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Tooth Extraction Cost

Updated on July 24, 2012

When a tooth has been damaged by decay or injury, the dentist may make dental treatment recommendations to save the tooth. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove the tooth. The removal of a tooth is called a tooth extraction. Tooth extraction cost depends on the tooth, the dentist, and cost of living in the area. Some or all of the tooth extraction cost may be covered by dental insurance.

There are three basic types of tooth extractions. A simple, non-surgical extraction is the cheapest tooth extraction. This is when a tooth that is completely through the gums is removed. The typical cost for a simple extraction is one hundred to four hundred fifty dollars.

If the top of the tooth is partially or completely below the surface of the gums or broken off at or below the gum line, the dentist needs to perform a surgical extraction. The average surgical extraction costs approximately two hundred to six hundred dollars. A more complicated surgical extraction can cost as much as nine hundred dollars.

Tooth extraction price can be affected by the type of anesthesia being used. The teeth extraction cost can be considerably higher if the extraction is due to a dental emergency and performed outside normal business hours.

Wisdom teeth commonly need to be removed. If the wisdom tooth is blocked from emerging through the gums normally by other teeth or bone, the tooth is impacted. The cost to remove an impacted wisdom tooth is higher since the surgical removal of the tooth is usually more complicated than other teeth.

The removal of impacted wisdom teeth can cost as much as three thousand dollars. If these teeth are not removed, they can damage other teeth or cause gum disease. A cyst or a tumor may develop with some wisdom teeth which can make it necessary to have some of the jawbone or surrounding tissue removed. Wisdom teeth are not necessary. After wisdom teeth removal, the dentist does not need to take any steps to replace those teeth.

When other types of teeth need to be removed, the dentist may discuss tooth replacement methods. There are several options available for replacing the teeth that have been extracted. The best tooth replacement depends on the placement of natural teeth around the missing tooth, the cost, and what the patient wants from a tooth replacement.

Partial dentures are a cost-effective way to replace more than one missing tooth, but many patients prefer artificial teeth that are secured permanently. Dental implants and bridges are tooth replacements that are permanently in place. Patients with missing teeth should consult their dentists about which options may be best suited for their needs.

An average of tooth extraction cost is approximately three hundred fifty dollars. Extractions that are medically necessary can be partially covered by dental insurance. The tooth replacement cost varies depending on which tooth replacement method is used and how many teeth need to be replaced. If cost is a concern, the patient may want a flipper tooth for a tooth replacement.


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