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Top Five Signs of Getting Older

Updated on June 5, 2014

The Top Five Signs of Getting Older

The Top Five Signs of Getting Older
The Top Five Signs of Getting Older | Source

The Top Five Signs of Getting Older

The top five signs of getting older quickly is prevalent when you no longer participate in activities outside your comfort zone. This could be your home, office, or relative’s house. There are some of us noticing that were growing with age when we stop going to a nightclub almost every night and dancing till the bar closes and then getting up for work at six am, a usual total of four hours of sleep. There are some whom know they are getting older when they start feeling a bit sore in spots on a continuing basis due to work, or sitting in front of a computer daily. There are mature older persons and then there are maturities in people that have grown older and wiser. Which group are you in?

The comfort zone is a zone where you may be at home and have complete financial control over your assets and therefore do not have to have a real office or retail type job. In this instance you have your regular Television shows you may watch during the day and certain times of the day, your active on the computer and everything is built around the home base. This is not the healthiest of situations for anyone, unless they get out going to a doctor or buying their own groceries, and have a little bit of exercise in their daily routines. Exercise is king when it comes to working out of your home, or if you have grown older and retired and live and work out of your home. Very few of us have this luxury, and some do even in their early twenty’s or late sixties. There is no specified group for getting older, the age limit can very much vary and your attitude can carry the same message.

Top Five Signs You’re Getting Older Include

· Not running around naked in front of your wife like you use to.

· Saying Ok, I’ll do it tomorrow, and don’t do it at all.

· You’re watching old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and think it’s new

· Pamela Anderson is not the number one hot model anymore, like you thought

· Brook Shields is in her late 40s and No “The Blue Lagoon “ didn’t just come out on DVD

The situation of getting older quickly can mean that your either more mature in your thought patterns than you were, as work is more important now and your willing to work at the office more. The late hours at the office bring in more income and though you can leave when you want, you feel responsible for the success of your company. The immature would be the one at the office with an undone tie waiting for the clock to hit five pm and go meet his buddies for a few drinks and talk about how he hates his job, but it pays well and his hours aren’t that bad, leaving behind undone work for two days. This could be an age thing and it could just be a maturity stage this person is in. Either way you’re getting older and that’s a fact you can’t stop.

The Living at your relatives house could mean about the same as any of the above , your either too lazy to go out and find a job and your forty five and live with your mom, or you’re in your seventies and can’t get around or afford to live on your own because of health reasons. The relative syndrome, let’s call this, is a bad idea for all parties involved. On one hand it really does not matter what state of delusion you’re in, the owner of the house is the boss of the crowd or at least should be the rule maker. There are situations where young adults leave their kids with their parents because they are too immature to take care of the children; unfortunately this scene is too true. The relative who has a bit more in income or age for that matter may have to start life all over again if kids move in to be taken care of. These situations mean you’re getting older very quickly and, though you will take the kids in and raise them, should you really have too? Relatives can have an up time and a down time with other relatives living in the same household, my guess it’s not a good choice for either party.

The whole jest to getting older is not really age; it’s what stage in life are you truly at? Are you fickle and elderly and the younger cannot stand to put you in a nursing home, or afford to. This is a judgment call that you really don’t want to have to make, yet some of us might have to. If you’re a twenty five year old male and your mature and getting a bit older every day like the rest of us, then what a blessing you must be to your family. On the other hand if your fifty five and still partying till the sun comes up and have lost almost every job title you can name off, You just plain dying to get older and possibly not live as long as you once thought you could in the manner. The fact is we are all getting older quicker and there si no stopping it, the way that you conduct yourself is your true age , and until some of us realize this we will stick to our old ways of living and gripping and either get wiser and grow older in age and maturity or we just flat get older quickly and look the part and complain till our dying age ends. What are you?


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