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Tooth Care with Activated Charcoal

Updated on September 27, 2017

Five Reasons to Opt for the Charcoal Powder:

  1. Charcoal teeth whitener is a natural product and is organic in nature.
  2. While it could be messy to use, it is better than charcoal toothpaste because the pure charcoal that is used in the tooth paste is potent.
  3. The charcoal tooth whitener that is made from coconut shells is the safest one to use, as it is tasteless, odorless and does not negatively sensitize the oral cavity.
  4. Charcoal teeth cleaner is menthol free and is manufactured as a vegan product.
  5. Calcium bentonite clay composed of aged volcanic ash which is included in the charcoal powder helps in the absorption of impurities and toxins.

A bamboo charcoal head tooth brush used to clean teeth with the charcoal teeth cleaner is both efficient and effective.

Why Activated Charcoal for Oral Hygiene?

One may well ask! The reason is simple. Awareness in dental hygiene that include taking care of mouth, teeth and gums has increased to such an extent that we are very choosy about the right product for maintaining oral hygiene.

The latest and rather effective oral and dental hygiene product today in the market is, activated teeth whitening powder which is a charcoal powder. Any effective tooth powder should eliminate bad breath, whiten teeth, remove food and tobacco stains and should have no side effects or cause dental abrasions. Well, the activated charcoal powder does just that!


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