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Top 5 Monsoon Eye Care Tips For Healthy Eyes

Updated on July 5, 2016

Welcome monsoons and you're welcoming the incessant rains and the sudden downpour, and not to mention a number of health problems. While rainy season might be the most romantic season of all, but it's sometimes a can create problems for your health. Rainy season comes with an increase in the amount of infections and diseases too so it's always important to take good care of your health as well as eye health. Today we provide some simple tips to keep your eyes working perfectly and staying protected from environmental extremities.


Tip 1: Always Clean Your Eyes:

Eyes can get infected if there are allergens and dirt in your eyes. To prevent eye problems, always keep your eyes clean. As soon as you get up, wash your eyes with lukewarm water or cold water. Don't rub your eyes or use harsh towel or cloth to wipe the eye area. Once your eyes are clean, dab a towel over your eye area and soak off the excess water.

Tip 2: Never keep your hands Dirty

Dirty hands are the main culprits of eye problems. It's important to keep your hand clean from dust and bacteria. Hands transfer bacteria and germs everyday through touching so, keep your hands away from the face region and use a hand sanitizer to clean your hands before handling your eyes.


Tip 3: Keep Your Makeup Items and Eyewear Clean

For most girls’ kohl, liner and mascara are daily products used in the eye region. The makeup items, if not sanitized accordingly can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Discard mascara after six months of first use, use up liners and use a sanitizer to sanities your kohl pencil before use. Also keep your face makeup and eye makeup brushes clean .

For men & women who wear glasses, keep your glasses clean with proper cleaning solution and micro fiber cloth. The glasses can be stored in protective cases after use or while you're not using them. Always wipe your glasses with specially designed glasses cleaner. Never use your shirt or the clothing you are wearing to wipe your glasses. Rough clothes can damage the eyeglasses lens coating.

Tip 4: Handle Contact Lenses with Caution

Contact lenses can be a great addition to anyone's collection. They offer flexible vision correction and are cheaper than their earlier counterpart. These contacts now come in soft and RGP versions and are available for weekly, bi weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly versions. If you're not wearing daily disposable lenses, then, you must follow great caution while using contact lenses in Monsoon season. Never store your contact lenses in old solutions, replace it every night. Also, change your lens case every six months to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Tip 5: Don't skip using your Sunglasses

It does not matter whether it's sunny or raining. Cloudy days are considered to be as harmful for the eyes as a clear sunny day. UV rays can easily penetrate the clouds and reach the earth's surface and reflect. UV rays, when it passes through your eyes can harm your eyes. These invisible rays are everywhere and present during the cloudy days too, so don't stop wearing your sunglasses. Wear your sunglasses that have minimum UV 400 protection to block all harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you wear prescription glasses, you can get prescription sunglasses which provide you clear vision and protection.

So, keep these five points in mind and save your eyes from harm during monsoon season.


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