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Top Reasons That Every Intelligent Man Should Use Electric Razor

Updated on February 17, 2016

Shaving is a part of most men's daily routine. For some, it is a tedious exercise that involves a lot of preparation and tools. It has become a ritual that cannot be overlooked or neglected unless they want to go for the bearded look. However, with something that is done on a regular basis, more effort and preparation means more time spent and thus, this can get tiresome. Since a majority of men who shave are part of the workforce, they need to spend as little time as possible to get the job done in order to be able to get some breakfast, leave for work on time, drop off their kids to school, etc. With so much that demands his time and attention, the smart man knows that he has to be wise with the tools he uses for everyday tasks such as shaving.

Jacob Schick would have known!
Jacob Schick would have known! | Source

For the modern-day man with a busy schedule, or the one with sensitive skin that easily succumbs to nicks and cuts, or basically any guy who has not mastered the art of manual, old-school shaving, the electric razor is the logical and practical tool of choice for his shaving needs. Why the electric shave, you ask? Well, let us count the reasons.

Longevity of the shaver blade

On the average, a manual razor blade will stay sharp and can be used from two weeks to a month, depending on the quality and number of uses. However, an electric shaver blade can work efficiently for much, much longer than that. At most, a foil razor's outer cover will need to be changed once a year, while the inner blades should be changed at most every two years. For rotary razors, the blades require changing once a year. This is a huge difference in terms of longevity.

Most electric razors don't require shaving cream

Electric shavers do not need shaving cream or other preparatory tools that you need to put on your skin in order to shave properly. However, for those who prefer getting a wet shave, some of the best electric razors for men in the market are already capable of wet or dry shaving. Less tools needed, more money saved.

Handy enough to be carried to your business trip
Handy enough to be carried to your business trip | Source

Portable and more convenient to use when travelling

When it comes to convenience, electric shavers earn plus points. You can easily stash them in your travel kit, complete with charger and cleaner, and shave quickly wherever you go. Cleaning is also a jiffy as most models only require you to place the shaver back on its holder and it does the cleaning automatically.

Lack of cuts, nicks and even skin irritations

A great advantage of electric razors is that the chances of having nicks and cuts are lessened. Manual razors, especially the old-school single blade ones, when not in the hands of professionals, can inflict nasty cuts that bleed like hell. Electric shavers do not allow the blade to touch the skin as closely, therefore preventing these accidents from happening.

No worry for shaky hands

Probably one of the reasons why manual razors cause so much nicks and cuts are the shaky hands which some men, especially the older ones, have. This is not only bothersome, but can be fatal when experienced in the extreme. Keep yourself and your loved ones away from accidents like this by using electric razors.

Time is money. Save some with electric shaving
Time is money. Save some with electric shaving | Source

Saves time

With manual razors, you need to prepare your skin with a shaving oil or cream, go over the area to be shaved and then rinse. You also need to clean your razor properly in order to keep it in mint condition. This can be a problem to many guys who are always pressed for time. Being in a hurry while shaving only leads to more cuts and more time needed to clean up the cut and stop the bleeding. With electric shavers, this problem is totally erased and plenty of time is saved for more pressing tasks.

Mirror is not a must

Shaving with an electric razor is so easy you can literally shave yourself anywhere and everywhere, even without a mirror around. That is, if a simple shave is all you need. This comes in handy when you are traveling and find yourself in a room without a mirror. No mirror, no problem!

Groom your facial hair faster with electric razor

For facial hair that needs grooming, electric razors can do the job in no time. Some models already have attached clippers for cutting and trimming facial hair. No need to change tools for shaving and trimming, which means more time is saved.

Manual Razor
Manual Razor | Source
Electric Razor
Electric Razor | Source

An electric razor lasts much longer than manual ones

One electric shaver will serve you for a longer time than a manual razor will. Some of the best heavy duty electric shavers for men currently in the market are made with good quality materials so that you won't have to be constantly buying and upgrading your shaver. Many of today's manual razors are the disposable kind, which you throw away in just a matter of days or a few weeks. With all the money that you'll be spending changing your manual razor, you will be able to save up for a good quality electric shaver that will serve you for a good many years.

Perfect for delicate skins

Men with sensitive skin also benefit much from electric shavers. Men with acute cases of acne will testify that shaving can be pure torture to them. With the use of electric razors, irritation from razor burns, ingrown hair and cuts are lessened while still getting the close shave that you want. This also prevents infection from setting into your already injured skin.

These are just some of the advantages of using an electric razor over a manual shaver. Once you have decided on the smart choice, the next step would be to choose which is the best electric shaver that will be compatible with your budget, your hair type (whether thick and curly, or sparse and thin), and other specific needs. There are many brands of electric razor for men that will claim to be the best, but unless you have tried them out for yourself, you will never know which one will truly work well with you. Try them out, starting with the budget-friendly ones first. Compare and observe and finally decide which brand and type, whether foil or rotary shaver, is your best pick.

What kind of shaving method do you prefer?

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    • profile image

      Bobbie J. Swett 21 months ago

      Karmin makes the best in my opinion

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 22 months ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Very informative and the benefits of an electric razor are pretty obvious now. Thanks.