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Top 10 Great Reasons to Start Juicing Today - Part II

Updated on March 20, 2011

1. Fresh juice has much more nutrition than store-bought canned or bottled juice. Fresh juice is unsurpassed for its nutritional content. Any other juice source has been processed to meet federal requirements. During this processing, vitamins and minerals are destroyed. Also, essential vegetable enzymes are destroyed when juice is pasteurized to prolong shelf life. With fresh juice, you get just that: something that is fresh. No processing, no pasteurization, no additions. Just high quality juice with all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes left intact and ready to energize your body.

2. Speaking of energizing, drinking fresh juice is like getting a shot in the arm of pure energy. Juice is metabolized quickly by the body, and nearly 100 percent of the nutrients are enabled to rapidly enter the bloodstream. Your body does a minimal amount of digestive work, so you get all the nutritional boost your body needs without exerting a lot of work. The results are noticed almost immediately.

3. Juicing provides many of the benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables. You know you need to eat more raw fruits and vegetables, as the USDA recommends three to five servings of vegetables daily and two to four daily servings of fruit. Moreover, they recommend that a greater percentage of those servings come in the form of raw food. Again, cooking or processing can lead to destruction of nutrients. At breakfast, you can juice a fresh carrot and a fresh tomato together and two of your vegetable servings right there in a delicious juice cocktail. Later in the day, have a peach and strawberry mixture, etc.

4. You have total control. With juicing, you know exactly what is going into your drink. Want a little more peach flavor in your grape juice? Go for it! Like your pineapple with just a bit of celery zip? You got it! Experiment with different fruit and vegetable combinations. Find out what works for you. I personally love peach juice more than anything, but I'm also crazy about a mixture of carrots, tomatoes, and celery! Think of it as Homemade V8!

5. No worry about preservatives or strange chemicals added to enhance color or prolong shelf life. Only chemists have a clue as to what some of those things are that I read on the back of food labels: benzoate acid, propionates, BHT, BHA. Fresh juice is nothing but juice. Nothing but pure nutrition and no strange chemicals. Yeah, it can have some strange coloring sometimes; fresh apple juice is more brown than store-bought apple juice, and carrot/celery juice has a greenish sort of hue. Don't even try to imagine what fresh kiwi juice looks like. But who cares, it tastes great!

6. You can even get protein and calcium from juice. Look on the back of a bag of carrots, and you'll see that one glass of carrot juice can provide you with all the protein of one egg or a slice of cheese. Leafy greens are especially loaded with protein. Carrots, celery, and beets are also good calcium sources.

7. Juicing fits your lifestyle. It's truly a "fast food". Even if you are on the run all the time, with the aid of a mechanical juicer, you can turn a carrot into a glass of energy in about 30 seconds. A peach juices in probably a minute or so. The best part of all is that you do not have to peel anything. Just slice it up and stick it in the juicer. You can have a glass with breakfast on your way out the door. Or you can make fresh juice in the evening as a way to relax.

8. Mechanical juicers are easy to find and not that expensive. Even Wal-Mart carries good brand juicers. For even more durable brands, visit a local health food store or look on the internet. Check the reviews as they will help you sort out the great juicers from the fragile junk.

9. Some people know they need more fresh fruits and vegetables and like their flavor (more or less), but just can't get into the texture for some reason. Well, with juicing, that little problem is bypassed. You'll find that even small children will drink fresh juice, although getting them to eat their veggies is a different matter. This also applies to severely ill persons who are unable to digest solid food. A wonderful alternative is fresh juice. Juice is far easier to digest than any solid food! Of course, you still need solid food for the fiber, so don't rely on juice alone.

10. And the greatest reason to make fresh juice is that it's just plain fun and absolutely delicious. Kids will love to watch whole vegetables turn almost instantaneously into a tall glass of refreshing juice. Then take of sip, and you know you've got the food of the gods. Fresh fruit juice is a wonderful after-dinner or evening treat.

Always remember that your body also needs fiber. So a healthy diet must pair daily juicing with daily intake of bulk foods. High fiber foods like whole grains and raw vegetables are especially desirable!

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