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Top 5 Cosmetic Surgery and Treatment Centers around the World

Updated on October 25, 2017

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon is nearly a matter of life and death. After all, you'll have to live with whatever the outcome of the surgeons knife.

Specifically, a bungled up procedure can leave you in a lifetime heartache, losing your career track if your success depended on your good looks and, of course, additional costs incurred in case of corrective surgery.

For this, here are 5 specialist clinics that have been tested and proved to be on the top of the fold. Check them out.

Checklist to choosing the best surgeon

1. They should be certified by the relevant bodies.

Does the country the surgeon operates from have a board concerned with cosmetic surgery? If there are, ascertain your surgeon is certified and trained to work in the cosmetic surgery sphere. If there isn't such a board and the doctor isn't necessary trained in the area, it would be better to reconsider your choice of the surgeon.

2. You should access to real testimonials of their past procedures.

It's human nature that if ask your surgeon their success rates, they would certainly a nice figure or promise you great results. But when it comes to cosmetic surgery, you can't rely on whims. Seek out people who have been operated by the same surgeon and ask of their views, regrets and even recommendations.

3. The facility should be well equipped.

Isn't it obvious that a great facility should the necessary equipment and in great condition? Ensure that all requirements are available in your facility of choice before agreeing to go under the knife.

4.The customer service should be top class.

If you are about to undergo some cosmetic surgery, you need to feel taken care of in all ways. And a great customer service right from the start is an indicator of if you'll be treated like a queen or a master or just another patient to be milked of their cash.

1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals-India

The Indian establishment has excelled in the area of cosmetic enhancement. It boosts of world known and experienced surgeons, specialty consultation and great structures.

2. Mount Sinai Medical Center

The center is located in Miami, US and is ranked among the best cosmetic surgery center in the US. It has among the best practitioners in the US including Dr. Alberto E. Vadillo and Dr. Christos G. Mihos.

3. Melab Clinic, Seoul

4. TL Plastic Surgery center

5. Dunyagoz ophthalmology center

Departing word

Fact is, there are a thousand and two top class cosmetology centers around the world. Even then, the 5 above have stood the time test and proved they can give the results you're wishing for.

Give your views in the comments section below.


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