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Top 5 Forearm Crutches (In My Opinion)

Updated on February 15, 2017

Hunting For Crutches

Anyone who has used underarm crutches for more than 2 months knows the pain that comes a long with them. Underarm crutches dig in to your arm, cause bad posture and most of the time have terrible padding.

Forearm crutches are much better options for long term use. You'll notice that you develop upper body strength and you'll have less back problems. Because of how forearm crutches are designed, they are less likely to dig into your body. If you're having trouble finding forearm crutches, you can consider some from this list I have put together.

Negatives: the crutch tips only come in one size ¾ inch 7/8-inch diameter. Also there are no coverings on the handgrips for added comfort.


PCP Mobility Forearm Crutches

These are quality crutches at an affordable price from a reputable company. PCP forearm crutches are very reasonably priced at only $41. These are adjustable aluminium crutches with grey end tips.

The aluminum is specially made to be easy to clean. These crutches are adjustable and measure in at 13 inches long.

Minor Disadvantages

The only disadvantage is that these are basic level crutches. The handgrips are only vinyl coated so they won’t be soft. You may need to purchase padding for these forearm crutches.

Mobility Electronics Forearm Crutch

These are vinyl coated forearm crutches. The arm has be specifically designed for added comfort and stability. These are basic forearm crutches that shold last you a while.

One advantage are the extra large tips that help you maintain your stability. The extra large tips also make it easier to change surfaces. The are good value crutches for the price.

Ossenberg Black Forearm Crutches

These forearm crutches from Ossenberg support up to 150 kilograms. The plastic parts of the crutch are made from high quality material reinforced with fiberglass. The rest of the crutch is aluminium, which makes for an extremely lightweight device.

These forearm crutches have very little reviews, so approach with care. Ossenberg Black crutches cost significantly more than the other crutches in this list. Look for reviews before pulling the trigger. These are some advantages you can expect from this type of crutches.


Guardian Medline Forearm Crutches

These are moderately priced forearm crutches, with high value features. These crutches from Guardian can support up to 300 pounds. The ideal height range for these crutches is between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 6 inches.

Good For Heavy Users

These are high strength crutches. They feature a heavy wall with durable aluminum tubing. The handgrips and cuffs are vinyl coated and tapered.

If you need a crutch to be especially sturdy, try these ones. One drawback is that the rubber tips seem to be not as durable as the crutch. Considering paying some replacement tips with this crutch.

Negatives about this device? There are no user reviews. Try and get a first hand opinion on this device before purchasing. Also the crutch tips are very small and you may need to replace them.

Ergo Lightweight Forearm Crutches

These are a modern take on traditional forearm crutches. The cuff is ergonomically designed to provide you with ideal comfort and ease of use. The cuff adjusts to 4 different positions, which helps you personalize the crutch.

In Closing

Again, these are just my favourite forearm crutches in my opinion. As I mentioned earlier, forearm crutches are great for your back and developing strength. If you're looking for forearm crutches always, always make sure they fit properly! Poorly fitting crutches will cause you more problems. I've actually re-injured myself using crutches that don't fit. The tips in this hub should help you make a devision on picking forearm crutches. My next hub will give you some more information to help you out. Thanks for reading.


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