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Top 5 Quick Sore Throat Remedies

Updated on April 26, 2012


So in looking at this page, you, being the reader, have some vested interest in its contents; whether you are suffering from a sore throat yourself, have a friend in dire need of a home remedy you hope to gather from this compilation or, last but not least, you have a strong interest in sore throat cures, strange, but not impossible. If you’re looking for what this page is about here it is, this is a list of the top five quick fixes to the run of the mill sore throat that the average run of the mill person would have in his or her home. Oh, and before we go on let me stress a few facts, I am not a doctor nor am I to be held liable for anyone’s use of the substances, or actions described below, furthermore I stress that if your sore throat is severe enough you go to someone who is a doctor as there could be serious conditions mistaken for sore throats.

5. Salt Water

Ok this is in my own opinion the least effective of all the remedies to be found here, not to discount it completely because it does help but there are better options. Ok for use, you mix a good amount of salt into warm water and gargle to the effected region of the throat, this should reduce the pain experienced with the sore throat as well as help with any bacteria or the like. One major point to be made here is that the water is to be gargled and spit out, do not drink the water.

4. Orange Juice

This one lands at number four on the list because the effectiveness varies from person to person, some people call it a miracle and yet others think that it is totally worthless. I personally find it to be fairly effective but it is best put to use by drinking it with number two on our little list of wonders. So the best action for this one is to drink it, you don’t need to gargle and spit.

3. Cough Drops

Coming in number three on our little list is the humble cough drop. Many of my friends use these and would testify to their effectiveness but I personally find them to be barely better than orange juice. One of the things that this has going for it that the rest of our competitors don’t is it’s extreme portability, you can just throw a pack of these in the glove box or arm rest of your car and have an on the go cure whenever sore throats come your way. A good alternative is hard candy.

2. Coffee

Number two is my favorite thing to drink, that being coffee. Coffee is one of the most effective cures that I have ever found for sore throats, one thing to keep in mind is that it helps if the coffee has cream and sugar. The way I use it to treat my sore throats is while I’m drinking it I take an occasional moment to gargle the coffee and swallow, now before anyone is disgusted the reason for this is to coat the throat not to drink any sloppy goo you may acquire during the process, if you do get sloppy goo I recommend spitting it out.

1. Red Sports Drink

Number one (and rightfully so) is God’s gift to mankind, and that everyone is red sports drink. I have found that one bottle of red sports drink has cured any sore throat I have ever had, I am not exactly sure as to why but just drinking it tends to cure all of my throats woes, I and many of the red sports drink’s followers believe the reason for its tremendous healing powers is its high amount of sugar.


I am not a doctor nor am I to be held liable for anyone’s use of the substances and actions described above.


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