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Top 5 Tips to Avoid Heart Attack

Updated on March 26, 2011

Heart attacks (also called myocardial infarction) are one of the major instant killer diseases in the US and many other developed countries. Over a million people have heart attacks every year in the United States alone. There are various factors are responsible for heart attacks like high cholesterol, lack of exercise, stress, obesity and blood pressure.

What can you do to avoid a heart attack? Look at 5 simple methods in order to decrease your chance of having heart attack in the future:

1- Quit smoking. Smoking is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. Chemical analysis shows that cigarettes contain 5000 chemical compounds which at least 50 are known carcinogens (cause cancer in humans) and many are poisonous. These chemicals cause narrowing of the arteries and increases blood pressure, which can lead to a heart attack. Smoking not only affects heart and body, but also affects other people who live around smokers.

2- Exercise regularly. Exercising for just 30 minutes a day reduces your risk of developing heart disease by 30%. Aerobic exercise is highly recommended and very good for your heart, since it keeps muscles active and the heart beating faster.

Aerobic exercise includes:

- cycling

- swimming

- walking

- skating

- skipping rope

- running

- rowing

3- Control your stress levels. Stress is also contributing risk factor for heart attack. It can cause of blood clot therefore increases the chance of heart attacks. Stress can come to us in so many ways such as work, family, society etc and very harmful to our health. Learn how to cope with stress and find your best way to manage stress.

Here are some suggestions:

- use meditation and deep breathing

- get a pet

- enjoy an active sex life

- talk to someone

- take a vacation

- balance your sleep, food and exercise

- enjoy music

- laugh and have fun

- don't rely on alcohol or drugs to reduce stress!!

4- Eat healthy diet. Avoid low-fat diets as these foods contain saturated fat and cholesterol that can cause heart disease. Eat more vegetables and fruits and choose healthy oils, such as olive oil or canola oil, instead of corn oil, butter or other unhealthy fats. Remember to decrease salt intake as this will help lower blood pressure, which increases the risk for heart disease.

5- Read the food label before you buy or consume a product. Learn how to read The Nutrition Facts Label on food packaging. Food labels provide information to help you make informed food choices. You can compare the nutritional value of similar food products therefore choose foods that are best and healthier for you.

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    • TinaTango profile image


      8 years ago

      Very useful article! It is very hard to quit smoking...that is number one on my list!


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