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Top 8 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays without Gaining Extra Pounds

Updated on December 29, 2013

One of the problems most of us encounter during holidays is gaining extra pounds. With all the great food being made by family and friends, who wouldn’t right? However, there are ways to avoid this and you won’t have to endure the road of achieving weight loss. Here are some of the guaranteed ways to do it successfully.


1.) Eat your breakfast.

Having a good meal at the day’s start is a good way to prevent extreme hunger. Choose one that is protein-rich. It’ll help you feel full and prevent overeating later in the day. Good breakfast choices may include whole-wheat toast or whole-wheat bagels, egg whites, low-fat cottage cheese, nonfat yogurt, and fruits.

2.) Don’t forget your snack.

Arriving at a party hungry won’t help you avoid eating extra. To prevent this, eating a light snack before going to the party is your best bet. Fruit snacks and a cupcake are your best choices.


3.) Keep it in portions.

During the party, keep your food selections in portions. Remember, the goal is to avoid gaining weight after holidays. Moreover, you don’t have to try every food at all. Go for one of each – appetizer, main meal, dessert. Why not choose foods that are rarely prepared on ordinary days, right?

4.) Drinks are not an exemption.

Go for one glass of alcoholic beverage. Alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories. Go for a glass for wine or light beer. Try to avoid mixed drinks too. They are often more loaded with calories. Just go for water, unsweetened tea or coffee after.


5.) Don’t forget to plan.

You may be loaded with a lot of invitation during holidays. The thing here is you don’t have to attend each and every party at all. Choose only those from the loved ones. Anyways, holidays are for keeping up with family and friends right?

6.) Keep moving!

Holidays may bring a more hectic schedule for you, but you need not to cancel your exercise. In fact, you may need to increase your level of physical activity. If you normally do a 30-minute aerobic activity, increase to 45 minutes to an hour. This way, you can easily wipe off all the additional calories that you took. Just when we thought weight loss couldn’t get this easy.


7.) Be in charge.

While on a party, more likely than not, you will be bombarded with food offers. If you think you already reached your limit, just say no – politely at least. Remember, you have a goal to achieve and you need not to stray away from this just because you can’t say no.

8.) Get over it and move on.

If ever you went overboard with you planned food intake, you don’t have to suffer from the guilt. Forgive yourself, for Christ’s sake it’s holiday, right? Just cover up for this with an increased physical activity the next day. Remember, you don’t instantly gain extra pound for a day indulging yourself to extra foods. This usually happens when you do it for a longer time.

The road of weight loss is no easy, but you can surely avoid this. Just follow these 8 ways and gaining extra pounds on holidays is less likely.


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