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Top 5 Most Mysterious Deaths

Updated on May 23, 2015

How He Die Again?

Confused Death
Confused Death

I always believe that there are 3 types of people who can always get away with murder; that is people with intelligence, people with wealth and people with political power.

Today, I am going to make you question your own security by presenting you with some of the most mysterious deaths and make you wonder, is justice always served in our society today?

Table Of Content

5. Lilly Lindestrom (The Atlas Vampire)
4. Gareth Williams (The spy who committed suicide?)
3. Eugene Izzi (Suicide with a bullet vest)
2. Danny Casolaro (A squeamish person slashing his own wrist)
1. Elisa lam ( The unexplained elevator scene)

5. (Lilly Lindestrom) The Atlas Vampire

The Atlas Vampire
The Atlas Vampire

Lilly Lindestrom, a 32-year-old prostitute living in Stockhom, Sweden. On May 1, 1932, she was discussing plans for the evening’s May Day celebrations with her friend Minnie, a 35-year-old woman who lived on the same floor.

Call of the Atlas Vampire
Call of the Atlas Vampire
The Ladle
The Ladle

Lilly received a call from a potential client, asking if he could come over. Lilly thought that she could get one more job done before the celebration and agreed, So Lily’s friend Minnie left her to it. A few hours later, Minnie went back to fetch her friend, but no one seems to be home. Minnie thought that perhaps Lilly had gone to the celebration with the client and went off to celebrate the May Day festival.

It wasn’t until three days later that the police were finally called. When they broke down the door, Lilly was dead on her bed, completely naked and her clothing was neatly folded on a chair nearby. Further investigation showed that Lily was brutally bashed on the head three times before giving in.

What’s more disturbing was the blood -stained ladle in the room. Further inspection revealed that the blood had been drained from Lilly’s body, and the killer had used the ladle to drink her blood. Despite the authorities’ best efforts, the story leaked, and the local press nicknamed the unknown killer the Atlas Vampire.

Eighty of Lilly’s customers were investigated, but no suspects were revealed. Minnie said she didn’t recognized the voice on the phone, but she commented that the man seemed sober and polite. There didn’t seem to be any fingerprints on any of the suspicious items at the scene as well. The place was pretty much cleaned and the Atlas Vampire was never caught.

4. The Spy Who Killed Himself?...

Gareth Williams
Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams was a code-breaker for Secret Intelligence Service or SIS agency. He was well known for being a very private and quiet person. No surprise from someone with his position.

The North Face sports bag
The North Face sports bag
Authorize people claiming it was a suicide.
Authorize people claiming it was a suicide.
Experts trying to mimic what Gareth did.
Experts trying to mimic what Gareth did.
Not a single trace of DNA found
Not a single trace of DNA found

In August 2010, Gareth was getting sick of his agency and requested for a transfer. This was to believe that had upset his superior. Only a week before Gareth was due to be transferred to another agency, his body was found zipped inside a Red North Face sports bag that had been locked from the outside.

At first, authorities claimed that he was murdered but then something funny happened, they suddenly changed their minds, and said it was an accident.

Experts even tried stuffing themselves into a North Face sports bag but after 300 failed attempts, experts told the cops that it is very unlikely for him to kill himself this way.

What’s even weirder was that there isn’t any trace of DNA anywhere. If Gareth were to do this to himself, there should be DNA on the bathtub, doorknob and zipper. But the place was spotless! It’s as though ‘someone’ had scrub the apartment impeccably clean.

But despite the evidence, authorities still believed it was a suicide… but think about it, a man somehow killed himself, stuffed himself into a North Face sports bag, padlocked it from the outside and magically scrub his whole apartment until not a trace of DNA can be found...

Furthermore, let’s not forget that Gareth was unhappy at work and had been talking about quitting SIS, which coincidentally made his bosses unhappy, and funny how it took the boss a full week to report Gareth’s missing which makes it conveniently harder for forensic to obtain evidences. Hmm…. Still think it’s an accident or do you think someone in power is trying to cover up?...

3. (Eugene Izzi) Suicide With A Bullet Vest

Hanging Himself While Wearing A Bullet Vest.
Hanging Himself While Wearing A Bullet Vest.

Eugene Izzi was a famous writer getting ready for his next work of crime fiction to hit bookstores when he was found dead, hanging by the neck, 13 stories high.

At first, people believed it was a suicide, but something doesn't add up here. Why would anyone wear a bullet proof vest before committing suicide?

Not suspicious enough? What if I tell you that there was a loaded gun in his office, a set of brass knuckles in his pocket and pepper spray in another, it looks as though he was preparing for a fight for his life. Izzi even moved his family to a safe location to make sure they were not ‘involved’.

Still not suspicious enough? Police also discovered countless notes Izzi had recorded on the threatening phone calls, mostly threats on how he’ll be hung. Before his death, Izzi even approached a retired Chicago cop about the threats. These threats include a voicemail of a woman saying that “he had been found guilty” and that “he will be hang by the end of the year”. Rumours has it that he somehow infiltrated an Indiana militia group and he’s using the information abstracted in his latest work.

Still not suspicious enough? In his latest work which was not yet published, there was a scene were a man with a brass knuckle and pepper spray in his pocket was hung and thrown out of the window by the Indiana militia group. It’s as though he was placing clues in his latest work… But still, authority believed it was a suicide.

A Squeamish Person Slashing His Own Wrist.

Danny Casolaro
Danny Casolaro

Danny Casolaro was a freelancer journalist and a man obsessed with uncovering a vast government conspiracy he called "the Octopus", an international underground political faction.

Harassing phone calls
Harassing phone calls

During his investigation, Danny would receive phone calls late at night from an anonymous person, harassing and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t stop.

But Danny was fearless, and was determined to expose the octopus for who they are. However, his bravery was also the one that caused him his life. Danny would often tell his brother about the phone calls and say if there is any… accident, not to believe it is an accident but a setup.

In August 1991, he got a phone call from a person who claimed that he had information about ‘The Octopus’. Danny was excited, he packed his stuff and told his maid he was going to go meet a source. That night, Danny’s maid answered several harassment phone calls as well, like how they were going to cut Danny into pieces and feed him to the sharks.

Just as he was supposed to meet with a source who would help him prove everything, he turned up dead in his hotel room with 12 slices in his wrists.

Danny's brother
Danny's brother
A limousine arrived
A limousine arrived

Now here’s the suspicious part, Danny was very squeamish person. His brother claimed that he will literally faint after one cut, let alone 12 cuts on his wrist.

A suicide note was also found in the room, that read, to those who I love the most, please forgive me for the worst plausible things that I could have done, most of all I’m sorry to my son, I know deep down inside God will let me in. Which when you think about it, is very odd as well, we’re talking about a guy who was excited about his source, was so close to exposing ‘The Octopus’ which he been trying to do for years now and which could make him famous overnight, and out of the sudden… suicide.

During his funeral, a limousine arrived, a military officer in U.S. Army uniform walked towards Danny’s casket, place a medal upon it and saluted. The military officer was never identify, in fact no one in the funeral even know who that man was.

Elisa lam ( The Unexplained Elevator Scene)

The Unexplained Elevator Scene
The Unexplained Elevator Scene
Elisa Lam
Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a 21 year old student from Canada visiting Los Angelas.

An average Jane who would be later found dead in a roof top water tank.

The police rolled out her death to be accidental, however it doesn’t make sense.

Firstly, she wasn’t drunk nor taking any drugs.

Secondly, it be impossible for her to gained access to the roof which is blocked by two locked alarmed doors.

Finally, this footage which caught the final moment of Elisa Lam. Warning, the following footage is very disturbing, viewers discretion advised.

The Elevator Scene

The Roof
The Roof

Elisa Lam’s case is #1 because until today, we clearly still don’t understand what just happened.

Was she hypnotised?

Who was she hiding from?

Why did the elevator malfunctioned when she was in it?

What is up with the odd movements outside the elevator?

How did she gained access to the roof which was blocked by two locked alarmed doors.

So many unanswered questions… I just her case will be one of the biggest unsolved mystery and weirdest death in our century.

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