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Top 4 great self-help books

Updated on December 23, 2015
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Sam is walking on the path of success. I am going through many failures or moments of opportunities to improve who I am.

As we get older, we start to realize things are not entirely materialistic. We used to explore by finding the objects, the cars, and things we needed, but we forget to explore the world within us. Here are the top 4 must books that can dramatically change your state of mind, and how you operate. You can start to operate like a true winner. Your finish line is your purpose, which will decide which self-help book is for you.

If you are not so sure how this will propel you towards your goal, then may be I can recommend something by you leaving a comment below.

Plan of action

What are you going to do about improvement in life? You have understand if you focus on self-growth everything materialistic flies to you like you are a magnet.

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#1 The magic of thinking big by David J. Schwartz

This book lands the number 1 spot on my list of self-help books.

Of course, if you have found me, then you know you love yourself. You want to add value to your life.

Having belief in the one important person, “you” is the backbone that will get you far in life. If you do not have money or experience and you have belief, then you motivate yourself to get things done. The author discusses the psychology: when you decide you are not going to believe, your mind will stack up reasons to back that thought. Making a decision that you will do tasks digs up the hows-to or the road map starts to appear.

Thinking opposite of positivity will hold you back. The author said if we want to achieve great heights, we have to believe we can climb those hills or mountains. When I found this book in my hand, I felt unstoppable and wanted to climb those mountains. It teaches attitude. Reading this book scratched the surf of what attitude really is.

David J. Schwartz lists the excuses that we all need to avoid to be successful. He identifies them. I made excuses that I needed to stop making. Now I am more focused in life.

Would you like to know the types of excuses that are holding you back? Yes! Great! Go for it! If you are interested in this book, then click the picture of the book. You will be in for a great surprise.

The solution in this gold mine will aid in sorting out your life. He terms making excuses as excusitis. More successful is equated to someone who is less inclined to make excuses. Many historical figures are used as examples to show how they stood behind their negatives in their lives or what he termed as excuses. Learn more about the figures. If the disease of making excuses does not get resolved, then it gets worse.

Would like to know the solutions?

As you know with every problem, you need a solution, so every excuse in this book has a cure. Be ready to apply them to your life. As a result, you get further in life.

David Schwartz lists the common fears we deal with. Identify your fears. Then he has a clear action description for the action you should take for each fear. Learn the mentality that will aid in building confidence. This confidence can fortify against bullies. By finding this confidence, you will move forward.

Develop the habits of thinking big and the vocabulary of big thinkers. Do you have the vocabulary of a big thinker?

Figure out the size of your thinking.

This book contains so much value of information! But guess what? It comes at a great price.

When we think , we should think big.
When we think , we should think big. | Source

My readings.

What type of self-help book do I want?

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#2 The Complete 101 Collection. What Every Leader Needs To Know. By John C. Maxwell.

This gave a full definition of what attitude is. It gave comparison between athletic players with good attitudes and rotten attitudes. John C. Maxwell demonstrates that attitude makes a big difference in how team turn in its results. If you have great talent and good attitude, then you have a great team. If you have great talent, but rotten attitude, then you have a bad team. It exhibits that bad attitude is more infectious than a good attitude. I know we all wanted the opportunity, relationships and promotions.

But did we get them? Obviously no. Why? Because of our attitude.

Our attitude commences from our thoughts to the actions we take. By pinning down the fact that you hold a bad attitude, it puts you on the path of doing every task with a smile on your face. There is a whole of division of what attitude is or what not. To extensively study and embrace it, you would need to read a clear concise section of it. It is probably the most comprehensive book on attitude. One example of what attitude is the only difference between success and failure. Our success comes in many forms, such as success with financial freedom, relationships, and finding opportunities that are veiled from us.

What is it that you want? Success with relationships? Financial stability?

With the tough times that I have been going through, I have developed a strong “vertebrae” or backbone to take things head on. I have debt such student loans or mortgage. I have the attitude to have a great relationship with debt collectors or avoid them like they are nothing. I have to take care of basic survival that keeps a roof over your head. The attitude of understanding how to budget was another breakthrough that come out of this cycle of development. I have learned to maintain my cool.

I know many of you guys have felt the hopelessness or the feelings of your gut being ripped out of your body or heart beating fast enough to witness like a heart attack. But by reading this book, I have gone passed the mental aspect of financial burden.

This book also focuses on self-improvement. Let me give you a taste of what I mean. The ultimate goal of the book is improving you in the career sectors and student mentality. The career and learning attitude are the main gears that help run all the gears in your life. For those of you who want to be a major player in your community, school or amongst your social association, reading leadership 101 is a must. I never displayed leadership qualities before reading this. I have rediscovered a “new self” in me. In order to put ideas upfront to many people, this is an essential component of the book to embrace. I am sure we have encountered moments that we wanted to say something, but we could not because of a leadership voice we did not have or the lack of credibility.

It probably left you sad or wondering why am I am not like the rest of the people. It explicates the facet we must take actions.

 We need to grab the concept of leadership in order to apply it.
We need to grab the concept of leadership in order to apply it. | Source

To really lead, you have to follow certain principles. I know you always wanted to lead, but you were too frustrated thinking about the tough times. Why not apply these principles and become a leader?

There have been times you fought with family and friends. You are in a relationship. But by picking up certain skills, you can get rid of the relationship flaws. It will help you polish up every aspect of a relationship. Overall success in business and school correlates to relationship success. These are the following components it focuses on: encouragement, proper listening skills, building a connection, and building trust.

Success is another subject covered in the book. We want success, but we are faced with many obstacles and disappointments. The book will give the secrets to success. Get ready to unleash these secrets and use them to create the dream house, car and vacation that you desired. Lets not leave out mentorship. Human beings tend to like to mentor people. At least I know I do. By mentoring people, you improve lives.

It has loads of great info that has improved my life! Plus it does not cost much.

#3 What Is The Emperor Wearing? Truth–Telling In Business Relationships. by Laurie Weiss

This book is one of a kind because it will show you how to get better at telling the truth in the work environment. As you and many may know it is difficult to confront the boss or coworker with the truth that might be more difficult for them to handle.

Why does this happen?

Because of the awkward moments or odd situations. We have all come across these situations. It creates complications, which does not enable you to work with the full efficiency that we want to work with. Suffocation and frustrations come about from odd interactions. Remember a scenario where you really felt uncomfortable. There is a whole division of truths that we can connect to in one way or another. Truths can be too bad to reveal or cannot be presented because they are ignored. Inter-dialogue aids people in becoming a person of integrity. I bought this, so that I can pick up tools that can help me become a truth teller under any situation. With these tools, we start to know ourselves and become intuitive. One truth that really has opened me up is the type that puts people in rage, but sets you free. Displaying a great environment encourages trust and truth telling.

Honestly I had great troubles with awkward situations where truth-telling was impossible. I always had this heavy feeling in my chest, and trouble breathing and was constantly worried. After I read this, it improved my coworker and boss relationships at work. This feeling transferred at home too, so I was a better son, and brother. This brings in positivity into your life. It will steer you into a direction of profitability.

We understand it can be hard to tell the truth in those awkward situations, but we want to be honest no matter what.
We understand it can be hard to tell the truth in those awkward situations, but we want to be honest no matter what. | Source

#4 Emotional Intelligence Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence is a topic in today’s day and age because the school systems want to increase in the school environments. It has brought great improvement in many lives. I wanted the same and picked it up. By doing this, it has made me aware of my unhealthy feelings and control or manage my emotions. Reading allowed me to motivate many important people in my life. I had moments where, I had fights with my family members and friend. I’m sure some of you can relate to that. It is worst feeling in the world when you know you are doing everything right. But there was one problem that I was not naturally wired with most of the emotional skills discussed.

There are five skills you absorb and comprehend.

You want to learn them thoroughly. You need to purchase this book right away.

Absorbing and applying these skills has brought a big difference in many relationships in between then and now. If you like science, you will love this book. And if you hate science, you will still love it because I can assure you that you will see great changes in yourself. Ever since I got this book, I have gotten better at relationships. We as a family are a lot healthier.

Working relationships improved. As a result, you have a better line of communication with management and avoid conflicts. With everything you absorb, you develop the alertness for opportunities around the corner. I used to wait for opportunities. It was annoying. Now I expect it.

It was brutal. I am sure you were in the same boat as me. As soon as I developed the basis of emotional skills, conversations had more fluidity.

We all have doubts and fears that disable us go forward. There are actions you can take that would make a big difference in yourselves.

I am very sure you suffer from various types of phobias. Millions of people are deprived of opportunities for what? For just a thought. A thought is subjective and not a real state of being. We want to banish and lock it away.

It has helped me manage anger better and understand how people talk in synchrony. As a result, I know how to talk to individuals in groups. It can be tough, but it gets better.


Did I get what I wanted ?

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In the comment section,

1. Make a list of 4 books that have helped you in your self-growth.

2. What is your focus of personal growth?( eg. attitude, relationships, emotional skills and etc.


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