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Top 10 High Protein Foods

Updated on January 1, 2013

The chances are that you already know a little bit about what protein is and why its essential in your diet. If not, take two minutes by clicking here to find out what it is and why you need it!

These are my top ten foods that pack a lot of high protein goodness, helping you reach those lean muscle gains!

#1: Turkey Breast

Protein per 100g = 30g.

Turkey is my favorite source of protein, its lean, fat free and tastes really good. You can also buy 'turkey rashers' which are a great alternative to bacon.

#2: Canned Tuna

Protein per can = 26g

Another of my favorites as it is very easy to store and can be kept for years in the cupboard! There are many meal varieties to have with tuna as it is hugely diverse, salads, rice, sandwichs, or simply fresh from the can! (buy the cans in water instead of oil)

#3 Whole Eggs

Protein per egg = 6-8g dependent on size.

Eggs are great! I tend to make omelettes with mine or carry them around in my tupperware hard boiled, to have if I get peckish.

#4 Chicken Breast

Protein per 100g = 22g

Chicken is really easy to cook and tastes great with lots of dishes, i tend to eat my chicken with sweet potato or rice accompanied by broccoli.

#5 Cottage Cheese

Protein per 100g = 13g

Great before bed time to keep that metabolism going. Cottage cheese is slow digesting, much like the protein powder 'casein' which is designed to release its protein slowly to make sure your body doesn't go catobolic .

#6 Salmon

Protein per 100g = 23g

A lovely lean fish that's great for your heart as its packed with healthy essential fats (omega 3,6)

#7 Whey Protein

Protein per 100g = 76g or 19g per 25g serving

I would say whey is an essential for building muscle and its also ever so convenient to prepare. All you need is the powder, milk or water and a shaker!

#8 Almonds/peanuts

Protein per 100g = 27.5

A really tasty snack that's convenient, good for you and packed full of protein. Great to have with salads for that added crunch and nutty flavor.

#9 Crab

Protein per 100g = 19.5

A slightly unusual meet but one thats very low in fat and contains 0g of carbs! Great with salads, fresh beans and lentils!

#10 Beef Jerky

Protein per 100g = 50g

Rammed full of protein this quick and convenient snack is an ideal substitute for less healthy snacks and is ideal for anyone on a high protein diet.


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