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Top 5 Bad Eating Habits That Cause Weight Gain

Updated on March 19, 2012

The biggest reason that people are gaining weight is because of poor eating habits. People tend to look to others as young children to mentor or copy. If, someone in their home had bad eating habits then the children will learn bad eating habits. This leads to a lifetime of weight problems that are hard to lose because our eating habits control what we do. Let’s take a look a t some of the common, bad eating habits and see how we can change them.

1. Your Divided Mind – When you are doing certain task throughout the day we tend to munch on snacks. Things like watching T.V, Talking on the Phone, or just playing a game will automatically get people munching on something. If his is the case instead of reaching for the bag of chips consider reaching for an apple, nuts, or something much healthier. Not only will you feel more energized you will begin to feel fuller faster.

2. Eating At night – often we go to the movies with friends and afterwards like to go and get something to eat. When this happens our bodies do not have much time to take into account all the food that just went in and digest it all properly. This leads to the body taken the undigested food and storing it in our fat cells. After dinner get in the habit of not eating again. If, you have to eat again choose a healthy snack like peanuts, celery or another healthy food that contains no sugar or fat.

3. Nervous Eating –there are times in life that we get stressed. However, those that eat that are nervous or anxious use food as a crutch. This lead s to taking in many more calories than you really need. This leads to the over production of fat cells which leads to obesity. So, if you are in the bad habit of nervous eating then find ways to offset that nervousness. Talk with your doctor about anti anxiety medication or star routines like exercise when you find you are nervous.

4. Sugar – We all love the taste of sweet, artificial, fat inducing, over the top sweetness of sugar. Many people have the habit of picking up a snack that is loaded with sugar during the day to give them that little boost to get them to the next part of their day. This is one of the unhealthiest things you can do and will contribute to you gaining unwanted weight. Consider caring a set of healthy snacks with you like dried fruit or trail mix that does not contain sugar. Not only will it give you more energy you will be able to lose weight better because you are having many mini meals throughout the day.

5. Doing Without Breakfast - At night, your body has been at rest\, and it needs fuel to get through the day. If you're short on time, fix grab-and-go breakfasts like fruit and cheese or peanut butter on whole wheat toast.

If you skip breakfast, you'll tend to eat junk during the day. If you're serious about teen weight loss, break the habit of doing without breakfast.

Habit patterns weren't made in a day. Be mindful of what you eat and when you eat it. Child obesity is epidemic in America. Teen weight loss contributes to healthier adults.


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