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Top 10 Great Reasons to Start Juicing Today

Updated on September 30, 2009

Health, lifestyle, and just plain fun reasons to make your own homemade juices. Juicing is a truly "fast food" that is incredibly low-calorie, virtually fat-free, and jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes. While not yet available at too many fast food drive-thru windows, it is, however, easily prepared in anyone's kitchen. You will soon discover that there is nothing quite like fresh, homemade juice.

Juicing is taking a fruit or vegetable and separating its juice from its fiber. The juice is extracted and collected for drinking, and usually the fiber, or pulp, is discarded.

While our bodies also need the fiber found in whole foods, many vitamins and minerals are concentrated in the juice. So, juicing is one means of putting the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables into our diets. It is merely a variation of eating the whole food, but should never be a complete substitute for eating whole foods.

Juices provide specific vitamins and minerals in an easily digestible form which is 100% natural. Certainly far preferable than vitamin pills! Do you need more beta carotene in your diet? Juice a carrot! Want more potassium? Juice blackberries or anything green! Also consider that fresh juices are a fantastic source of necessary enzymes!

Juices generally do not contain significant quantities of protein, but can act as a superlative and tasty carrier into your system. all you need to do is to add some wheat germ, brewer's yeast, or whole grains to anything you're throwing into your juicer. These additions act as a good source of protein minus the fat that meat contains! It is also a form of protein that is readily absorbed by your system!

Juicing is usually accomplished by the use of a mechanical juicer, which is more powerful than a common blender. A juicer user a fine sieve to separate the juice from the pulp. The juice can collected separately, and the pulp is sent out from the juicer away from the juice. A juicer can be purchased from a health food store, online etailers or from a common retail store such as WalMart.

Juices can be used to supplement meals, as a side beverage with a meal, or as a complete snack between meals. They may also be used in cooking for preparing recipes like soups and sauces. Sometimes the pulp can be saved and also used in cooking. Carrot pulp, for example, can be used to make a delicious carrot bread which is much like banana bread but lower in calories.

The greatest benefit of juicing is usually the inclusion of more fruits and vegetables in our diets. The vitamins and minerals have health benefits that enable our bodies to function better. Juice is a great source of quick energy. And because it is homemade, we can feel good about the ingredients and not worry about chemical additives or preservatives.

Fresh vegetable and fruit juice is an excellent way to add energy-boosting nutrition to your diet. In the spirit of "top 10" lists, here's 10 great reasons to motivate us all to get the juicing habit.

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