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Top 5 Grossest Medical Stories

Updated on February 15, 2008

The Top 5 Grossest Medical Stories

These true stories of medical phenomena highlight some of the most unsavory illnesses, and accidents ever documented. It's valid to point out that the majority of these stories share the theme of parasites, and an invasion in the body. Such a private and personal part of oneself - the body, becoming prey to a creature, surely sends shivers down the spine.

Chandan Goswami
Chandan Goswami

#5 The Beetle Boy

This bizarre and disturbing true story originates from a 13 year old Indian boy named Chandan Goswami. Chandan's dilemma is that he urinates living whole beetles in his urine after eggs hatched into his body. This story reported in Reuters in 2003 stated that the eggs were hatching in a fistula (passage leading from body cavity to outside surface) near Chandan's groin. The main objective was to find the egg's and destroy them. Unfortunately it was reported Chandan's treatments proved ineffective, and there has been no solution as of yet.....

#4 Living Worm Found in Child's Eye

A 5 year old patient from the Republic of Honduras had a large irritation in the form of a raised red bump on his eye. Believing the sore to be a cyst or growth, the US Air Force surgeons that were treating him were surprised to find a living worm embedded in the sore.

The young boy had contracted Myiasis (maggot infestation in the human body). The worm was a human botfly larva, it's type notorious for laying their eggs on livestock, though rarely in a place like a human eye. The botfly larva was extracted from the anterior orbit, and its operation accomplished by putting the boy to sleep and cutting the conjunctiva, where the larva was pulled out.

#3 Bosom Infestation

This is a case reported from Nigeria....

We report a 70-year-old woman who presented with a week history of itchy multiple discharging sinuses of the right breast. The sinuses contained wriggling larvae of C. anthropophaga. Fourteen larvae were extracted from the breast and the sinuses healed quite well after the extraction.

Yes, you read that right. This woman's breast had the living larvae of the Tumbu fly found in it and extracted. For this to occur is very rare, but not impossible. Fortunately the woman was able to recover from the infestation, and had it taken care of before it spread deeper into her breast.

#2 The Brown Recluse's Bite

The Brown Recluse Spider is infamous for its potent necrotic poison, painless unnoticeable bite (until the poison sets in), and love of dark places. This personal story I can relate to since my mother was bitten by a recluse spider a few years ago.

She was at a friends garden picking grapes, when she went inside due to severe itching on her inner thigh. At first it just looked like a regular rash, and she put ointment on it. Several days later, the rash had turned into a forbidding dark brown patch that severely stung and itched. She went to the doctor promptly and found out that the poisonous spider bit her. She was able to get the bite treated albeit in a very painful (doctor used a surgeon's knife to cut the rotting infected piece off) procedure.

She was very lucky compared to this man.....

#1 First Aid by Staple Gun

This story when I first read it had me in doubts. Because I just couldn't comprehend how this person could put himself to go through with his self administered first aid.

When I finished reading it, I didn't know whether to laugh, or cry. Because I was disgusted, and amused all at once.

When a 40-year old man arrived at a hospital asking to see a doctor specializing in "men's troubles", he was shown to a cubicle. There, he gingerly unwrapped three yards of foul smelling, stained gauze from around his scrotum, which had swollen to twice the size of a grapefruit.

On further inspection, it was discovered that his left testicle was missing completely and, embedded within the swollen, tender and weeping wound, were a number of dark objects which the patient confessed were one inch staple nails from an industrial staple gun.

It transpired that the man spent lunchtimes alone in the workshop, where he regularly enjoyed the sexual thrill of placing his penis on the moving canvas fan belt of a piece of machinery. One day, the excitement had caused him to lose his concentration and the fan-belt had snatched his scrotum into the fly-wheel, throwing him several feet across the floor and removing his left testicle. Rather than go to hospital, he self-administered first aid using a staple gun and then continued work when his colleagues returned. It was two weeks before he got around to visiting the hospital.

After reading this story, a mix of emotions is understandable. The nature of his act, and then his crazy decision to try to fix his act is both mindblowingly ludicrious, and funny all at once.

No first hand picture to be found for this one (thank god!)...but a picture of a heavy duty staple gun surely convey's my feelings.


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      yy 4 years ago


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      hayden 7 years ago

      eww, that's some nasty stuff

    • profile image

      ambrie(: 7 years ago

      that poor little kidd whoo hadd that botflyy in his eye must have been in soo much pain that i feel soo bad fer him):

    • profile image

      samantha 9 years ago

      there are grosser stories iv herd on

    • flyingeagle profile image

      flyingeagle 10 years ago


      Fascinating Hub. Sadly, there are millions of such stories in poorer countries, but most of us never come across them. But the grossest story of all is the true story of Western medicine and its dependence on dangerous drugs. It is an industry infested by the morally bankrupt.