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Top 5 Signs You Have a Ghost

Updated on February 7, 2018
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I find myself reading and learning something new everyday so i decided to share that knowledge on a platform filled with curious minds.


A Ghost can be thought of as the remnants of a person who has passed away. The spirit or essence of the individual who has passed away remains present in our world in a non physical form. If you believe in the afterlife, then a ghost is someone in a state of limbo between this life and the next. Reasons a ghost is in limbo may be they have had a traumatic or unexpected death where certain things were left unresolved i.e. a father dies in a car crash and leaves a wife and 2 children behind. A ghost experience can be threatening or nonthreatening; a danger to your well being or a mild inconvenience. Many people around the world have experienced ghostly activity and have come to terms with their situation while others have required professional intervention. You have to decide what’s best for you and the safety for your family.

Unexplained Movement

You leave a room turning all the lights off and 5 minutes later you check the room and the lights are back on. While you check if someone is hiding in the room or playing a prank you notice the chair normally facing the television is facing an angle. A magazine, which you placed face up on the table next to your chair, is on the floor face down. As you realize no one is in the room or at home besides yourself, a rational train of thought runs through your head to explain away what you just observed. The next day you walk across that same room and notice the door fully open, when you left it closed, and the lights on, when you left it off. The rational thoughts are not running so fast this time around. Ghosts are known to inhabit a particular area of a home whether it be the basement or a bedroom, just remember, if you notice frequent and often consistent abnormal events such as the ones mentioned above, you probably have a ghost.

Physical markings

You may wake up one morning and notice a scratch on your arm. The next morning you notice a scratch but on your neck, and a bruise on your leg. These physical markings may just be injuries you experienced throughout your busy day but never noticed or as in the case of the bruise, never fully showed up until the next day. A cause for concern will be when these markings continue to persist over a period of time. You even notice a bite mark, which is harder to explain unless you have a kinky spouse or lover. A malevolent spirit known as a Poltergeist may be the culprit. Poltergeists, known as the noisy ghost, make noises such as banging on the wall, throw objects of various size, and cause bodily harm.

Animal behavior

In the Paranormal Investigation community, Cats and dogs are well known to be sensitive to paranormal entities. Your pet will start behaving or lashing out without cause. He/she may stare up at the ceiling, in a room nobody is currently in, or in a corner of space occupying nothing. More noticeable is a bark or a hissing sound directed toward the aforementioned locations. Least noticeable but also very important is your pets constant avoidance of an area. He/she may not want to enter a room or walk downstairs with you to the basement. If you notice all these behaviors and non-behaviors or most of them, then you make just have a ghost.

Cold and hot Spots

A sudden change in temperature either from hot to cold or from cold to hot may indicate a ghost is occupying a space close by. Typically the change in temperature will be from hot to cold. A reason for this may be explained as the heat energy from the surrounding molecules in the air being taken up and used as a form of spiritual energy. The Spiritual energy may give rise to a physical form like an orb or even a person. Just a theory with no scientific proof, but interesting nonetheless.


Everyone has nightmares from time to time. They can brought on by emotional or mental stress as a well as unresolved issues stemming back an indeterminate amount of time. If you are experiencing dreams involving the death of loved ones, someone you know being possessed, snakes harming loved ones or unexplainable manifestations terrorizing you, a ghost may be at play. You may also be Sleep walking and experience sleep paralysis along with the nightmares. Or you may have the opposite problem and are not able to sleep, but that could be Insomnia. Lastly, if you and a number of family members are experiencing nightmares as a collective and over multiple days or weeks at a time, then this is a stronger indicator of a ghostly presence.


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