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Top 5 Foods Rich in Vitamin K

Updated on February 26, 2011

Diet will help in Body fat reduction: this is the most common benefit of Fast diet. It speeds up the metabolism process of your body, helps the fats to be burnt efficiently and thus reduces weight. It can be used as a weight loss program for people suffering from excessive weight gain. Better skin and looks: it reduces wrinkles and gives you a glowing and a supple skin, thus improving your look. It reverses the effects of aging. Increases muscle: Fast diet helps your body to gain muscle. Some studies also have shown that it helps to strengthen your muscle.


Improve memory power

Cucumber is rich in calcium, phosphorus which are essential nutrient for the body. It is a great supplement for athletes and body builders and is also good for memory: Fast diet improves our memory and learning. They work with the proteins of our brain cells which are responsible for memory, learning and coordination of our hand and eye.

Feel fresh

Spring onions will help you to maintain your body in proper function According to many clinical studies, patients of short term and long term memory loss show a decline in the production area of human growth hormone levels and you can develop it through Fast diet. Deep sleep would the boost the production of human growth hormones.If we sleep better, a good sleep at night means the next morning we wake up refreshed and completely rested, we feel energetic throughout the day. It also enhances mood and fast diet increases the B-endorphin levels in the brain and thus helps reduce stress. It also works as an antidepressant. Moreover, it also helps to control anger and extreme fear.

Reduce weight without strain

Cabbage diet will help you to lose your weight in healthy way.This also works as anti-oxidant and protects the vital cells. It keeps the body’s essential vitamins, Vitamin-C and E, k from decaying. Immune System: it also helps the immune system by helping in the production of white blood cells.

Prevent strokes and other heart related disorder


Fish oils will prevent against inflammation and cardio vascular disease. It will give some precision against stroke and heart disease. Will promote the activity of your brain. Some clinical trials claim it to be beneficial for cancer patients also. If you remember, as a child you were also very energetic. Look back at those and you will wonder how active you were all the time, work and play you managed all with full vigor.

Lead healthy life

Green vegetables will help you to flush away the waste and other toxins your body   Was it because just because you were young? Don’t you think it was associated with the high level of human growth hormones you had then. One of the best way by which you will be able to have the energy that you used to have once is by maintain a proper diet. You will definitely feel the worth of it. As you can see, it helps with weight loss, gives good looks, increases energy levels and muscles, helps memory and learning, and improves our immune system.


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