurse came in and put this sticker behind my ear thay is supposed to keep you from getting sick. After surgery they handed me a cup of water to drink and after being able to drink half the cup without getting sick the nurse gave me a Popsicle to munch on to make sure I could hold it down. I only had to stay 2 hours after surgery since there were no signs of me getting sick. The pain has gone back and forth throughout the weekend, Saturday I actually managed to get up and to the mall with my mom for a little while. Though I've made the mistake of trying to talk to my boyfriend on the phone, it hurts, a my mom bought me a little portable dry erase board to carry with me. My dr also proscribed 3 medications to take every day. Oxycodone: to be taken every 4 hours for pain. Primethazine: taken every 8 hours to keep me from getting infection. And amoxicillin taken every 8 hours just as an antibiotic. I never would have expected to be able do as much as I can during recovery, though my abilities are still limited. Everyone has different pain tolerance and according to my dr, it's better to get it done at a young age than wait till you're older and go through more pain. :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It's day 4 after I had my tonsils out I feel horrible and I've lost 10 pounds already. All I can think about is food. When will I be able to eat normally again?

    • profile image

      Amanda Lynn 

      8 years ago

      I'm 17, I had my tonsils out on the 29th. Did anyone else get the nasty taste in the back of their throat? Mine is UNBEARABLE ! Anything i can do? Also what hurts the most now is my tongue, i have blisters on it from where they used something to hold onto my tongue :/

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Just had mine out on the 20th of December 2011 and I'm in my 40's. It felt just like a moderate sore throat after I got out of surgery and for the first 3-4 days I was ok. I didn't take pain meds half the time and was cleaning the house. 4-5 day, pain from the tools that they used to hold my jaw open was bothering me, and that lasted from the 24-26th of December. I found Tylenol meltaways and have been taking them every couple of hours and they work great. Hardly any pain. So far I'm on day 8 after surgery and I'm back at work and drove myself in this morning.

      Sure there is some raw places in my cheek where the surgical tools was used to hold my mouth open, but all in all it felt like one of the many cases of Strep throat I would have all the time in the past.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      HI- So I'm 16 years old and had my tonsils out a week ago. SOme of these stories on here seem so easy, even for the adults. My nurse told me that because I was

      younger I should recover easier. Well I guess that s not true but anyway, so here's what happenec so far.

      Day 1( surgery Day)- I had to be at the hospital ot 6:00 am. I was so nervous the night before I hardly got any sleep, so I was tired. Anyway they took me nack and I

      got changed into the hospital gown. My nurse was very nice

      and I was feeling pretty comfortable. They put the IV in and then a couple people came and talked to me, The ansthesiologist came and explain that I was going under

      general anesthitic and that kind of stuff. Then the doctor came and talked to me. My surghery was scheduled to start at 7:30 but they were running a little. Late. A

      few minutes before they wheeled me in they gave me a mild seditive in my IV. Then they wheeled me in. the setative must have made me kinda grogery or something cause

      I remember them wheeling me down a hall way then teling my dad he had to leave and putting me in a room. I don't remember much of the room only that there was a lot of

      stuff in it, I think, I was kinda out of it then. Another nurse gave me what I though was oxegen but must have been something else. i remember her telling me to

      breathe deeplky and then that's it.

      The nest thing I know I woke up in the recovery room and I waas coughing. I remember it was 11:00 cause I colld see the clock from

      where my bed was. I though it was kinda weird that it was so late considering my surgery was only scheuled to take an hour. ( BTW I had my tonsils and andiods out,

      and a deviated septum repair or somehting like that) I was kinda confused and then I started coughing. It was horrible I had not realized the pain until i started

      coughing. The nurse came and told me that I had to try and control my coughing or they were going to have to sidate me again. ( Aparently after I got out of surgery

      i started coughing really bad and started bleeding again so they had to sedate me.) So I tried to calm down then she gave me a popsilce which I really didn't want and

      brough my dad in. A little after that they took my IV out and then relesed me.

      I really don't remember uch from the firdt day. Just that after the anesthetic wore of

      I was IN a lot of pain. My dad gave me some ice chips but even they were hard to eat. I threw up three times on the first day, which was horrible.

      Day 2- I hardly slept the first day but I woke up and threw up again and was in a lot of pain. My Neighbor( the person talking care of me since my dad had to go back to work) called

      the doctor casue I wasn't even able to keep my medicine down. He said to try Beneryl and ibeprofen until I could tomach the stronger stuff. After we switched to that

      and also smaller doses more often I stoped threowing up. Also casue I was able to keep some of the medicine down the pain decrease a little. All i ate was ice chips


      Day 3- The third day was better actually the best day iv had so far. I wasn't feeling good but i was feeling better. I ate a little bit of jello and sherbert

      and drank a little warm tea. I got up a little bit on that day and played some baord games with my brother. That day wasn't bad for me at all. Until the night. All

      of a sudden aroung like 7:00 I started feeling really tired. My dad was home and my him and my brothers and sister were putting up schristmas decoarations. I remember

      sitting there and only being half aware of what was going on, then I threw up again and felt horrible. my ears were hurting and my throat burned and even my nose hurt.

      I did not sleep much that night either.

      rink llotDays 4&5- These two days were pretty much the same. probably the worst days. I felt horrible my aars nurt so bad and felt like

      ther was presure in them. My throat felt raw and hurt constanly with severe pain. My nose bleed and I was so week from not eating anuthing that I counl'nt even stand.

      THis was over the weekend and so my dad wad ther the whole time. He kept trying to get me to eat but I didn't wnt to. He kept giving me ice creamwhich I tried once

      and it didn't go so well.( Ice cream adn other dairy like products like that are to mucuse and difficult to eat) I was only eating ice chips adn getting up only to go

      to then bathroom. Thise were the worst days

      day 6- On Monday my dad took me to the doctor before going to work. They checked me out and said I wasn't doing very

      well( geez, thanks like I didn't know that) I had lost 7 pounds, my blood sugar was very low, much blood presure was low and a whole bunch of other things. i also

      had a small infection in my throat. They gave me antibiotics and a different kind of pain medicine with instructions to cpme back in two days. THat day was pretty

      much like the two before it only the new pain mediecation didn't make me sick so I was in less pain and also not naseous.

      Day 7- Yesterday I ws feeling alittle bit better. i guess the antibiotics kicked in. I was still in quite a bit of pain but I ate some jello and was feeling a little

      bit better. I stayed quite and sucked on ice chips all day. It wasn't an eventful day but the first day I didn't feel like dieing woould be an esier option.

      Day 8- Today Is the start of my eighth day. I woke up with a lot of pain but after some medicine I feel slightly better. I have a doctora appiontment today but

      hopefully from here on out things will get easier.

      My adivce would be to make sure you really need the surgery done if you don't really need it it's not worth it. Also really take things slowly sont try to push your self.

      Aslo find something that is easy to eat adn that you like a stick with it. Keep on top of your pain medecine, it will really help, drink lot and lots. Attempt to sleep.

      It will help you recover faster. Good luck to you all.

    • profile image

      in pain 

      8 years ago

      I am on day 6 after my surgery. In lots of pain. Medication does not seem to help. Having a terrible expierence. No sympathy from my husband who expected me to wake up the next day in hospital and sort out issues with accountant and staff over the phone. I had to ensure hospital discharges me early due to year end function he and staff had to attend. Then on day 3 I had to move around boxes and heavy gates.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well to start off I am 22. I am on day 3 of my surgery. Had tonsils taken out plus my three wisdom teeth. When I first woke up from surgery I am no kidding I almost cried infront of the best looking nurse in the hospital. I couldn't fight the feeling of want to throw up all over the place. Finally, after being in hospital for 12 hours I felt good enough to go home. The first day was so easy not really any pain. Absolutely no swelling and or blood. Second day I began to swell up. Still the pain was very mild. As my second day was coming to and end the pain went from a 2 to a 10. The bottom of my ears feel like they are burning and the checks and everything else are so swollen. I feel very warm but don't have a fever. I hope that the pain starts to go away because the pain meds I have are not doing anything. I and also on anti biotics and steroids for swelling. None of it seems to be working. This morning I woke up and hacked up what looked like infection. I hope to god its not. I will keep you guys updated but as of now I'm in a good amount of pain and discomfort.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi Melly - I have had tonsillitis more times than I care for but I never experienced nausea or headaches before I got it. I would pretty much just wake up with a horrible sore throat that wouldn't go away without anti-biotics.

      I'm currently on Day 14 of my recovery. I tried to go back to work on Day 11 and had to leave early. But the past 2 days I've been able to work a full day.

      Day of surgery - Not that bad. Honestly, I was scared out of my mind and couldn't stop shaking. But the second the anesthesia started going, I could care less what was happening. I woke up in recovery, went in and out of consciousness for an hour. Got wheeled into the 2nd recovery room, tried to get down some yogurt and apple juice, went to the bathroom, and finally left. Compared to day 2, the day of surgery was a breeze. Although I did notice my tongue felt swollen.

      Day 2 - 5: Holy pain. My throat hurt mainly due to a swollen uvula and the scabs. My tongue hurt like crazy due to whatever instrument was used to hold it down. I couldn't open my mouth to wide and talking was difficult. I hardly ate which was fine since I didn't have an appetite. The one scare was when I got physically ill on Day 2 and started throwing up. I was so nervous that I was going to dislodge a scab. Luckily, an hour and a nausea pill later, it was under control.

      Day 6 - 9. Still very painful but a new type of pain. Talking was exhausting after a couple of minutes. I tried to wean off my pain meds but quickly realized that wasn't possible. Thank God for my husband, the pain meds, and the humidifier.

      Day 10 - present. Finally starting to feel better. Now it's more of a dull annoying pain but I am able to eat and I'm finally getting my appetite back. The mornings are still a little rough and I still prefer to sleep propped up on the couch but I'm slowly feeling like myself again. I did make one mistake and tried to eat a piece of sushi. As of now, I'm staying away from rice.

      All I can say was the recovery was hell on earth, but now that the worst is behind me, I'm so happy to have had this surgery. No more random sore throats, no more nasty tonsil stones. I guess I had it a little easier since they didn't have to remove my adenoids. I asked the doctor who they looked when he took them out and he said they were full of white pus from an infection. Yuck. I'm so happy those disease ridden piles of flesh are gone and I never have to deal with them again. All in all, surgery was definitely worth it.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm due to have mine out early feb and I can't wait!! I'm completely terrified of the pain after surgery and the whole eating thing, cos theres a lot of foods i cant eat now dur to stomach problems.. No ice cream or jelly for me.

      I do have to know, i cant seem to get a straight answer from anyone, do any of you people who have needed to get tonsils removed suffered from nausea and headaches and stomach problems in the weeks before getting tonsilitis? I need to know if anyone else gets these problems before a flare up, or if its just me and my crazy body?

      February.. Can't wait!!!

    • profile image

      Alex Alvarez 

      8 years ago

      Day two of my surgery and I feel pretty good. I have some pain, but I think I have gained more weight then losing because I can't stop eating. The pain killers have been a big help and from time to time I get pain. I force myself to drink water every 5 mins, which i think has helped.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I've always had problems with my tonsils when I was a kid,at 14 my doctor told me if I got tonsillitis one more time they would have to be removed.I didn't get it again for awhile, well at 28 I'm having problems again!..constant sore throats,tonsillitis,bad breath you name it!..well I went to an Otolaryngology doctor a few weeks ago.he said my tonsils looks fine,I told him about everything and he basically said because of my age removing them would be pointless..I thought wow really!?!...and said I had acid reflux,(because of frequent heartburn)...I really think removing them would be best and I'm going for a second opnion. It's just SO frustrating dealing with all these things and having a doctor pretty much brush you off!.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I just had mine out last Thursday. I was supposed to go home but my BP was out of control I was throwing up couldn't get my pain down at all. I had 3 surgeries into one, 1 T&A, deviated septum repair and turbinate reduction. It is so painful, I couldn't breathe through my nose it was packed and splinted up so I had no choice but to mouth breathe. My throat and tongue was so dry. I ate ice chips and popcicles the first day post-op, got the packing removed the next day still couldn't breathe through my nose I just had the nose splints removed yesterday, now I can breathe through my nose and it has made things some what better. I will tell you this is the mose pain I have been through, I am 26 and have had a c-section with my daughter. The Dr says it's because I had 3 surgeries at once. I can't talk properly either, I sound horrible and even my husband cant understand me. I have horrible ear pain and lower throat pain today, I threw up scabs today as well with lots of mucus. People say it takes a long time to heal from this, I just want to be pain free, I'm actually worried about going back to work, I work in hospital btw it hurts to laugh.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I had mine removed 4 days ago.

      I have to say that the day of the surgery is not that hard. It is the easiest operation i have ever had.

      But the pain starts the day after the surgery. I am now in day-4 and i have experienced a lot of pain and sore throats[especially pain in the ears]. I am pretty sure that this is going to go on for about a week or so. I know that it will be really painful BUT:

      From April 2011 until October 2011 i had tonsillitis 6 times [ i don't count the times when i had sore throats and tonsil stones] with fever and great pain. I had to take 6 time in 5 month antibiotics along with other drugs. I needed 1 week to fight tonsillitis and i week to fully recover. I couldn't do my normal activities(playing football with friends, drinking a cold beer,etc) out of fear that i would face tonsillitis again.

      So if your googling to find out if its painful : Yes it is and it lasts 2-3 weeks.

      BUT the bottom line is that: Do you prefer a life with unexpected tonsillitis all the time, or an operation that will solve the problem and you will feel pain for 2-3 weeks?

      You know what i chose!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      after reading some of these horror stories...I am pretty worried...I'm getting mine out on wednesday :-(

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm 15 years old & I just had my tonsils out two days ago. The pain is the worst thing I have ever gone through! If I could take it back I probably would. I struggle to eat & drink water. Sometimes the pain is on & off but when it's on it's bad. I'm only early in my recovery & I'm definitely not looking forward to the days to come. The mornings are the worst, I seriously feel like I need to be knocked out because it's that bad. I'm so hungry all the time! When I do eat, it's only a little bit because my throat is too sore to take anymore food. I'm not lying when I say it is the most painful thing, keep that in mind.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I will be 40 next week and I just had mine out a week ago.No, it was very very painful!! ALmost like having a hysterrctomy of the throat,.Ive had a partial hysterectomy, so I know what that felt like. Its been 9 days now. I didn't start feeling better til the first week mark. Ive been eating soft foods. Tonsils don't grow back, but I will tell you, adenoids do..My son has had his out twice. Just like your spleen. I am glad its over, and I can return back to work. With my heart condition, they made me stay overnight. Blood pressure would never get up past 87/56, which is extremely low. Hasn't been like that in 4 years..So then I had to wait for the head of Cardiology to visit me as well..

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm 15 years old, and I'm due to have the tonsillectomy operation in December. I've been googling it and the after effects. It looks horrible and it's going to be my first operation but I'm really looking forward to the experience of it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      hi there , i had my tonsills out on the 21st , due to having infections as a child and later in life , i had swollen tonsills and those horrid stones all the time gross !.....

      Befor i was very scared but i am so glad i had it done now as the surgeon said they were a lot worse than he thought ..

      The 1st day was painful but not to bad 2nd day same as day one just drank water as much as i could due to the amount of swelling ate soup and a pack of crisps , crazy i no but i was told to eat hard things it will hurt but speeds up recovery .

      DAY 3 FEELING TIRED AND SORRY 4 MYSELF mix of pain meds and not smoking .

      DAY 4 not to bad apart from i was running out of my spay so booked a doc appointment , turnes out i have slight infection , so on antibiotics for a week ..

      DAY 5 up and down with the ear pain , but keep drinking and i tip get a humidifer they are a blessing stop ur throat from drying out when you sleep ...


      woke up this morning after hardly anysleep feel like some scabs have come away but the earea feels raw ... hope that's normal

      I counted day 1 from surgery as day 1 i had it at 8 30am ...

      i just hope it gets better soon i am sure it will after all they say 2 weeks , i just want to eat normal and feel normal again ..

      My husband has been a star and had the week off to look after my 2 kids , that's also hard as you feel guilty ..

      but just think i will feel more healthy after and no more digging out those horrid stones and worrying about bad breath !

      Good luck to all , drink rest drink rest keep it up ... thanks for reading xx

    • profile image

      Am daniela,wil take mine off on my birthday 30th oct.wish me luck. 

      8 years ago

      Am takin mine off on 29th.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi guys I'm scheduled in for a tonsillectomy on the 29th of October, nervous but looking forward to getting this done and feeling well again. Has anyone else got a similar date? Would be nice to have someone to chat to who is going through the same thing.

      Hope you have recovered well Christine, best of luck to everyone else.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      A week ago today i had my tonsillectomy and ive had nothing but agony, most pain ive felt in my life. Im 17 years old, woke up feeling fine after surgry, got taken to my ward i wasn't very well with the anesthetic was constanly being sick but my throat wasn't too bad, then few hours later the morphine wore off and the pain became extream. Couldn't swallow anything even breathing hurt eventually they got my pain under control. I also had to go back a few days after leaving because i had acid reflux with constant acid intergestion causing everything to hurt 10 time more than it should, came home the next day with 8 new lots of tablets which then caused my heart to beat too fast so then had to stop them as well. I got better each day after and today i am feeling better than the first 5 days! Cant keep any food down at the moment but defently getting better! If i knew what i know now about having them out personaly i wouldn't of had it i would have had it as a child if i had the choice! Good luck to others who are having it or are curently recovering

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well, Danni some of us were not as bright as you are, so we have ZERO idea what technique was used. SMH

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      what's interesting here is the question as to whether there is a link between the technique used by the surgeon and the outcome (including recovery). I have noticed on other sites where patients descibed cauterisation to heal the bleeding, recovery took longer and there was a risk of collateral burning to healthy tissues surrounding the tonsils. All adding to excessive swelling/longer recovery.

      I asked for cold steel removal (scalpel and pressure on arteries until the flow of blood stopped. No cauterisation and no sutures. So far (day 4), so good, except for sore throat, all is well.

      I wonder how many of you out there actually know what technique was used and better still if you had a choice???

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am 54 years old female and had my tonsils out at end of March 2010 so it has been about 10 weeks. The sore throats/strep throats I had were much more painful than the resulting pain of surgery. Hardest part first few days was not talking much. Listen to the doctor. Doctor gave me hydocodone liquid so I could dose up to 4 tsp every 4 hours for the first week- never needed that much- more like quarter the dose broken down to every 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes it did not bother me at all. Used my cell phone timer and wrote down times I took it so I could dose myself. You do get foggy brained on those meds! Drink lots of ice water, ice tea, and eat Italian ice as it helps with swelling. Do NOT eat hard foods and you will not bleed-makes sense- follow the soft or liquid diet doctor recommends for first month as you are healing. Sleep with two pillows to prop up to help reduce swelling and help you breathe better. I also sucked ice cubes to help with swelling and it helped. Stay in bed and do not talk much or use throat muscles the first week. Do take your meds regularly the first two weeks then you will be healed enough that you can back off and then stop by week 4. Do not rush things and know you will be fine. I made homemade bread in my bread machine week 3 and that was the best soft food and helps remove scabs too! Nature will take its course. This was the all of the best advise that I used so I was back at work after three weeks and able to teach 5 classes a day no problem- just tired a bit first week back. I would advise not to look at tonsil site a lot as it is not pretty after surgery. Just look in order to check for medical purposes-don't pick or touch. I also swished with salt water to keep mouth clean after eating. I still do that if I can.

      Remember I am 54. Had to have it done and it was not as bad as everyone told me-makes you mad to hear untrue scary comments- as your choice is be sick all the time or get them out. Make up our mind you can get through it and you will be fine eventually. Read a book, pet the dog, find calm soothing things to do. The noodle soup is so good-I ate it everyday for two weeks- not wanting to see that for a while- My main fear was bleeding at my age so I really watched what I ate. One tiny bleed day 5 when first scab came off but cold water stopped it. Do not listen to all the horror tales. Do set yourself up to rest and use ice on your throat area and as the swelling goes down, it feels better and better. I also used a vaporizer next to the bed first month and it helped a lot!!!I am still healing in places, but energy is back fully now (after 5-6 weeks. I feel so much better and my breath is wonderful now all the time. Does not hurt but at times feel dryness at back of throat for awhile. I still ice when I had to talk too much in day at work as or raise voice too much like at field day. Glad I went for it after 40 years of suffering with bad tonsils and embarrassment of ugly enlarged tonsils- gone for good!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This has been helpful. I am 45 and had my tonsils out just over 5 days ago. They said it would get worse before it got better, and it has gotten worse, so I am still hopeful for the better. It probably did not help that I had to have this procedure done twice in one day - once in the Surgery Center, where it went great, and I was sent home after a few hours recovery. And a second time at the hospital later that same day after I threw up gobs of blood and it was discovered (after admittance to the ER and quickly moved up to Surgery) that I had a pesky micro-artery that had not been cauterized and was leaking down the back of my throat. Like many posts, I don't take narcotic-based pain killers very well, and my Doctor's instructions were not NOT to use ibprophin. But I see that that is an acceptable solution in the UK, and it works lots better for me than extra-strength Tylenol. Any idea how much I can use for the next 5-7 days before it becomes generally dangerous, instructions on the bottle not-withstanding. (I am in pain!)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hello I am 40 I had a tonsillectomy/adenoid ectomy Feb7th.It was a rough ride for me.My throat is still tender,and I keep sneezing bloody drainage.Now the pain is late at night and early in the A.M.And I can control it with Advil.I was scared to death to do this,It takes a lot out of you.Healing process has been slow for me,but I made it,I truly hope that I will no longer battle strep throat frequently!Only time will tell if this was worth it.I wish everyone lots of luck!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am on my 11th day of recovery! I honestly can say that I didn't see the light at the end of this tunnel. I am 20 years old and I really wish I had this surgery when I was a kid, at the same time I ad my adinoids taken out, but at that time my doctor said there was no need, I wish I could find him now! LOL

      My advise...

      drink a lot of water. DON'T be stupid like me and try sipping on coke! OMG i am so dumb! I don't think I will ever touch the stuff again! ALSO.. sleep, but make sure your head is elevated, and try more to lay on your back. For me, I love food so this recovery has been hard for me. I have lost weight and now my jeans don't fit! lol broke college student right here! lol

      Also.. stay away from chips, or anything hard. I couldn't have ice cream for the first week, it was too thick, my dad pushed me to eat popsicles, which was hard to swallow even sucking on them, but it gave my body sugar.

      I don't wanna say I regret surgery, but had I known the pain before, I probably wouldn't do it again.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am on my 8th day post recovery and your posts have helped a bunch. It helps to know what is normal in light of other experiences. My mouth hurts pretty bad and I have overdone it a few times. It caused my mouth to start bleeding twice. Luckily it stopped and no major issues. I am 32 and am glad this is almost over!

    • profile image

      cara 5th day from Op 

      9 years ago

      Thank you to all of your comments - they have been useful. Today is my 5th day after my tonsillectomy & so far like to mainly agree with Paul's blog in the similarities of my post-op. After the anaesthetic I was sick 3 times & Last night & this morning has been the worse for me in terms of pain in throat/ears. All I can do here in the UK is take Ibrufoen & Soluble Paracetmol, ideally 30 minutes before eating to reduce swelling & pain. The few days I was really tired as well so taking it easy. I am petrified in coughing, sneezing (that hurts) the possibility of catching a cold/infection or haemorraging if I haven't been eating/drinking properely (whatever that means..) Drinking plenty of water has defitinitely helped & eating some foods that needs plenty of chewing has helped me. I am a 30 year old woman.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I am a 36 your old healthy non smoking male who just underwent a tonsillectomy. I wanted to give others my perspective of this procedure as if you were like me and have been reading all the posts online from others you may well be having second thoughts about having the procedure done. I am not trying to say that the other posts here are not valid but they may well be the exception rather than the rule

      I had my tonsillectomy performed on the 28th of June 2010 due to enlarged tonsils and constant tonsilith (stone) production. For me it could break it down the procedure and recovery into essentially 3 main phases. The 1st being days 1-5, the second being days 6-8 and the final being 9-12

      Phase 1

      The surgical procedure took about an hour but you of course remember or feel nothing as you are fully anesthetized. After the procedure I stayed in the hospital in the recovery rooms for about 4-6 hours. During this time you are still under the influence of the anesthetic and you sort of drift in an out of consciousness. As for pain on day one and for the next 4-5 or so days in my case it was quite minimal. It was like having a bad sore throat (I have had worse pain from a bad bout of tonsillitis then this). The one difference being that you can feel quite a bit of swelling. I was given a Tylenol 3 before leaving the hospital but these make me feel sick so decided not to take any pain medication and to be honest I did really need it. So does it hurt to drink and eat? Yes it does but it’s not as bad as you might think provided you do take small sips and consume food which is soft. Its import and you do eat and drink to stay hydrated and to give your body the energy it needs to heal itself. To be honest I found the most annoying things were having the urge to cough every now and then and having my mouth constantly salivating far more unpleasant then the pain I experienced.

      Phase 2

      By the 6th day true to the doctors word the pain did increase but again it was not all that bad. The pain seemed to move lower in the throat and in my case seemed to be in my ears then in my throat. The consumption of food and water was slightly more difficult during this time but again I did it without any pain killers. The only time I took any pain medication was just before bedtime. I found that if I took two extra strength Tylenol it was more than enough to ensure I got off to sleep with minimal discomfort and without any nausea the opiate based drugs often cause. The good news is that the swelling had gone down quite a bit and the coughing urge and constant salivation had all but gone. The white scabbing in the back off the throat was now quite evident but it did not seem to increase my discomfort and unless I opened my mouth and looked for it I was oblivious to its formation.

      Phase 3

      By day 9th day the pain started to diminish and the scabbing slowly started to dissolve. I say dissolve as when most of us think of scabs they are usually on your skin and are hard and crusty and often peel off. The scabs in my throat where pliable and seem to dissolve rather than just peel off in large chunks. The pain at this stage was very mild if not nonexistent. The only time it hurt was if I had to yawn. I was eating normal food at this point but made sure to chew it well just in case.

      I am now at day 14 and am almost back to normal. It still is a little uncomfortable to yawn but I can eat normally and don’t have any discomfort. There are still a few very small scabbed areas but I suspect in a day or so they will be gone

      The bottom line is just take it easy and don’t try to rush your recovery for the first week and follow the directions the hospital staff and doctors give you and you should be just fine! I have no regrets about this procedure (other than waiting this long to get it done) and I can already reap some of the benefits such as being able to breathe easier and not waking up every morning with a bad metallic /sour taste in my mouth from infected tonsils/tonsiliths.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      hi guys!! im only 12 and have made a big miistake by googling the procedure before receiving it. Everybody tells about scabs and throwing up black vomit the day after surgery... YIKES!!! well i just hoppe it is diff for me bc if so then im going to run away...... kk ... maybe not... (but will cry a lot) !!

      everybody has been very nice about this though. and with my dad being a doctor, and mom being an RN i think i can get throught this... and my doctor says that i cant have icecream bc it causes muccous and that is bad... but i can have slurpees!!!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Hey expectus, this is great info. I've just created a hub about my experience after having a tonsillectomy. Would love you to pop by. Cheers!

    • expectus profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Land Downunder

      That's great Jen , sounds like your recovering very quickly :) and the surgeons did a good job.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      im 21. i had mine out yesterday and was out of the hospital after 45 mins of waking up. so far, im doing great. i feel fine and have not taken any pain medication at all since last night seeing as i have no pain, only slightly when i swallow. im not really able to talk because the thing hanging in the back of my throat is very swollen causing me to feel like i have something caught back there, however it doesn't hurt. ive basically been drinking water constantly and eating some soft foods and soup. other than that, so far its cake.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I had mine out 2 days ago, I am 32 years old and I think it was far more easier than I imagined. so if you have to do it just do it. It is not hard at all. just take your medication on time.

    • expectus profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Land Downunder

      your ordeal sounds horrible copywriter31, it does feel pretty raw and horrible for quite a while and its hard to open your mouth wide, mine wasn't as bad as your experience maybe because I had mine out when I was quite a lot younger

      and your very lucky Jerilee Wei with your magical disappearing tonsils, maybe you chewed it off :P I remember as a kid it felt like a meatball on a rope at the back of my throat, aah bad memories

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 

      10 years ago from United States

      Interesting. Never had to have mine out as they must have rotted out as a kid according to some doctor who was amazed that I hadn't had them out.

    • copywriter31 profile image

      James Ranka 

      10 years ago from Port Neches

      Let me tell you this:

      If my tonsils EVER grow back, they will stay put.

      I had the surgery at age 35, and I wanted to be dead when I was roused from anesthesia... the pain was HORRIFIC!!!

      I felt as though someone just slit the inside of my throat and there was NO pain relief from the medications they were giving to me.

      My recovery took 6 weeks and the severity of the pain did not subside for at least 10 days after.

      That was the most god-awful thing I've ever experienced.

    • expectus profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Land Downunder

      thanks for the comment Don:), your experience is very different indeed , back to work after a day that's a bit rough:P

      Having them out at a doctors office sounds much more convenient , they just love to lure you to the hospital's these days and give you all the fireworks and a big bill

    • dusanotes profile image


      10 years ago from Windermere, FL

      You accomplished a very thorough report of your experience in having your tonsils out. Thanks for the very fine Hub, Expectus. My experience wasn't quite like yours. First, I had them out at age 32 in a doctor's office. It took only an hour or so and afterwards my wife drove me home where I recuperated for a day or so and went back to work. May be that I wasn't given so much anesthesia as you. No, I didn't experience blood on my face. May be that your operation was done more quickly, I don't know. Anyway, I enjoyed your experience. It is an operation that has become more and more routine. Maybe mine was made easier by virtue of the fact my wife is a registered nurse. Thanks for your very good writing. Don White


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