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Top reasons to lower your body fat percentage

Updated on July 17, 2010

The ultimate goal in most peoples lives that are trying to change the way they look is lowering their body fat percentage. There are many many other reason however to start trying to lower your body fat! There are many ways to start losing body fat you can start by lifting weights, doing cardio, or eating a better dietBuilding muscle can also jump start fat loss goals! This hub will be about the benefits of lowering your body fat percentage however I will be sure to post a hub in the near future stating a step by step plan for lowering you body fat. Lets get started!

The most obvious reason to lose weight is obviously to make us look better. I mean who wouldn't want rock hard chiseled abs and a firm buttocks on top of shapely legs? In fact more and more people are becoming obsessed with looking like a Greek statue, not that it's a bad thing right? Actually its not a bad thing whatsoever $6! It's a great thing to want to look better and also that is a great motivator, one of the best! However there are some down falls to thinking singularly about looking better. People tend to focus only on that aspect and when this happens it becomes very very easy to get disheartened because you are not seeing quick enough results. How can we change this? By also considering the many other benefits of loosing fat!

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Another very general aspect that is great to focus on is feeling better! When you start losing fat, even before you start looking a lot thinner you will start to feel better. You will mostly be able to wake up easier, get around easier, even have more energy! All of these are great things but why does losing fat make us feel this way? Basically fat slows us down, in almost every way possible. When you loose fat you feel more energy throughout the day because your body is becoming more and more accustomed to being active. Being active through out the day will bring your internal clock more in tune because you will feel more tired at a more natural time, therefore falling asleep as well as waking up at the right times. Not to mention you sleep better when you are sleeping! The longer you go being healthy the more and more you will start to feel better. You will feel younger, in fact that's the third major reason to loose body weight, adding years onto you life.

Every one wants to live longer right? Of course we do, even since child hood the thought of death seems foreboding and scary! As you grow up you may become accustomed to the idea however that doesn't mean that we don't want to step that event a few years back. What's one of the best ways to do this? You probably guessed it, losing body fat. Bringing your body fat percentage down is a sure fire way to lengthen your life span. To loose body fat you must eat reasonably healthyas well as exercise, witch are both great ways to add years to you life by themselves, however losing body fat in its self is a great way as well! Losing body fat will lessen your chances for heart disease as well as diabetes! There are numerous studies supporting this as well as many other health advantages to losing your body fat! Many of the foods you will be eating as well as supplementing vitamins will also contain vitamins and minerals that are shown to reduce free radicals as well as many many other health benefits. Your body's going to love you!

The next reason to loose body fat is just for men and is more of a side note. It has been shown that ever 30 pounds of body fat you loose you also on average will gain one inch on your Penis. Along with this once your abs start showing your significant other will most likely find you more attractive, not to mention losing a few pounds has been shown to increase your endurance as well as over all performance!

Another reason to lower your body fat percentage is setting a good example. Leading a healthy life style your self is essential to making sure your children grow up healthy. All of us want our children to grow up healthy and strong but studies say that if a child's parents are obese then they too will most likely grow up to be obese. Parents need to be responsible in every way for there children and leading a healthy lifestyle is a part of being a good parent. You are tasked with giving your children the tools to succeed in this world, and being healthy is a very important tool

So keep all of this in mind the next time you are looking at your self in the morning try to convince your self to run, or looking at an iced cupcake trying to convince your self to eat something a little more healthy. It is important to stay motivated in every way possible! Get healthy!


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