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Top Ten Annoying Bad Habits

Updated on June 16, 2017

Growing up we tend to pick up a bad habit or two, some of them can be pretty annoying to either the person with the habit or others around the habit. Some people go to extremes to try and stop their habits while others simply embrace it all.

#10, Nail Biting. For years I had bit my nails and was never able to pick a freakin' penny up off the ground, FOR YEARS! This habit can be annoying because you do not even notice it happening at times, you can just end up doing it and not noticing till someone says your doing it. It can be annoying to others due to maybe having the nails lying around or whatever, it can still get annoying. It can also be pretty bad if you bite your nails too far, you could bleed or permanently damage your fingers.

#9, Too Much TV. Watching some TV isn't a bad thing, you know as long as you get a decent amount of exercise in every week. TV is awesome there is no doubt but excessive amounts of laying down or sitting while watching TV can bring some issues. Back pain, hip trouble and an overall soreness can be obtained over time. Trust me I know. As long as you get some exercise and do some stretches it isn't too bad of a thing, although too much can rot your brain ya know.

#8, Excessive Junk Food. This one also kind of ties around number 9, too much junk food and laying on the couch can cause you too get a belly. This I know too well. Junk food is nice, pizza is nice, soda is nice, Cosmic Brownies are nice. But too much of nice things can lead to some problems. Too much junk food can lead to a gain in weight, high blood pressure, diabetes or more. Well having some cookies every now and then can be a nice treat some apples and bananas wouldn't hurt either.

#7, Drinking A-lot. Who doesn't like to go out every now and then and indulge in a bit of liquor, a bit of the old firewater? Drinking every now and then won't have any serious effects, that is unless in those times you drink more beer then Andre The Giant. Excessive drinking could cause problems with the kidneys and the liver, too much can even cause your kidneys to permanently shut down. Once again a drink with the boys here and there won't hurt but too many can injure you.

#6, Smoking. We have all heard this, smoking can cause multiple types of cancer and harm you in many ways. Smoking can effect the lungs, throat, gums and more. Many effects can come from smoking, it is even possible to get cancer by being the victim of second hand smoke. Smoking is unhealthy especially if you smoke a thirty pack a day.

#5, Picking Your Nose Or Bum. This one is basically just disgusting, bleagh. Picking your nose and your bum is a rather bad habit because it can not only effect your social life but the look you give off. Picking your stuff can be seen as gross, even worse is if you eat it or wipe it off on something. If you got something you need to blow or wipe go get a piece of cloth ya nasty.

#4, Not Cleaning Up. This can mean either your own body or in the world around you, like your room or your stuff. Anyways. This one can have some negative consequences. Not only can it effect your social life since alot of people probably do not want to walk in a house that has rats and ants living in it like it is the local motel but it can also mess with your immune system if you are surrounded by too much filth. Stay clean my friends.

#3, Too Much Sugar. This one kind of goes under the too much junk food one but oh well, shut up. Too much sugar is not good for you, it can mess with your blood sugar levels and make some problems with your innards. Diabetes can be introduced into the picture as well, a word of advice cut back on the sugars as much as you can. And if possible try to find some substitutes for sugar, honey can work at times.

#2, Lying. Lying can literally mess your life up, you can have people you were once trusted by leave you and go off. Lying can destroy a persons trust in you too the point where they can think that literally anything that comes out of your mouth could be thought to be a lie, well almost anything. Trust is easily lost and near impossible to get back, think of it like this, you just used a baseball bat to destroy a large glass house and now you are trying to put it back together with string and stick glue. Doesn't seem easy does it.

#1, Stealing. This final one is most likely the one to get you into some real big trouble, real big. Stealing is also a form of lying since you can lie if you stole something. Stealing can start off as something small, maybe it was just a small cookie or something. It can then evolve to where you steal impulsively, anything in sight is up for grabs then it can get to a point where you rob people and stores. It is a bad thing to get into.

Conclusion: No doubt there are more things that you can do that are bad habits, many more can be worse then some of the ones on this list. If you have any feel free to comment on what those are.


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    • DuckHatch profile image

      Drake Runner 10 months ago from Virginia

      I am totally guilty of 5 and 6. I hate the fact I smoke. I even get mad at myself often. But if I have a dried out flapper, I don't care who's standing around, I am sticking my finger up there to pick that sucker out!

      Just sayin.......

    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 10 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Interesting list and I know they are habits we should be aware of, but I must say they made me blink as I read and think these habits can have a tremendously negative impact on my life, and I don't want to adopt any of these habits and traits. But if I have one or two (or more) of them, they remind me to stop using them immediately.

      I guess I can think of these habits as something we should keep in mind at all times, but after living a busy life, we sometimes tend to push some or most to the back burner. You shared a great list. Thanks for sharing this article and I agree that good habits are as addictive as bad habits but much more rewarding.