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Top 5 home remedies for sunburns, bug bites, poison ivy and more

Updated on October 8, 2011

Remedies for bug bites

Bee stings and other bug bites

Ouch another insect bite, man what a pain....I love summer but hate the pain that comes with it, mosquitoe bites, spider bits, and Bee stings. Usually if you get biten or stung you will get a nasty itchy bump,you may get swollen, redness and some pain. If you break out in a rash or have any swelling in you mouth or throat seek immediate assistance.

So here are few home remedies for Bee stings and bug bites. If your your children get stung make sure to pull out the stinger with some twizzers, don't leave the stinger in it will make it sting more, and don't squeeze the stinger out you my release more venom. Once the stinger is out get some bread and milk, dip bread into luke warm milk and press over the bite,this will help soak out the venom.

If there is swelling apply ice, or cold press. Making a paste with baking soda and water will help ease the sting, it will sting when you apply the first applicaton of course. Try using a meat tenderizer or activated charcol mixed with water,this also works.

Try to avoid scratching, trim your nails. If a child has been bit consider getting them some Benadryl or Chlor-trpolon to reliev pain, you may want to consult a doctor first.

Try to avoid getting bit, and take care when you do....

More Bites...

Leeches: If a leech gets hooked to you a simple way to get rid of it is by pouring a little salt on it, like slugs they hat salt. If no salt is available try burning it with a lighter or matches, and if you have neither rub same sand over it till it releases.

Snakes: Snake bites can be more serious then bug bites and annoying leeches. I good rule to remember is if a snake has slitted eyes it's poisonous regular round pupils generally are not. As a mother and a firm believer in natural cures however I do recommend that if you are bitten by a snake poisonous or not you should go to the emergency room right away

For itch and relieve from snake bites use some bread dipped into milk and press over bite. A cool compress will also help. Again... Go see a doctor after you've been bit..right away.

Summer Allergies

Most seasonal allergies can be allieved by using an over the counter antihistamine, of course it is always recommended to speak to you doctor before taking these medications in case you have a preexisting condition,or perhaps you are already on prescribed medication, consulting a doctor is always best. Of course there are several ways to relieve symptoms caused by allergies right at home using simple methods and ingredienst from around the house.

Sinus and itch eyes

For itchy dry eyes use a cold cloth compress, the cool water will ease the itch and help moisturize your eyes. Use as often as needed. For quick relief if away from home , simply rinse eyes with cool water by cupping you hand and tilting water in, or dipping face into sink of cool water works too.

Sinus build up and sneezing are often a nasty sypmtom that accompanies allergies, here are a few tips.

Clean out sinus with a steam bath in the morning, place some hot water in a large glass bowl, or pot. Cover your head with towel and breath in steam careful not to get burnt. Try adding some pepermint tea bags, or fresh chopped mint into the water for added benifit.

Be sneeky while at work and use your hot tea or coffee to steam you nostrils. Breath in steam while drink is hot for a quick sinus bath.

Drink plenty of water, water will help keep you and your nostril moisturized. Not to mention keep you hydrated and healthy.

Nasal sprays and drops should be used sparingly, try salt water(saline solution) to flush out sinus. Home made salt water solution... 2 cups warm water with 1 teaspoon salt and a pinch of baking soda. You can use a shot glass to to sniff water one nostril at a time or use a neti pot which is much simpler.

Stinging Nettle has antihistamine properties and is one of the best natural remedies out their for allergies. The herb can me taken in a tea form from the dried herb, or in a capsule or tincture form.

Elder flower is another allergy remedy. Acting as a decongestant, it helps calm inflammation in the nasal and sinus areas.


Keep the pollen outside, if you have pollen allergies it is best to keep the windows closed, at home, in the car and at the office. Use an air-conditioner to help keep keep humidity down which discourages mites and mold, which irritate allergies more. And, an air conditioner can help filter some of the air. Using an air filter and or a dehumidifier can also help reduce allergy symptoms while indoors.

Try to keep the flower pots and large flower beds away from patio areas and directly under windows. pollen will still be in the air but this simple tasks helps keep the pollen at bay when the air is still. It will also help keep pollen off of furniture and other seating area.

Eat local hon y to hlp build your immunity against seasonal allergies, this takes a long time but its worth doing. Plus, it helps your local farmers and you'll get better quality honey.


Home made compresses;

-Plain cold water or ice cubes, dip cloth into liquid and lay over the burn. Do this several times a day at about 10-15 minutes at a time.

-1 cup skim milk, 4 cupsof water, a few ice cubes, apply compress for 15 - 20 minutes repeat every 2-4 hours...

-Fill a peice of cheese cloth( or guaze) with dry oatmeal, run through cool water, discard oatmeal keeping wet cloth for compress, repeat every 2-4

-frozen bag od peas, wrape a frozen bagof peas or corn in a towel and use as acool compress.

Instead of a compress try a coolbath. as the water warms slowly add more cool water to maintain the temperature. Remember to pat your self dry, don't rub the towel over your skin.

Always keep skin moisterized after a compress or cool wash....don't let you skuin dry out.

Obviously sleeping on a sunburn is killer, but the more you allow you body to rest the faster you willl heal. to help minimize chafing and friction try sprinkling talcum powder in your sheets.

Try cornstarch: make a paste with cornstarch and water, apply directly to the sunburn

Yogurt: plain yogurt is a soothing remedy, apply to burned area. Rinse in a cool shower, gently pat yourself dry.

Keep you moisterizer chilled: with sunburn come dry and itchy skin, it is important to keep you skin moisterized abd kept cool if possible. Try keeping your moisterizer in the refridgerator.

Drink planty of water, you literally just cooked you self your body need to rehydrate, so drink plenty of water and re-moisturize.

Aloe, keep a good supply of aloe at home whether store bought or from the aloe plant, alway have aloe handy. Aloe is great for both cooling and soothing the skin,works great on sunburns as well as minor scpe and wounds.

Rememeber to try to prevent sunburns by using suncreen about 30 minutes before heading out and re-apply as necessary after swimming. Remember even in over cast conditions you can still burn, even in winter you can burn so use SPF and cover up, take care of your skin.

Poison Ivy and Poison Oak

Calamine lotion is one of the best solutions and its resonably priced so you can afford to stock up. Calamine lotion leaves apopwdery residue taht absorbs the oozing caused by the poison, it then develops a crust and keeps it from sticking to your clothes. Apply at least 3 times aday more as needed, when the oozing stops stop using the calamine.

Other drying agents include,zinc oxide, baking soda and witch hazel, allmind you may cause a stinging reaction. Use as you would calamine lotion stop when oozing stops.

Use oatmeal, boil up water and make oatmeal(regular) as you would for breakfast, let cool and place over rash area, compact like a compress and leave till hardens. Remove and leave layer over skin to help relieve the itch. Wash with cool water to remove, don't use soaps or wash clothes as they may irritate the area more.

If you have been exposed immediately rinse you entire exposed ares in water, wash all clothing that has been exposed as well. Basically go jump in a use a wash cloth, you don't even need soap just water and use you hand to run down you skin. was anything you might have touched the oils can be picked up again and again causing continued allergic reactions.

Using alcohol immediatly after youve washed you skin can help remove the poison oils, with out using a cloth, which will only collect the oil, rub alcohol all over the exposed skin this may sting.....removing the poison oils....hopefully removing and preventing blisters and rashes....

Chamomile is a herbal remedy for external symptoms such as a rash or hives, it has very gentle topical properties. Find cream and other products at the herbal store, make a cool compress with brewed and cooled chamomile tea.

Summer Colds

Even during the summer we are prone to little coughs and cold, aches and pains and other minor ailments. Here are a few home remedies and herbal remedies to help relieve symptoms.

For Coughs and sore throat, hot or cold lemon tea is the best. Use some fresh lemons or lemon juice and honey or sugar and mix with either hot water or cold.

Peppermint tea helpful for clearing sinus ways, thyme is also good steep; it for at least 15 minutes drain and add honey for added benefits.

Eat garlic, onions and spicy foods to help with sinus and congestion's.

Vitamin C is important to take while under the weather, try some rose-hip tea or a large glass of orange juice.

Drink plenty of fluids and eat healthy if you have an appetite, lots of fruits and vegetables.

Aches and pains including headaches

To ease a tired or sick body try drinking a cup of hot chamomile tea it has relaxing sedative properties to help your body and mind relax. Rosemary tea can help reduce headaches and muscle pain.

Take a warm bath with Epsom salts or try peppermint or lavender essential oils to help ease muscle tension.


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