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Top Health Benefits Of Eating Watermelons

Updated on November 18, 2015

The Amazing Health Benefits Of The Watermelon Fruit

Watermelon is one of the most common and most valuable fruits we have in this world. You can virtually find it in almost all parts of the world.

The watermelon fruit has been said for many centuries to be very beneficial for the health of human beings simply because of how highly nutritious it is. According to health experts, that large round fruit with a hard green skin, red flesh and black seeds is so nutritious for the human body that a person who rarely eats it is doing him or herself a huge disfavor.

What are the health benefits that one can derive from a regular consumption of watermelons? The answer is: A GREAT DEAL OF HEALTH BENEFITS!

Below are the reasons why you should eat more watermelons regularly:

Watermelon is good for the heart

It goes without saying that any food that is good for the heart should be eaten regularly and abundantly. Over the years, numerous studies have shown that the watermelon fruit is very healthy for the heart. Studies have shown that this priceless fruit has a very important compound in it called the lycopene. The lycopene plays two very important roles for the heart. First, it helps in no small way in improving the blood circulation or flow in the body. Second, it plays an instrumental role in reducing high blood pressure. These important functions of the lycopene lead to a better cardiovascular health. The more watermelons that you consume, the healthier your heart is going to be. This one of the biggest reasons why doctors always advise their patients to eat more watermelons.

For example, a recent study by scientists from the Florida State University found out that postmenopausal women who spent six weeks regularly taking watermelon extract supplements improved their cardiovascular health significantly. The Florida State University study has so far not been the only major scientific study which has shown that watermelons indeed are very good for the health of the heart – several other studies have shown the same results.

Watermelon might be able to prevent cancer

Another reason you should eat more and more of watermelons is because it is likely it can help you in combating certain types of cancers, according to scientists. Scientists say that the same lycopene compound that we talked about in the first point is the compound in watermelon that helps in the fight against cancer. I was astonished when I first heard this. I knew how healthy the watermelon fruit is but never did I imagine it is capable of preventing cancer.

According to scientists, lycopene is a very strong antioxidant that has the ability to prevent and even treat certain cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer.

NOTE: This is still under intense investigation by scientists all over the world.

Improves bone health

If you make watermelon part of your daily diet, you will also enjoy healthier and stronger bones. There are a couple of reasons why watermelon helps in improving the health of your bones. One of these reasons is the fact that it is highly rich in potassium. Potassium is very essential for the body because it helps the body in retaining calcium. Anyone who knows the power of calcium knows how important calcium is when it comes to the strengthening of the joints and bones. People who eat lots of watermelons reap this great health benefit. Such people hardly experience the condition known as osteoporosis. When you suffer from osteoporosis, your bones become very weak to the point that they break easily. If you want to avoid this, then why not cultivate the habit of eating more and more watermelons?

Watermelons are good for the eyes

Studies have shown that watermelons are also very good for the health of the eyes. Watermelon is very rich in a compound called beta-carotene. When you eat watermelon, the body converts the beta-carotene in the watermelon into vitamin A, which is known for improving the health of the retina of the eyes. This same beta-carotene protects the eyes against macular degeneration associated with age. Scientists also say that people who regularly eat lots of watermelon hardly experience night blindness thanks to the beta-carotene in the watermelon.

Bottom line: The more beta-carotene that you ingest into your body from eating plenty of watermelons, the healthier your eyes are going to become.

Keeps the kidneys healthy

Watermelon is a legendary natural diuretic and this is the reason why it is very good in keeping the kidneys very healthy and functioning properly. Some readers might wonder what a diuretic is. A diuretic is basically a substance which increases the flow of urine in the body.

When you consume watermelon, because of the massive amount of water in it, it helps to naturally increase the flow of urine. One might say that substances such as caffeine and alcohol also behave in that way. The million-dollar question therefore is why is it that these substances (alcohol and caffeine) are not very healthy for the kidney? Well, the difference between watermelon and these other substances (caffeine and alcohol) is the fact that although the other substances (alcohol and caffeine) increase the flow of urine, they put massive pressure on the kidney in the course of doing so whereas watermelon doesn’t do so. Watermelon will naturally increase the flow of urine and will not put pressure on the kidney or strain it while doing so. Watermelon basically supports the kidney and makes it function better in removing certain toxic wastes from the body.

Watermelons help in treating infections in the body

Watermelon is very good when it comes to the treatment and prevention of certain infections in the body. The reason why when you eat lots of watermelons, it helps in protecting you from certain infectious infections is simply because of the fact that it is highly rich in minerals and vitamins. Some examples of the vitamins found in abundance in the watermelon fruit are vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. All these vitamins are good in treating and preventing infections in the body.

Other health benefits of watermelon

From the above, you can clearly see that the health benefits of watermelons are enormous. But it might interest you to know that the above are not the only health benefits that you can get from eating watermelons regularly. There are several other health benefits that we can get when we add more watermelons to our diets.

Other benefits of the watermelon fruit include the following:

  • If you are one that is suffering from obesity or too much weight issues, then give watermelon a try because it can play a role in making you to lose weight because you get full quickly when you consume them and therefore do not crave for more food. In another article we shall take a look at exactly how watermelons help us in losing weight.
  • It can help in soothing muscles that are sore.
  • It can strengthen and boost your immune system. The stronger your immune system becomes, the healthier and stronger you are going to be.


Having seen all of these numerous benefits of the watermelon fruit, why not make it a part of your daily diet so that you can reap majority – if not all of the benefits that have been mentioned in this article.

What are you waiting for! Grab your succulent and juicy melons now and eat your way to a healthier and longer life!

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      You have convinced me of the benefits of eating watermelon. It does help fight many diseases and conditions. I will have to include this on my next trip to the grocery.

    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 3 years ago from Northern California

      I know that watermelon is great to keep a good PH balance in the body. You have opened my eyes to the other important roles this fruit plays in or lives for health benefit. Thanks for sharing. Natural foods are such a great way to improve our health!