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Top Lower Abdominal Exercises for Women

Updated on March 12, 2014
Lower abdominal exercises for women
Lower abdominal exercises for women

Starting Abs Workout For Woman

These days, almost all women like to have a flat belly. All look for ways to reduce the fat accumulated around the belly and hip region. To maintain a good physique and to live a healthy life, one must follow a few practices every day.

First of all, the most important part is the diet one follows. Any type of junk food should be avoided. Food stuff which adds fat to the body like oil, fried foods should not be taken in. Also, another very important thing is to exercise regularly. Only a few particular exercises must be done and that too in a guided manner.

One might hurt himself or herself while performing some exercise. So, proper care should be taken before doing such exercises. Sometimes, we come across advertisements of slim belts and food products.

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Top Lower Abdominal Exercises For Women:

Abs crunches or sit-ups: After resting on your back, the legs are raised above the ground and a bent is brought in the knees. Now, the arms are taken behind the head. Then, the head is brought near to the knee. The body is held in this position for some time and then dropped back. This is repeated a few times till breathe is lost. This is a very good lower abdominal exercises for women.

Trained woman abs
Trained woman abs

Floor cycling: This is also a very effective lower abdominal exercises for women. For performing this exercise, one needs to lie down on the floor with the face towards the ceiling. Now, the left knee is bent and brought towards the chest while the other leg is straightened out. The head rests on the hands. As soon as the left leg is brought up the right elbow is twisted to touch the left knee. The same thing is repeated for the other pair of leg and elbow. This whole thing is done twenty to thirty times.

Alternate-toe touch: For this exercise, one needs to lie on her back. Then, the legs are raised in the air and some gap is kept between the two. Now, the shoulder is lifted with the whole upper body and the opposite arm is made to touch the opposite leg. The body is gently dropped back and the same thing is done for the other arm and leg. This is repeated a few times and is very effective in reducing excess meat in the lower abdominal region.

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Reverse crunches: This is another good example of lower abdominal exercises for women. Lying on the floor, both the legs are brought up in the air and the knee is bent. Now the upper body is lifted, the head is made to touch the knees and then the upper body is dropped back. This is repeated a few times.

Crunches on ball: This is done with the body resting on the ball and the upper part of the body is lifted by contracting the abs. This helps in developing the lower abs. This is one of the best lower abdominal exercises for women.

Lower Abdominal Exercises And Workout - How To Do It

Woman with abs
Woman with abs


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    • tribook profile image

      tribook 5 years ago

      Nice hub! Everyone can use some extra core strength to avoid back pain and look better in a bathing suit!