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Toothache Remedies and Causes

Updated on September 22, 2011

Toothache is a very common problem. It could be due to a variety of reasons. Cracked teeth, cavities, exposed roots and gum disease could cause toothache. Toothache could be mild, chronic and at times excruciating. Hot food, cold food or liquid may aggravate the pain. At times the pain could also be caused by a problem not originating from the teeth. Toothache is also called odontalgia. A variety of toothache remedies exist.

The layer beneath the surface of the tooth contains tissue called pulp, blood vessels and nerves. Bacteria originating from the food we eat at times dissolves the enamel and dentin in the teeth creating cavities. Food debris collects in these cavities, rot and cause pain. These cavities can be filled in by the dentists. If the cavity runs deep and penetrates the pulp, then root canal treatment is recommended. In cases beyond root canal treatment, tooth extraction is recommended. Root canal treatment involves removing the pulp and filling the void thus created by fillers.  The treatment is provided to avoid tooth extraction. Severe pain and fever may point out to an abscess. Treatment may require surgical opening and drainage of the abscess. Surgery could be an important toothache remedy.

Another frequent cause of toothache is gum disease. Gum disease causes the inflammation of the soft tissue and destruction of bone surrounding the teeth. This causes bleeding of the gum. The bleeding may or may not be accompanied by pain. The destruction of gums due to disease could cause hollow pockets in the gum. These pockets can cause pain, bleeding and bone destruction. 

Treatment of the gum disease involves cleaning the teeth, roots and removal of the bacterial plaque. The removal of plaque and tartar is called root planing. The affected layer of the gum is also removed. All these procedures are performed under local anesthetic.  Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection. Further treatment may also require gum surgeries to avoid tooth extraction.  

Biting into hard objects may cause cracked tooth. The crack may not be easily visible but causes pain. The toothache remedy for this may involve covering the tooth by gold or porcelain fused metal.

Prevention of toothache involves following proper dental hygiene from a very early age. Children will have to taught to brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Brushing gums is also extremely important to keep it clean and the blood circulation going. The teeth have to be cleaned by a professional dentist at least twice a year.

If opening the jaw causes pain, the pain may be due to the inflammation or injury of the temporomandibular (TMJD) joint.  A dentist can suggest solution to this problem. 


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    • M.s Fowler profile image

      M.s Fowler 7 years ago from United states

      This is a great hub I have always wondered what causes people to have toothaches!