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Top Reasons Why you Should Get the Flu Shot

Updated on February 10, 2009


A one second needle prick is much more worthy than a full week in bed. As much as you may hate needles, the influenza  injection is one that you may want to consider especially if you are over the age of 50 or have a weakened immune system. According to CDC, every year more than  200,000 individuals are hospitalized as a result of  the flu, in the United States only and out  of these, 36,000 perish from complications. These statistics speak alone on why the choice of getting the flu shot is a vary savvy one indeed.

In general, really anybody can get vaccinated against the flu. If you work a lot around people or if you simply shiver at the thought of being sick in bed all day, you can get a flu shot at your local pharmacy, your doctor's office or at some vaccination campaigns organized at special clinics. However. there are some individuals that deserve priority, especially at those times when the flu shot supplies are limited or delayed.

Those considered priorities are generally those individuals that have the potential of developing complications or that because of their profession get in contact a lot with sick patients. Pregnant women and children over 6 months and up to 19 years old are also included in the high risk category because of their vulnerable immune systems. Seniors over the age of 50 should also consider getting the flu shot as well as those affected by health conditions that may aggravate when going through the flu.

Top Reasons Why to Get the Flu Shot

1) Complications

The primary reason for getting the flu shot is not completely because of the flu but because of the potential complications that may derive. The risk of such complications are pretty high for those individuals considered as priorities above. Pneumonia is one of the most devastating complications that each year causes numerous deaths. Other common complications arise in those with a suppressed immune system such as those affected by AIDS or those with chronic organ malfunctions.

2) Contamination

By getting a flu shot, in your little you will be contributing in containing the disease. Because you will be immune, you will spare those people around you such as coworkers and family, from getting sick. The flu is a very easily transmitted disease, all it takes is one sneeze to effectively propel numerous bacteria particles in the air, even up to 3 feet! If you are a health care provider, preventing others from getting sick should be your top priority.

3) Loss of Work Days

Each year countless people call off from work because of the flu. Such absences will usually be for more than 3 days averaging 5-7 days. Such days may put strain on fellow coworkers and the company in general. The World Health Organization estimates that an average of $71 billion to $167 billion a year are lost between loss of productivity and health care costs. However, coming to work with the flu will cause further strain because usually such employees are unproductive and tend to spread the virus around causing much more financial damage.

4) Severe Symptoms

Some people may opt to get the flu simply because of the symptoms deriving from it. The flu is really no joke, affected people usually will get a high fever, throbbing headache, body aches and sometimes even gastro-intestinal disorders. Some people may get a relapse if they do not get enough bed rest and some even develop post-flu depression that may be difficult to deal with.

5) Statistics

As mentioned already, the flu indeed may be more than a self limited disease. It may take a turn for the worse and cause people to be hospitalized causing loss of wages and expensive hospital stays. The 200,000 people hoospitalized each year and 36,000 deaths should speak for themselves if you are questioning why to get the flu shot.

As seen, there are several reasons why one should get the flu shot. Do not end up being a whole week in bed just because you could not bare the thought of being stuck with a needle. To put it in better perspective: "Better being stuck with a needle stick than being stuck in bed being sick".



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      7 years ago

      Hey, this page was helpful. Thank you!


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