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Top 5 Strongest Pre-Workout Supplements

Updated on December 16, 2016

When you hit the gym you need to be firing on all cylinders. If your energy levels are heightened to the max there’s more of a likelihood that you are going to smash through previous barriers and bring it home with a killer workout. To achieve that sort of a training session you need the strongest pre workout supplement that money can buy. Well, we’ve scoured the densely populated pre workout market to hunt down the 5 best pre workouts to deliver it for you.

These are not your run of the mill energy boosters. These supplements will give you a buzz, they’ll get you wired and energized like the energizer bunny. Typically they’ll do it by including more than two stimulant ingredients. That’s why these supplements are not for newbies. If, however, you’ve taken regular pre workouts before, but find that you need an extra kick to get you wired for your workout then these supplements will be right up your alley.

What constitutes the strongest when it comes to a pre workout supplement? It needs to cover the following areas:

  • Energy levels that are through the roof
  • Aerobic endurance to push it hard beyond 45 minutes
  • Anaerobic recovery to allow you to push out those final, vital heavy reps

So, to the countdown . . .

No 5: Cellucor C4 Extreme


Cellucor C4 Extreme is an extremely popular energy booster that will give you a huge energy boost while ramping up your strength levels to allow you to push harder more often. C4 Extreme has made use of cutting edge technology to harness the power of NO3 (nitrate) to allow for enhanced blood flow while working out, which leads to a mind-blowing pump. Extreme has taken this a step further by fusing No3 to create Creatine Nitrate. Not only does this compound increase water solubility while delivering a creatine infused power boost, it eliminates the traditional side effects of creatine loading.

Typical user comments on C4 Extreme are that it provides immediate energy and focus, especially early in the morning. It has 70% 5 star reviews on Amazon, with most reviewers stating that it has allowed them to lift heavier and push harder for longer.


This is a great tasting product which comes in a range of flavors. Pink lemonade seems to be the most popular offering.

Nutrient Profile

The core hard hitters of this product are a decent helping of beta alanine (1,500 mg) to offset and delay fatigue, one gram of creatine nitrate that offers all of the strength enhancing benefits of creatine while increasing blood vessel dilation and arginine akg to enhance the pump.

The explosive energy blend includes mucina puriens, caffeine and bitter orange extract.

No 4: Vortex BP1 MR


This product packs a powerful stimulant punch because it is essentially a concentrated stimulant enhancer. Take this 15 minutes prior to your workout and by game-time, you will be locked in, pumped up and ready to rock. Your energy level will be through the roof. Mental focus will be moderate as will muscle pumps, but the reason you’ll take this is for that wired, ready to rip the gym up sensation, and on that it definitely delivers.

Users report that this product is the bomb! It provides just what they want in a pre workout, getting them going and allowing for more reps and more training endurance. It also supplies users with an effective pump.


The product comes in just one flavour – fruit punch. It mixes well in a glass with a spoon and produces a pretty nice taste with no after effect.

Nutritional Profile

This product contains 20 mg of niacin to flush the skin and give you that wired tingly feeling. Glycerol will draw water into the cell to boost muscle pump. The energy boosting compounds are caffeine, indigofera pulchra, white leadwort root, sucurinega. That’s an awful lot of stimulant compounds in each small micro-dose.

No 3: Pro Supps Mr Hyde


Pro Supps make two pre workouts, which they’ve labelled Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The former is practically a stimulant free product focusing on muscle building and pump. This product, however, is jacked with stimulants. It will get you wired to the max and will knock your socks off. Do not, however, take more than the suggested dosage of one scoop. If you do, you’ll overdose on caffeine and end up wanting to take a nap! You my also experience a post workout crash simply because of the large amount of stimulants in the product.

Great energy, great focus and great concentration are the common threads that come through with online user reviews of Mr Hyde. Quite a few also comment on the value for money of this product. Some users could not believe the energy stimulating effect of this product.


This product comes in seven flavours. All of them are delicious. It mixes well, although the beta alanine will make it a bit clumpy in the heat. You can mix it with just a glass and a spoon.

Nutritional Profile

The product contains 2,500 mg of beta alanine per serving, which is a huge amount. You also get a heaping of creatine hcl (1000 mg). The stimulant compounds are caffeine anhydrous, n-methyl tyramine , decaffenaite malate, caffeine citrate, picamilon, synephrine and dendrovin. This is a powerful combination that will take your energy levels through the roof.

No 2: Chaos & Pain’s Cannibal PermaSwole


This product is loaded with stimulants. The container suggests starting with half a scoop. Follow that advice, because it will hit you hard, amping up your energy levels to the max. It will take about 15 minutes for the full effect to kick in, but when it does you’ll feel like destroying everything in your path. And that energy lasts. It will power you through an hour long work out easily – and allow you to push harder on those final reps.

With high 5 star reviews on Amazon, Cannibal PermaSwole is one popular product. Many claim that it is the best pre workoutC they’ve ever tried. Many user also comment on the mental focus it achieves in addition to the off the wall energy levels. One user stated that he felt like a berserker running into battle after taking Cannibal PermaSwole.


They say there’s a new flavour on the way, which is just as well because the current one is nasty. But you’re not taking it for the taste, right. For the energy that this product delivers, an aspirin-like after taste is worth it.

Nutrient Profile

Cannibal PermaSwole contains 2000 mg per serving of creatine monohydrate to replenish ATP levels and allow for muscular endurance at the end of your set. Stimulants include caffeine, picamalion, citrulline malate, higenamine, and hordenine.

No 1: Betancourt Nutrition


This is one hell of a pre workout stimulant. This stuff will give you a shot of electricity that will power you through the toughest session even if you’ve dragged your tail into the gym. It will give you the kick in the butt to take your training to the next level.

This is a relatively new product so it doesn’t have a whole lot of user feedback yet. Those that have used it have been quite literally stunned at the energy enhancing effect that it produces.


The taste of Betancourt is pretty ordinary, which is normally what you expect from a pre workout that produces the goods in other areas. It mixes easily with a spoon and water and goes down quick.

Nutrient Profile

In terms of non-stimulants, the product has beta alanine, creatine monohydrate, glycerol and the nitric oxide booster GPLC. There central nervous system stimulator mix is a blend of hydrochloride, n-methyl tyramine, andphenylthylamine. These are pretty strong stimulants that when combined take the Betancourt Nutrition pre-workout stack to the top of the heap.

Have you used one of the supplements listed which one was the best?

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