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Too Skinny

Updated on March 2, 2011
No, You're not fat Babe
No, You're not fat Babe

New York City just had Fashion Week. I couldn't help but pay attention. It was plastered in every local paper. Not that I mind looking at beautiful woman, But I couldn't help but wonder how much longer they would live.
It seems every model must have weighed 65 pounds soaking wet. They had beautiful faces, but were walking skeletons. These pictures of skinny models got me wondering, "What is our fascination with skinny?"

It's not just the models that are getting thinner. Cellphones are skinny. Televisions are getting thinner by the day.They even have a product called Skinny Water. It looks like regular water. Tastes like regular water. Has the same amount of ingredients as regular water. Yet somehow, they made it skinny. How? I need to know!

Even the products we buy now have skinny packaging. I realize it's a ploy so the prices don't rise, buy do we need our food to be dieting too? Come on! I want a pound of cheese, not 12 ounces.

I grew up where everything was massive. Televisions were huge. It took two delivery men, with muscles to deliver it. Cellphones were bigger too. They served a dual purpose. You could use it as a phone or a weapon. Didn't need pepper spray. Just a whack up the side of your attacker and he was out. Try that today and the mugger will laugh. Even Grandma was pleasantly plump.

I'm all for thin woman due to health reasons. However, a lot of these women don't look heathy. One good hug and you may break a rib or two. Just a kiss on the cheek could to damage to the girl. I think we've gone to far.

Soon, our models will be pure bones. The skin,hair, muscle will be gone. We will all be skeletons walking around. I can't imagine getting turned on by a skeleton. Although, if it happens , I can't see the porno industry surviving. I mean, can two skeletons having sex be exciting? Gives a whole new meaning to boner.

This is my plea to society. Let's give up on this thin fetish. Pretty soon there will be nothing to look at. I want my woman, and electronics to be seen. I want to be able to find them when they are sideways. I want to hug a woman without breaking her in two. I want my TV to handle a shoe being thrown at it durning a sporting event. Most of all I want to be able to slam the phone down when I hangup upset. Please America, let's go back to making our products and people hearty. Enough of this skeleton society.


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