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Top 6 Yoga Poses You Do Without Even Knowing You’re Doing Yoga

Updated on January 3, 2014

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I love yoga. I do it in classes. I do it at home using videos, apps, and books. I didn’t always think yoga was the way to go, but once I started doing it, I saw all the positive benefits that everyone discusses: I was more flexible, calmer, happier. I didn’t worry too much about getting into a pose perfectly; I did the best I could. But I know that not everyone has the time – and money – to go to yoga classes or spend an hour a day stretching out and relaxing. Plus the equipment isn’t cheap. I’ve found that I need my mat, a yoga brick, and a strap in order to get into all the positions I enjoy. You don’t need all that fancy equipment, though. In fact, you’re probably already doing yoga without even realizing it!

Day 1 of 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Pose 1 Illustrated
Pose 1 Illustrated | Source

Pose 1: The “Tight Pants Will Fit” Pose

This is a great pose for focusing on your breathing (the ujjayi). To do the pose properly, find a pair of jeans that are just a bit too tight, lay back on the bed (using a bolster or blanket if necessary), and on an inhale, zip up the jeans. Exhale, relax, and then another big inhale, and you should be able to get that top button done. Congratulations! You’ve done your first yoga pose!

Pose 2 Illustrated
Pose 2 Illustrated | Source

Pose 2: The “Throwing Away a Used Tissue With Your Toes” Pose

It’s flu and cold season, and for anyone with kids, you’ll be finding used tissues. Rather than risk the grossness level going up a bit too high (or if you don’t have time to wash your hands or find some antibacterial lotion), you can try this balance pose. Pick up the used tissue with your toes, then balance on one foot to put the tissue into the trash. This balance pose can be made extra difficult if you choose to use a garbage can that has a lid.

Pose 3 Illustrated
Pose 3 Illustrated | Source

Pose 3: The “Carrying In Too Many Groceries” Pose

I don’t mind going grocery shopping, but I do mind the twenty trips in and out, especially when there are dogs who want to escape or cold air trying to get in. In cases like that, I try to carry a few too many bags. And you can, too! Balance the bags on your arms, making sure to allow yourself to breathe slowly as you carry in more than you thought you could. This pose also has a level-up: when carrying in the groceries, add an additional balance by closing the door with your foot.

Pose 4 Illustrated
Pose 4 Illustrated | Source

Pose 4: The “Balancing the Laundry Basket with Socks on Top” Pose

Laundry. It’s zen. The constant waxing and waning of the laundry pile can be seen as a reflection of the moon or even of life itself. It comes and goes; it lets us know that sometimes repetition can be peaceful and relaxing. But carrying that basket full of clean clothes can also be tricky when there are socks on top. Sometimes the socks don’t get eaten by the dryer – sometimes they fall off onto the floor, prompting a trip back into the washer and dryer, or get lost. This balance pose is all about making it with that basket from the laundry room to where-ever it is you plan on doing your folding. Remember to breathe and keep your focus on those socks!

Pose 5 Illustrated
Pose 5 Illustrated | Source

Pose 5: The “Out of Toilet Paper” Pose

This is a seated pose that everyone has done at least once in their life. It helps with lengthening and strengthening your back. Be sure to reach long, and imagine yourself growing longer as you lean forward (or to the side, depending on extra toilet paper placement), stretching your back and arms to their fullest. Imagine yourself doing a seated sun salutation, and before you know it, you’ve achieved your yoga goal!

Pose 6 Illustrated
Pose 6 Illustrated | Source

Pose 6: The “Cold Floor Jump and Shuffle” Pose

It’s winter! (Or maybe it’s summer and there’s a lot of air conditioning going…) Either way, being barefoot and having a lot of tile means that it’s time to practice. This is an active pose, requiring movement and not just stillness and breathing. This pose relies on your toes, so stand strong on them, and keep those heels up! From this pose, you can “jump” into downward dog!

Bonus Acro Yoga Pose Illustrated
Bonus Acro Yoga Pose Illustrated | Source

Bonus Acro Yoga Pose: The “Avoid Stepping on the Dog as She Wends Her Way Between Your Feet” Pose

For those up to something a bit more challenging, there’s a bit of acro yoga in our daily lives, too. Especially for those who have pets. Now, pets aren’t generally part of traditional yoga, but when we’re talking about our daily yoga, having a chance to include them can be fun, like including children. In this case, though, the animals aren’t so much a part of the yoga as a cause for the yoga. Let the dogs run between your feet, and try to keep your balance. Keep moving, and let them keep moving under you. You might be surprised at how long – or short – this pose lasts!


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