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Top 5 Tips for Fasting

Updated on June 19, 2011

Fasting Tips

Fasting is not only for believers; people who want to lose weight also fast. Whichever reasons you might have for wanting to fast, ensure safety of your body health. This is a delicate process that you want your body to adapt without harming it. Going without food for days can be harmful if not done cautiously and expertly. If you are looking to fast, anyone who has done it in the past would advice you to take it slow. Take time to obtain as many fasting tips as possible. Arming your brain with knowledge before attempting to fast is very wise. Just to help you get started, read on to find out essential fasting tips.
· Consult a physician first – There are many reasons as to why some of you should not fast at all. People that suffer from diabetes, cancers, HIV and other chronic ailments may not survive without eating any food. Still, some of you suffer from other conditions that would probably not get worsened by moderate fasting. If you consult a doctor, you will be able to know how easily your body can go without meals.
· Help your body and mind adjust – Have you ever fasted before? Many of you are looking to do it for the first time. The body and brain will require a slower pace to be able to cope with hunger. In other words, from the many types of fasting programs there are, you should pick a manageable one in the beginning. For example, you can simply try one to two days a week and then proceed to going without food for a whole week.
· Work out often – Look for the right exercises for hungry people and try them. By the way, you will not do any gym exercises while hungry. Alternatively, do yoga, read your bible, pray, and meditate. This is certainly right for people that want to fast for religious reasons.
· Fluids are very necessary – Mostly, people drink water only when they do not plan to fast for a very long period. Water is an asset in relation to the detoxification process. It improves the functioning of your kidneys and keeps your skin rejuvenated. Fruit extracts or juices are good choice of fluids as well, for prolonged fasting sessions.
· Do it secretly or with people that share similar interests – The last thing you want when you have decided to avoid food for days are discouraging people. They will change your mind and this is what you want to avoid. Fast with groups of people who share a common goal or do it personally.


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