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Top 5 Foods For Better Mental Health

Updated on February 3, 2015
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Mason Shade has diplomas in Holistic/Western Medicine, CBD Medicine, Advocacy, Mental Health, English Language & Literature, & Social Media.

Does your diet affect your mental and emotional health?

Clean eating is always important for your overall mental, emotional and physical health.

Here are a few tips to make sure you're eating clean:

1. Make sure your fish is wild (Never Farmed). Wild Salmon is never actually pink - if its pink its dyed.

2. Always buy your Meats from a farmer ensuring the our grass fed only, with no antibiotics or hormones.

3. Most Organic foods in regular grocery stores is not actually organic - it's a lie. To ensure organic quality got to a whole foods store or local organic farmer.

4. Avoid processed foods, food colorants, artificial flavours and artificial sweeteners. Try to use an all natural sweetener like the stevia plant instead. Always use brown sugar over white sugar.

5. Always opt for whole grain anything over white. In order to be white breads, grains, pastas and rice they put it through a bleaching process.

# 1. Tryptophan Rich Foods

Tryptophan can be found in a variety of foods: Cashews, turkey, chicken, bananas, milk, oats, cheese, soy, nuts, peanut butter, and sesame seeds.

Two handfuls of cashews is the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of Prozac.

Nutritionist have stated tryptophan can have a positive effects on stress and anxiety because this amino acid helps your brain produce feel-good chemicals. Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, and serotonin neurotransmitters , helps you feel calm, happy and relaxed.

#2. Foods Rich With Vitamin B - Meats

There is a connection between the B vitamins and a person mood. This Includes Thiamine, (Vitamin B1) and B12. A B12 deficiency can even trigger depression in some people.

Food that are rich with vitamin B include; beef, pork, chicken, leafy greens, legumes, oranges and other citrus fruits, rice, nuts, and eggs.

#3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Also known as (EPA and DHA), usually found in fatty fish such as; lake trout, tuna, anchovies, sardines, salmon, herring, and mackerel, can be uplift and enhance your mental/emotional health.

Studies have shown that in cases where patients using an antidepressant medication along with a high Omega-3 their mental health improved more than patients who were only on antidepressants prescription.

#4. Citrus

The smell and ingestion of citrus fruits; lemons, oranges and grapefruits are known to boost production of serotonin, a hormone that makes you feel happy, while reducing levels of norepinephrine, a stress hormone.

#5. High Protein

Protein stimulate the production of the brain chemicals norepinephrine and dopamine, like serotonin they're neurotransmitters which carry impulses between nerve cells.

Research has shown that higher levels of norepinephrine and dopamine can improve alertness, mental energy, and reaction time.

Protein source includes; Greek yogurt, fish, meats, cheese, eggs, nuts, beans, soy, and lentils.

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© 2014 Mason Shade


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