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Top Best Unsuspecting Must-Have Products that Will Give You a Much Better Night Sleep

Updated on February 20, 2015

Countless scientific research studies have been done regarding the sheer benefits of getting an 'adequate' night sleep. While some studies will have semi-conflicting results about what actually constitutes an 'adequate' night sleep, most authoritative sources recommend generally anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of progressive rest/sleep for your body to function at its optimum.

Unfortunately, the products we interact with each day can play a definitive role in either promoting, or preventing/inhibiting, this adequate rest time.

In the world of sleep, those products and items that come into direct contact with your body and skin tend to get all the credit. Many people just assume that for an item/product to be beneficial to us, our body must actually touch it. The following items are silent, unsuspecting, contributors to what could become a much better night sleep for you and your family. Like a football offensive or defensive lineman, you will hardly recognize they are there, and if your experience with these products is anything like our experience with these products, you can rest assured that you will have outstanding, consistent, results for years to come.

#1) The ORIGINAL Bed Band-USA

Just about everyone alive, who owns a bed, can say they've had their sheet slip off the head (or base) of their mattress, at one time or another. Even though most sheet sets come with a sheet that has elastic stretching material designed specifically to hug the corners of your bed tightly, somehow these sheets still manage to come loose and find their way onto the bed.

If you are reading this article, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

Few people have been fortunate enough to evade this.

This happening--especially when it occurs repeatedly over time--can be an incredible nuisance. Not only can a loose sheet lend to inherent comfort issues, but it can have an undeniable effect on the mind. For example, for those who prefer things to be nice and orderly, this is enough to make any type-A personality individual go crazy! For my husband's side of the bed, it would see that almost each and every time he laid down, his sheet would gradually come off the mattress. At most times, it hung by a thread, just catching the top crevice of the mattress, much like an individual would desperately hang on to the finger tips of someone about to fall off the side of a cliff.

Desperately longing for a solution to our continual bed sheet slippage woes, we turned to the one place where we can typically find what we are looking for: online. With well over 2,000 positive reviews (at the time of this writing), we stumbled upon a product called the ORIGINAL Bed Band-USA.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

#2) The Mattress Wedge

As if sheet slippage off your mattress wasn't enough to make you go crazy, have you ever experienced your pillow slipping through area gap, at the head of your bed, where the headboard and mattress generally don't meet?

This pesky area is the domain for pillows to become lost in a near-unending dark cavity leading directly to the ground. If you are one who enjoys sleeping with many pillows, or even just more than one (2? 3?), you likely already know exactly how it feels for your pillow to disappear into this endless vacuum of pillow doom. Generally, this can happen any time, you the Mattress Wedge is the perfect solution to keep your pillows situated exactly where they are meant to be--on your bed.


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