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Top 5 Common Causes For Neck Pain

Updated on September 8, 2012

Deal with your neck pain

If you have ever had neck pain, you will know how debilitating it can be. A pain in your neck can affect your whole body and will limit your body movement making doing simple things extremely difficult and very very painful.If you have neck pain often, you should seek treatment.

To stop neck pain returning you should also address how you get it in the first place. By changing your lifestyle and addressing neck pain causes you can avoid it rather than treating it as it occurs.

The most common causes of neck pain can be broken down into 5 types, here they are:

1 Muscle Imbalance

A muscle imbalance will pull your body out of alignment, and your body will work hard to manage it but it will eventually cause muscle pain. It can not only cause neck pain but will cause pain throughout the body.

Once you identify this muscle imbalance you can correct it with exercise and stretching. You will need to speak to a chiropractor to identify the muscle imbalance. A Chiropractor can provide treatment and prescribe exercise to help right the imbalance.

2. Spinal Compression

This is when your spine is out of alignment, it can be caused by the muscle imbalance or another symptom. It places a lot of pressure on your spine and you could result in a slipped disc. When you turn or twist your body, you will notice that it is very painful. Twisting your body will put more pressure on your spine as it is out of alignment, it can also cause untold damage. A Chiropractor will also be able to find the issue and prescribe treatment.

3 Stress and depression

Excess stress and depression can cause the body pain, it is also a big cause of neck pain. It is important that you are healthy in body and mind, if you think you are stressed or are depressed then speak to a doctor, he can prescribe medical treatment, therapy and holistic treatments that will help you heal and which will in turn make your body healthy too.

4. Nutritional issues

The old saying is very true, you are what you eat. An unhealthy diet can cause havoc on the body, imbalances in nutrients and minerals can also cause major issues. If you are not eating a healthy diet and getting the right amount of nutrients, your body will have many issues including neck pain, which can be caused by for example, deficiencies in nutrients can cause inflammation in the body, too much calcium can create calcification of the bones and not enough can make your bones brittle.

If you are unsure about what to eat, speak to your local nutritionist, they will prescribe a healthy eating plan that will consider your neck pain issues (and any other pains you may have!)

5. Other triggers

These are other issues within your body that are the cause of neck pain. These triggers can result from complex issues in the body and they can cause muscles in the body to tighten and shorten which then results in pain. Once you have identified the trigger you can address it to alleviate the pain. Speak to your physical therapist or chiropractor to help you identify the trigger.

Each of these top 5 causes of neck pain can be treated to avoid further neck pain. It is worth going to a doctor, nutritionist and chiropractor to help you deal with the causes of neck pain and the end result should give you a happier healthier body.

Neck Pain Relief


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    • jennyjenny profile image

      jennyjenny 5 years ago from Somewhere in Michigan

      I suffer with neck pain daily due to 4 bulging disks. Thanks for your insight! Useful read. Vote up.