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20 Things Happy People Do, and Think About Differently to Unhappy People

Updated on November 20, 2016
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John uses research skills (Ph D) & 30 years as CEO, manager to develop reviews for time management, productivity, staff relations, business

Happy people are not immune to all the moments of fear, anxiety, insecurity, frustration, feeling bad about themselves, stress, disasters, attacks, lousy comments, depression and feeling the whole world is against them. But happy people react differently. Why?

Happy people simply handle and cope with things better via a more positive outlook. Acting like you are happy and emulating how happy people think and act can actually work to make you happier.

You don't have to be a victim of circumstances.

You don't have to have negative thoughts about the things the happen to you.

In a very real sense is a state of mind and if you are happy you can cut the ethers that tend to pull you down and float free over the mine field of negativity that is trying to make us unhappy.

Think Happy - Act Happier - Make being Happy, a Habit - Develop Resilience and Resolve to Crash through the Waves AND You can Become Happy, Stay Happy.

Some people are always happy. Catch their bug, its infectious!
Some people are always happy. Catch their bug, its infectious! | Source
Be happy is an expression that says it all. Happiness is a state of being, it is generated, not thrust upon us, nor dragged away from us. It is yours to be, or not to be.
Be happy is an expression that says it all. Happiness is a state of being, it is generated, not thrust upon us, nor dragged away from us. It is yours to be, or not to be. | Source
The sound of birds, stops the noise in my mind -- Carly Simon
The sound of birds, stops the noise in my mind -- Carly Simon | Source
Happiness depends on the little things
Happiness depends on the little things | Source

Twenty Things Happy People Said They Do Differently to Keep Them Happy

Let’s look at the twenty things that happy people do differently that exemplifies that they are happy ,and may partially explain why they ARE happy. This list was compiled from a series of articles that involved happy people explaining why they were happy. the order is not important.

1. Stop worrying, because no amount of worrying will stop fate. there are many things you can't control.

2. Accept that for some things you are a beginner, and don’t expect to be perfectly competent at the beginning. Accept this and enjoy the learning

3. Most happiness flows from inside yourself, not by ‘winning the lottery’ with outside circumstances and happenings. Be happy with yourself and how you feel about yourself.

4. Engage and keep connected to everything and everyone that makes you feel alive.

5. Listen to your body, it will mostly advise you of your health status and needs.

6. Spend time with people who really appreciate you, avoid those who don’t.

7. Make a peace treaty with your past. You can’t change it, but you can change how it affects you

8. See all setbacks as one step back and two steps forward opportunities for growth and development. Learn from your mistakes and missed opportunities.

9. Don’t rate yourself against others or be jealous of others. There is no point in doing this and it is never helpful as it is always an excuse for self condemnation

10. Never, ever give up. The journey is often more rewarding than the destination. Don’t succumb to the ‘Are we there yet’ mentality that is too impatient for the outcome.

11. There are always alternatives and options that YOU can choose.

12. Stop chasing losers and the unachievable.

13. Don't postpone joy by thanking it will be better when you have transformed yourself.

14. Ponder each night on what you have achieved and how you can make it better. Wake up and do it.

15. Be patient and aware that things take time.

16. Always trust your gut feeling, not someone else’s.

17. Don't resist change. It is inevitable and can’t be stopped

18. Don’t procrastinate. Just do it.

19. Expect the unexpected. Adapt to what happens.

20. Be Happy – It is an active process. It is not bestowed upon you. It’s up to you.

Do you believe that happiness is a first and foremost a state of mind?

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© 2013 Dr. John Anderson


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  • Goodpal profile image


    5 years ago

    Really good advice and a reminder that happiness is basically a state of mind. Connecting it with material possessions and achievements is like chasing mirage.

    Awaiting your next piece. Have a wonderful day!

  • peachpurple profile image


    5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    nice faces


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