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Top 5 Maternity Belly Bands For Post Pregnancy Abdominal Support and Weight Loss

Updated on January 31, 2015

Belly bands or maternity bands for pregnancy are one of the most essential requisite. If you are pregnant and wondering whether you need to wear one and what are the best belly bands for post pregnancy then surely this post will enlighten you on such essential aspects.

So what is a belly band and why you need to wear it post pregnancy? This is exactly the question which I asked myself just one month back when after giving birth to a cute baby boy. Being pregnant for the first time I wasn’t even aware that such a thing ever existed.

But then I was made aware that yes you have to wear it if you don’t want your tummy to come out. From then on till now I am wearing one of the belly bands and yes I can say for sure that my stomach has tightened a bit. And I think I need to wear it for a few more months if I want to come back in shape again.

Hopefully you too are in the same position as mine and you would love to wear these and get support and relaxation too.

Belly Bands in Post Pregnancy is a Must to Wear
Belly Bands in Post Pregnancy is a Must to Wear | Source

In technical words, a belly band is a tube top which you wear around your stomach. It is designed with elastic fabric and these days it is available in multitude of colors to choose from. Being inexpensive you can certainly buy one for yourself.

Here I am writing about the top 5 maternity belly bands for postpartum, read on to know the features of each of the belly bands which will help you in deciding which one you need to buy.

Postpartum Support Girdle Belt, Post-Pregnancy Support Belly Band Medical-Grade Compression Bellefit

The postpartum support girdle belt is composed of breathable and microporous fabric. The essential aspect is that it also helps to straighten your spine. It provides ample support to your abdomen soon and thus helps to reduce abdominal pain too.

This pregnancy girdle has been recommended by the doctors too because it ensures that the uterus goes back to its place in a shorter period of time.

You can wear the support belly band soon you have back to your home after the birth. You need to wear the bellefit at least up to 6 months postpartum because it helps to recover your body back to normalcy.

The bellefit is available in 4 different styles to choose from-

  • Girdle with Zipper
  • Corset Girdle
  • Dual Girdle
  • Girdle Pull Up

Women's Breathable Elastic Postpartum Postnatal Support Girdle Belt Post Pregnancy Belly Band Abdominal Binder for Women Maternity

There are numerous benefits of wearing the postpartum postnatal support girdle belt after your delivery. It gives a gentle support to your stomach, the back panel of the girdle provides support to your back and thus helps relieve back pain which is quite common post pregnancy.

The belly belt is adjustable and you can even remove it easily. Apart from being lightweight, it is breathable too thus you will always have a relaxation feeling upon wearing it. This maternity belt is available in three sizes- large, medium and extra large size so you have three options to choose from.

Did You Wear a Maternity Belly Band in Your Post Pregnancy

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Gabrialla Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder for Women

The postpartum girdle belt from Garbrialla ensures that you get back your tummy in proper shape right after the childbirth. It gives a proper support to your stomach and is specially beneficial for women who have undergone c-section.

Apart from your stomach, it has a great effect on your waist and lumbro- sacral areas too.You can wear it under your clothes and this will remain largely unnoticed. This breathable belly band is also recommended for those suffering from abdominal hernia.

It is around 9” wide. In order to give a proper and better fit, the maternity belt comes with Velcro hooks. Not just this helps in your weight loss after pregnancy but gives a proper shape too.

The abdominal belt comes in 5 different sizes- small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large sizes. So in a way you have lots of options to choose from this belly belt.

Peanut Shell Flats Post-Pregnancy Belly Compression Postpartum Girdle with Panel

This is a perfect post pregnancy girdle if you want to tighten your belly and get back in shape soon after delivery. This pregnancy belly band is designed from fabric technology which ensures a smooth and even compression to your belly.

If you want a strong compression then do wear this maternity belt. Also, it helps to compress your muscles and thereby bring them back to position. Use them regularly to get a flat belly.

Belly Bandit Post Pregnancy Tummy Wrap Belly Band Original Nude

The belly bandit for post pregnancy is primarily an abdominal compression wrap which has been designed in a way that it helps you to come back in shape after you have given birth.

Apart from this, the maternity band also helps to reduce the swelling and discomfort which often occurs after pregnancy especially if it is c-section.

It is available in large and extra large size.

Wear Maternity Belly Bands for Weight Loss Post Pregnancy
Wear Maternity Belly Bands for Weight Loss Post Pregnancy | Source


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