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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Fit Fitness in Your Busy Work Schedule

Updated on March 12, 2015

Can’t workout because you have a busy work schedule? Dude, that’s the lamest excuse ever! There are many people out there who have busier schedule than you. Yet, they can still workout regularly and keep their body in shape. Seriously, remove “too busy” on your vocabulary because there are plenty of reasons why you should fit fitness in your busy work schedule. And here, check out the top 6!

Feel Better

Working out regularly keeps you in a happier mood, relieves stress and improves your sleeping habit. Also, several studies show that exercise can be a remedy to depression. When you’re doing a physical activity, you’re body releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that can give you euphoria and reduces the feeling of pain.

Look Better

Of course, your looks will improve if you’re living a fit lifestyle. With regular exercise, you will burn extra fat, gain muscle mass and keep your body in shape. And if your body is in shape, you’ll have more options in terms of fashion because more clothes will fit you. Also, exercise is good for your skin. According to Dr. Ellen Marmur, regular exercise can give you a healthy and glowing skin because it improves blood circulation.

Gain Confidence

You’ll gain more confidence if you’re working out regularly because your looks will improve. And every time you finished working out, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment – that’s a confidence booster too. Moreover, you’ll exude a commanding presence when you’re physically fit. So instead of being the anti-social fatty at the office, be the fit guy who smiles a lot and radiates charisma.

Avoid Diseases and Health Conditions

Back in time when you were still a kid, do you remember when your mom keeps telling you to eat your veggies because they are good for your health? You know what? She’s right! Eating healthy combined with regular exercise can prevent illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart conditions. Also, living a healthy lifestyle will improve your resistance against colds and other common illnesses.

Boost Productivity

As mentioned earlier, regular exercise can make you happier. And if you’re happy, you’ll be more productive. What’s more, your body’s energy levels will ramp up if you’re eating healthy and working out regularly. And if your energy is high, you can accomplish more tasks.

Get Promoted

Regular exercise makes you more productive and sociable around the office. When you’re sociable around your workplace, you can build deeper connections with your boss and colleagues. Therefore, if you’re productive and you have lots of connections, you’re more likely to get promoted.


If you squeeze fitness into your busy work schedule, you will:

  • Lower your stress levels and be happier
  • Improve your looks
  • Be more confident
  • Avoid diseases and health conditions
  • Be more productive at the office
  • Get promoted faster

So make sure to find time to work out even if you have a busy schedule. You can get fit even if you don’t go to the gym. In fact, there are plenty of effective workouts that you can do at home. Also, you can even workout inside your office. During lunch breaks, you can sneak a set or two of chair dips. You know, getting fit is not hard. Just set a goal, stay motivated and make no excuses.


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    • NScarpediem profile imageAUTHOR

      Carpe Diem 

      3 years ago from Philippines

      That's great Martin!

    • profile image

      Martin Kilpatrick 

      3 years ago

      Thanks for enlightening me. I've neglected my health due to my busy sched. But now I'm planning to start living a healthy lifestyle.


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