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Top 7 Fish Oil Side Effects

Updated on June 19, 2013

Many people consume or rather use fish oil and so they are prone to getting many fish oil side effects because in the long run different varieties of oils are used; others may include salmon fish oil side effects. The use of fish oil ranges from one person to another because in the long run each one will want to satisfy the immediate need. However, several ways and methods are used in processing these oils because they are taken in different forms such as capsules and using such may lead to a rise in those side effects of taking fish oil capsules

Many names have been used to identify these products in the market and so people using them must be very careful so that in the long run they will be able to understand all the benefits and other effects associated to them. Although fish oil is safe for use by most people especially when taken in those low doses of about three grams per day, prolonged and unplanned intake will always cause different side effects from fish oil. These side effects will be felt by the users after a given duration of time of the products’ use.

Belching can be one of the problems which come about by using these products in larger quantities and this condition is shown by too much gas which comes out of the patient’s mouth. This condition may last for a while as it occurs evenly after short intervals. Bad breath is also experienced here and so the patient will not be able to feel comfortable among others in public no matter how much of mouth fresheners used. Also evident is heartburn a condition where the patient feels heat and something close to ache in the gut as it seems there is some hot liquid rising up. 

Nausea will also be felt by the users of this fish oil because the contents of the oil may be at those levels which make it react more with the body juices from the stomach glands as though digestion was supposed to take place. Loose stools may be experienced by the users over time and they will usually find themselves using the toilet more than usual compared to those healthy moments. Rash and nose bleeding will be seen among various groups of people using the oil for their own gain thus making the oil to be avoided by many.

Further still users of this oil may avoid side effects of taking fish oil capsules by getting appropriate care and support from the healthcare experts who will be able to direct the use of the product and thus minimize such worries. Using more of this product may end up making the immune system of the body to be weaker and so patients must be able to control such intake to those recommended levels so as to avoid salmon fish oil side effects. When system of the body is weak then the body may be infected more by many diseases in the surrounding.

However, other conditions may also be induced to occur within the human body and they include the following:

TOP 7 Fish Oil side effects

  1. Some people may develop allergies or even be having such allergies without knowing and so they end up having other health problems whenever they use such oils.
  2. Those people having liver diseases may be prone to more bleeding if they go on to use fish oil.
  3. Cases of depressions may be evident in frequent occurrences from such users.
  4. For those people with already weak immune system their may get worse and thus pose serious and severe health condition that may require urgent attention.
  5. Blood sugar control will become difficult and expensive for those people taking high doses of fish oil.
  6. Families with history of cancer may get more prone to developing such conditions at unexpected ages.
  7. Finally, those people having support of their heartbeat through defibrillator may avoid using fish oils as they will tend to strain the process of support and finally render it useless.

Finally the use of fish oil must not be seen to be one of the problems adding up human body’s sickness because careful selection of the supplements will enable careful use of the product and in the long run the health will be improved greatly.


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