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Too much Negativity everywhere - when stress takes over our lives.

Updated on July 12, 2011

It's everywhere!

OK so I know that stress is a daily part of life and I accept that. I'm usually the kind of person that takes life as it comes and go with it. I don't plan things unless I absolutely have to because I have come to know that whatever you plan usually doesn't turn out the way you planned it in the first place. I go with the flow sort to speak and until now it has worked for me. Lately things are changing. I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I'm getting older and my care free ways of being are shedding away. I listen to news radio, I read the head lines, I watch the news on TV and I have sensed an ever growing frightening fact that I think they are trying to scare the baheebus out of us! I guess its not enough to go through your own personal stress now a days whatever that may be, it seems that the media has caught on to a new way of catching audiences and making money. Is it new or am I just becoming aware of this? I don't know but it seems to be everywhere and it is definitely working with me. I have noticed that my stress level has increased by 10 fold. I am consciously aware that stress causes health problems and a slew of many other problems so I'm an advocate when it comes to stress management however lately I have been unable to practice what I preach and that disturbs me. If its not my own personal stuff its Money or health issues or job issues. I try to distract myself only for a little stint by turning on the radio or watching a bit of TV and it seems to be everywhere. I'm not the only one going through this and there seems to be a consensus of almost the same things that are affecting us all. People are losing their jobs or their homes or their families, you turn the channel and watch the news and see what horrific things have happened within the last 24 hours! you turn on the radio and hear how our Government is going down hill and how our way of life here in the US is going to change dramatically for the worse! Then you hear stuff like "Chem trails" and how Cancer is on the increase in certain places. it's enough to make you just want to stay under the covers in the morning and hide until it's all over!

BOO to you!

Initially what does stress do? It scares us. It puts us in a fight or flight mode, our bodies begin to release stress hormones, biochemically we change. In the perfect world this is only meant to last momentarily, we see we are in a dangerous situation and we try to get out of the dangerous situation but what happens when it last for a while or days or weeks or months or years? We begin to change drastically, our Brain chemistry changes, our immune system changes. we become fearful of everything, distrustful and depressed! Paranoia starts to seep in and before we know it we don't need to watch or hear the media we assume things ourselves that are negative to say the least.

Questions, Questions and more Questions!

I do not pretend to know the answer on how to stop the stress as to not affect us the way it does. All I can say is I speak from experience. I also have unanswered questions and when it gets to be too much I talk to whomever I trust. Again in the perfect world this would likely be a therapist however in today's economy a lot of us cannot afford therapy. A good friend always helps or writing in a journal anything that will allow the garbage to come out and not stay inside of us. There are sliding scale services that offer therapy and you can check that out by asking your Doctor or checking mental health services in your community, that's always a good place to get info and I highly suggest going to a professional therapist if you can so getting that kind of info is essential. Don't keep it inside that's the worse thing you can do and don't refrain to substances for help unless they are prescribed by your Doctor. Drinking is never ever a good idea to help you battle stress it is a depressive substance and may only make matters worse. Communication and reaching out to others will help dramatically!

Tuning it out.

We have to deal with our own stuff as it comes up in our daily lives and that should be enough for one to handle. As mush as I am an avid Television viewer I have curbed my watching to only a few selected shows or documentaries at least until I start feeling a bit better. There is just too much "Bad news" out there and one has to wonder if they are broad casted for sheer ratings while they pound on our systems and mental health. I suggest if you are like me you do the same, be selective on what you watch and hear on TV and radio, try reading the funny page first before you read the headlines. If they wont bombard us with positive stuff then its up to us to bombard ourselves with good news!


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    • spirit929 profile image

      spirit929 6 years ago from Upstate NY somewhere over the rainbow

      Hi Case1worker, Im glad the article helped...I too have to remind myself at's hard but you can do it, I do it everyday and am starting to realize I am in control of my own stress level.

    • CASE1WORKER profile image

      CASE1WORKER 6 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      I have been so stressed lately- your hub has made me realise it is stress that i have to deal with