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Top 5 Detox Foods

Updated on February 26, 2011

Human growth hormone or HGH regulates the production of all other hormones in the body.For this, it is necessary for you to maintain your diet and the best way to do it, is to follow the detox diet. It is the most important of all the hormones. Detox diet helps other hormones to reach a balanced state of homeostatic. The pituitary gland which is located in the brain produces growth hormones.

Look younger

Berries are rich in antioxidants that help you to fight against aging factors. Some of things that you will be able to enjoy when you are going to take up your diet, in a serious manner are Increased energy levels, Lean muscle gain; reduction of fats accumulated in fat cells,Reduction in wrinkles. Helps in growth of hair.

Feel energetic


Garlic can help you keep your stomach proper in order to Improve functions of the heart and lungs Low cholesterol levels, Improved immune system Denser and stronger bones, Enhanced moods; reduces stress, fear and anger, Better sleep and sleeping patterns Increased libido; also helps get rid of sexual dysfunction Energy and youthful vigor detox diet help stimulate your growth hormone secreting gland, the pituitary gland to increase the production and secretion of your growth hormone. Your hormones are thus produced naturally.

Be Healthy in natural way


Prunes can help you to slow down the rate of oxidation and can help you to neutralize the oxidant effect. They help your body bring a change but works without any side effects. These hormones can help you fight age effects and make you look younger by certain years. And for this reason the gland is also called the fountain of youth.

Be fitter


Apples contain lot of fibers which will help you to boost the overall functionality of your body. The significance of this detox diet lies in the fact that it is vital to the growth and development of human beings. The production of this hormone is the highest during adolescence when the body sees major growth. However, when we begin to reach our 30s there is a decline in the production of this hormone. As we age, we see many degenerative changes owing to the decline of our growth hormone. We can introduce few foods that are healthy and skip others that are harmful to your body.

Lead life in healthy way


Green vegetables help you to flush the toxins and other waste in your body. This method also includes consumption of few herbs which will help you to keep your body in a healthy condition. Junk Food can really turn into a disaster. The age old adage “too much of anything is good for nothing” holds true in this case. There are lots of chemicals in the junk food which corrupts our body. If you are a junkie and if you are planning to get pregnant it is better to dump all the junk food to the garbage! Stopping to consume junk food would help getting pregnant naturally and best way to do it is through diet detox. Lead life in healthy way with detox foods.


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