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Top 5 effective exercises for height growth. Increase your height by 3 to 6 inches

Updated on August 9, 2017

How to increase your height naturally through Exercise?

I have already explained in my other hubs the science behind height growth and how one can maximize his/her height through exercises and diet. In this hub, I would like to illustrate 5 simple but powerful exercises through which one could increase his/her height. I would like to reiterate. Exercises help increase height mainly by boosting the HGH secretion in our body and also by improving metabolism and nutrient absorption. HGH works on our long bones in our body to increase height. Further, doing physical workouts will give you a better posture and flexibility. Please note that these exercises are not magic workouts, you will need to do them regularly to obtain desired results. Ideally, results will appear within 3-6 months. For some individuals results may take a bit more time but one must not give up easily. More the intensity of the workout better will be the result. Simultaneously, maintain a diet which is rich in protein and low on carbohydrates and fats.

Always do adequate stretching and warm-ups before the exercises in order to avoid muscle injuries and back pain. Also remember to hydrate yourself adequately

Workout schedule: One must not do all these exercises on the same day. Your body needs time to recover. Else you will get fatigued. Combine any two workouts for a day and do two other workouts on the next day.

  1. Vertical Hanging: You can use a chin-up bar for this purpose. Hold the bar with both hands gripped at shoulder width. Slowly stretch your body downwards and try to touch the floor. Avoid jerking movements. It must be a gradual stretch. If you do this properly, you could hold on for 45-60 seconds. Do 3 sets per day

Vertical Hanging

2. Floor stretch: Lie on the floor with your face seeing the ceiling. Use a soft mat beneath your body. Stretch out your hands above your head and gradually try to stretch it further outwards. Simultaneously stretch your toes in the opposite direction. Hold for 30 seconds. This is a very powerful exercise. Do 3 sets per day

Floor Stretch

3. Skipping: Skipping is an effective high-intensity exercise which will boost secretion of HGH. Skipping for 2 minutes is equivalent to running a kilometer. The basic action here is jumping. The higher you jump greater will be the intensity. The lower body bones like Femur and Shin bones will get strengthened and increase in density. It’s because of this reason that Basketball players are a few inches taller than others. Do 3 sets of skipping 2 minutes each


4. Swimming: Swimming is an excellent workout. It burns calories like anything and improves metabolism. Body undergoes great stretching. No wonder that swimmers are taller than other people.

5. Ankle Weights: This workout is specifically for the lower body. It’s generally difficult to stretch the lower body than the upper body, and especially the joints like Knee and ankle. Ankle weights are weights that are tied to the shin bones, around the ankle region. All you need to do is to sit down with your legs stretched down with these weights. Slight Kicking movements will give more effect. Remember to do adequate stretching on your knees before starting this exercise else you may get knee pain. Start with gradual weights and move onto heavier weights.

Ankle weights are available at sports shops. You can even make your own one using a weight, a bad and a hanging grip.

Hope this hub is helpful to you.


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    • profile image

      yasin zeyd ulusoy 

      11 months ago

      Can you link me the scientific thing you have written? I'm interested. @john thanks for the article also.

    • JvicIndia profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from India

      They are very effective if done within the optimal age limit...

    • JvicIndia profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from India

      They do . But the results always vary depending upon age and genetic makeup. I have written a separate hub on the science behind height growth. U can go through it if you wish

    • Bob Schroeder profile image

      Bob Schroeder 

      4 years ago

      Interesting exercises. I do many of them but never thought that they could increase my height.


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