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Top 10 Cigarette Brands: If You Simply Have to Smoke, Then These Are the Best Brands

Updated on September 28, 2017
Craig Easom profile image

Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Smoking kills. Smoking is harmful to you and others. Smoking temps children to smoke. Smoking is addictive (which is bad). As long as there is no hate in the heart of those in the world who smoke, I say - leave them be.
Smoking kills. Smoking is harmful to you and others. Smoking temps children to smoke. Smoking is addictive (which is bad). As long as there is no hate in the heart of those in the world who smoke, I say - leave them be.

Cigarettes Will Kill You. Do Not Let the Brands Marketing Sing You a Sad Song. That May Actually Be Worse Than Dying.

We all know that cigarettes will kill you. They are cancer sticks. They harm you and other around you. The cigarette box's (in the UK at least) now have deterring marketing within the products stale legislation attempt at driving cigarette users into the dirt, so that they can rid the country of smokers once and for all.

Many smokers became anti-smokers in the wake of the new millennium as suddenly marketing was being pushed through the internet, TV shows and movies to hastily put a stop to smoking once and for all. It is as though all the way throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s people simply thought smoking had no harming effects on the body. Worse, as the reality of smoking can cause mental disabilities, blindness, lung cancer, second smoke lung cancer, and all sorts of other horrible bodily problems.

Unlike the 90s, for instance, cigarette marketing has turned in the worst possible direction, and this is coming from a smoker who enjoys their cigarette branding marketing packaging. Damn, the legislation that has trampled upon every single cigarette brand operating within the United Kingdom.

This is simply another bureaucratic attack on the people of the English regions, as the man once again throws his power down upon the people. He says, "no more. No more I tell you. Your days of smoking are behind you. I will laugh at thee who dare smoke in the wake of a new dawn for mankind."

Yes, there are us few smokers among the many who simply like the nature of the cigarette branded market. The colourful designed packaging, the neatly stacked inner goods known as the lethal sticks of agonising punishment. Only the agonising comes far down the line as you die from some horrendous illness brought on by the cigarette addiction. But, what an addiction it was. The simplest of pleasures.

Taken from us. The marketing. A broken market, filled with all of the worst possible marketed brands, as someone put the government in charge of the advertisement. Damned UK government has the power over the British tobacco industry.

Tips for Smoking!

Here are the basic tips when smoking!

  1. Exit the UK. First the manufacturing industry collapses, including the tobacco industry productions. Tobacco in the UK has been demonised now for some time, and many are still trying to pull quotes from the bible to condemn those who contest, and still smoke the sticks of cancer (lung, kidney, liver... gosh darn it, any cancer).
  2. Smoking smells - this is something everyone has heard from their mothers growing up. Smoking sticks to your clothes, and none smokers will not find the smells to be pleasant. I disagree, as growing up I was always around my grandfather who smoked cigars his entire life, and I to this day still adore the smell of cigars. The step - simply smoke at home, and stop smoking out of the house.
  3. When smoking, always have a cup of coffee - I myself have the weakest of spots for cigarette dabbling. This is where when I am obsessed with drinking coffee, I will somehow inherently have an addiction to smoking. Then, forget the coffee for a few days, and I no longer smoke. I personally love the iced coffees that you can buy at your local supermarket, Tesco, and the one that I go for is Starbucks Seattle latte, as it is divine. Couple this coffee experience with a cigarette... Perfection!
  4. Smoke any brand that appeals to you, but change brands infrequently as this can affect your tastes, and can sometimes be a bad taste in comparison to what you are used to having.
  5. Smoking is for the niched audience now that it is publicly known to be a number one cause for giving your body cancer. Within the niche, we know never to talk about smoking (unless with another member of the club), we know never to smoke in public, and we always know to have one with the classic Starbucks iced coffee straight from Tesco Express.

Smoking Kills!

"What are you doing with a pack of cigarettes in your jacket pocket? I am losing my mind. Sorry, this is when smoking loses all temptations. Someone has you dead to rights, and knows that you have been lighting up a cancer stick. In the niche club, you are amongst fellow cigarette-heathens. Near this other person, you are the outcast who still smokes in order to die quicker. Or, are you still unconvinced?"

5 Ways to Become a Cigarette Heathen

  1. Only smoke whilst in the company of a cup of coffee.
  2. Smoke because you live and want to, or because you do not want to die, and do not mind adding cigarettes onto the list of possibilities for the cause of how you one day die.
  3. Do not smoke because everyone does, and not because everyone doesn't. This is a niche market.
  4. Always be awake at 5AM in the morning to have a morning cigarette. This was a time arranged long ago by niche smokers to signify their allegiance to the club.
  5. If you ever have a Starbucks coffee, you must instantly make your way to the nearest exit, as it is time to light up and smoke for the cause. Your cause.

Most Popular "Smoking" Cigarette Brands

Cigarette Brand
Place of Popularity
The UK Price Per Pack
Marlboro Gold
US, UK and Europe
Benson and Hedges
Lambert and Butler
Silk Cut
Smoking in the UK is the result of the cigarette industry crashing. In Britain people like to generally be seen as healthy for the most part, so as you can imagine cigarettes do not sit all that well with these crowds of people in general. Hence, the

Top 10 Cigarette Brands

1. Benson & Hedges

- preferred option - silver

Benson and Hedges Silver remains the go to brand for my cigarettes, and in the UK cigarette packs now (due to changes in legislation laws) have the same stingy-green packaging that makes all of the cigarette brands marketing for packs look the exact same.

This comes after the laws were changed regarding the sales of cigarettes in the UK to stop the manufacturing and sales of 10-pack cigarettes being sold.

Even prices now for cigarettes have begun to blend together with one another, as the 20-packs of cigarettes each cost roughly around £10. This is more or less the same whether they are a premium brand of cigarettes or a worser brand of cigarettes.

Something tells us that the cigarette industry is collapsing bit by bit, and governments worldwide will start putting in place similar boundaries that prevents cigarettes branded packs from being sold in good taste.

This stands above all an issue for Benson and Hedges cigarette brand, as their cigarettes simply have to be the best experience that is available within the cigarette market for the UK.

2. Camel

- preferred option - blue

Camel is internationally known, and have gained a solid reputation for having one of the more enjoyable tastes for cigarette brands. This is certainly the case for the US as there are numerous forums online where American's have spoken highly of the Camel cigarette brand, and some even gratefully left comments stating that in the US the Camel brand was one of their more commonly sold cigarette brands.

From a British persons perspective the branding is surely unique as the original brands cigarette packaging actually showed a camel on the front of the packagings design. The UK has since put tighter restrictions on cigarette marketing, and every cigarette pack now has a stale green design with the standardised image of someones life being torn to shreds by the cigarettes that have clearly been purchased by someone.

Smoking kills! Yeah, yeah, we know.

Camel has a unique taste and feel to lots of the other brands on the market so this may be something worth considering if you were looking to change to another brand of cigarettes.

Although different in taste and overall marketing from the most part of its competitors it has earned it a high standing position on this list because of that unique taste being one that we happen to quite enjoy.

3. Embassy

- preferred option - no.1 red

Embassy, like many cigarette brands that still stock themselves in newspaper lettings around the country, it is a company that has been selling cigarettes for as long as the tobacco industry has been around.

This is one of the more standardised sensation relieving brands, and for someone who wants the basic in taste and feeling this would be a must for those people.

4. Pall Mall

- preferred option - red

Pall Mall first struck its most popular stage whilst they were booming in the US, but since the brand has been falling into the depths of anti-consumerism for tobacco goods.

It earns a respectably high position on this list because of its positive marketing that was a delight to have around going back as far as the 70s, perhaps even earlier.

If you want to feel like you are getting the best of what the US smokers are getting from your tobacco consumption, then our advice would be to pick up a pack of Pall Mall and see what you think.

5. Lambert & Butler

- preferred option - silver

This is another classic of cigarette brands, and within the UK you needn't look any further than your grandparents to better understand this brands origins on the cigarette marketplace.

Basically, this was the brand that was all the craze back in the 80s within the UK's marketplace, and we would bet that this brand has a lot of old fogeys from all over Europe smoking this particular brand of cigarettes.

6. Superkings

- preferred option - black

Superkings is known for being a cheaper option to more expensive and established cigarette companies. The cigarettes are slightly taller in size and have a distinctive taste that we feel is extremely comparable to any of the other big cigarette companies and their cigarettes tastes.

7. Silk Cut

- preferred option - purple

Once again, look no further than your grandparents, or to be more precise, speak to your grandmother as this was once marketed as the must smoke brand for women smokers back in the 80s, perhaps even going as far back as the 60s.

Silk Cut's purple option for their cigarettes is one of the smoothest, and due to the smooth taste it can take a bit of getting used to if this is not something that you look for in a cigarette smoking experience.

8. Dunhill

- preferred option - red

Dunhill is another top cigarette brand, and like all of these mentioned cigarette companies, is the in the time now long gone.

If you are looking for a standardised cigarette taste and experience then we would highly recommend Dunhill as the brand for you. Perhaps the other standardised cigarette brands have let you down, and this could be a good direction to find a brand that is right for you.

9. Mayfair

- preferred option - king size (original)

This is a brand of cigarettes that has been used within my own family, and the elders who smoked this brand would tell others that it is basically the brand that they have been smoking since they were 20 years of age.

Never once considering that perhaps it was the experience delivered through the cigarettes by Mayfair that stood as their one and only reason for sticking with the brand.

10. JPS Players

- preferred option - superkings red

JPS Players is another iconic British brand of cigarettes, and where I live in Nottingham there was once a thriving Players manufacturing building that stood in the heart of the city. Now, this building stands as an empty factory awaiting a use for its hollow rooms.

Being a Smoker in Britain

If you are a cigarette smoker in the UK then you will be amongst the few who have held onto this way of life. Once seen as one of the more social means of keeping your mind busy, smoking has quickly become a frowned upon habit at least within England where I reside.

Having been a smoker since the age of 18, now being 22 I have never truly been put off smoking by the advances in upping the prices for cigarette packs, or through the numerous changes to cigarette marketing that has to be some of the most algae-resembling product packaging that I have ever seen amongst the higher priced products.

Not that I stand around arguing with people about the idea that smoking is alright as long as you are willing to accept the possibility for cancer and other illnesses from having spent years sucking on what is quite frankly, cancer sticks.

Yet, I smoke so what a fool I am. Then again, on the other side for the story I will not be sitting around whining over the fact that people are not overly accepted something that I now do daily.

Smoking outside is not all that bad, and sure it keeps others safer from the effects of the smoke that goes into the environment around you. It is all understandable - from the large crowds of righteous people, to mass marketing rejecting the cigarette industry as a whole, to the increase in pricing for cigarette packs, etc. It is all well and good from where I am sat/stood with my mind racing where another persons is steady because I have chosen to be a smoker.

Live and let live... Right.

Not so much. As more and more people quit smoking through the assistance of more modern conventional alternatives like E-cigarettes there is an influx of young rebellious types who are now sucking on a metal tube instead of inhaling tar, tobacco and all other kinds of bad stuff for the mind and body.

Every well-spoken smoker who has chosen to stand by their habit, and would tell people relentlessly if the question was ever asked, in that no one should ever start smoking and if they can they should quit. But, no one wants to be told what they should and should not do, just as I would speak the all righteous words of the strongly held government, with the view in the UK that our NHS system is pushed to their limits with all sorts of patient health problems as a result of a lifetime of smoking.

As for my own habit of smoking, I guess I will stay quiet on the matter when around the socially active of thinkers who would condemn a citizen who would dare light a cigarette rather than stand in good will around their habit.

I do not know exactly what to say when it comes down to being a smoker, and honestly it is just as poorly accepted to smoke e-cigarettes, and this is purely down to most people not understanding the unhealthy habits of another human being, when they in truth themselves have never caught the urge to give smoking a try. If they were to though, in the safe comforts of grounds where they can light one up, I would only hope that I would not judge them the same for an act that represents death in the eyes of the Apple using, Starbucks drinking, automatic-car driving people of todays world.

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