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Top 5 Things To Laugh At With Cancer

Updated on August 14, 2014

by Michele Adams

So I have a sometimes sadistic sense of humor. The following is a light hearted look at my cancer. Please don't take offense to any of it. I am not taking my illness lightly, just trying to laugh when I can.

Top 5 Reasons that Cancer MIGHT be OK:

1) I can eat all the calories I could ever want and not gain a pound (or if I did gain, would lose very easily). This means cake, pudding, ice cream, m&ms ANYTHING. The draw back is that I don't have taste buds and can't eat anything colder than room temp for 6 days following treatment. But other than that...

2) I could legally smoke marijuana if I wanted. The draw back is that I've never done an illegal drug in my life, not because I'm a "goody-goody", but because I have no desire to do so...but IF I wanted, I could smoke a doobie right on my front porch, while munching away on all the snacks I want...

3) No one can stay mad at me. They feel so guilty with me and my cancer that no one can get mad at me for long. How bad would it be to walk in on a group of people saying, "I hate that Michele Adams, you know that woman with cancer". Wow, really?...

4) I get to be a Princess. No cooking, no cleaning, no driving (some days), new clothes; all that I need is a tiara! I have my meals brought to me by friends or hubby, hubby cleans the house; friends drive me to chemo, I had to buy new clothes, because my others are too big. The draw back is that hubby has "Cinderella syndrome", and we now have a credit card bill...

and last but not least

5) Make a Wish...How cool would it be to have Taylor Lautner feeding me grapes at Disneyland??! But alas, Make a Wish is only for children with cancer, not "old" people like me. So I'll just have to have hubby bring me my soup, while driving me up and down the drive way, in the lawn mower cart (we can pretend anyway)...

Hope you got a chuckle or two...


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    • profile image

      Brooke 3 years ago

      Made my night XD